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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sony reveals spanking Silver Wired Headset in favor of PS4, PS3

Sony has revealed a spanking approved PlayStation headset, the Silver Wired Headset in favor of PS4, PS3.

Due obtainable 'this fall' (autumn) in favor of $69.99, the constituent strength of character change from the current range of PlayStation headphones with its wired connection and extended microphone input.

Like other models, the Silver Wired Headset strength of character consumption Sony's approved 'virtual surround' software to create a claimed 7.1 surround sound effect, and is compatible with the liberated Headset Companion app (downloaded via the PS Store) which lets you load it with game-specific custom sound profiles.

It strength of character in addition obtain a universal 3.5mm jack in favor of consumption with the Vita and other generic audio plans.

To symbol the much anticipated launch of Destiny and the exclusive Glacier pasty PS4 Destiny bundle on Tuesday, Sony strength of character in addition publish the pasty PS4 DualShock controller standalone, and an "extremely restricted edition" Glacier pasty version of the current Gold Wireless Stereo Headset.

The pasty headset strength of character be there "available in favor of a abrupt moment in time while stores last", says the set.

All users of Sony's approved headsets, with the Pulse Elite Headset, strength of character in addition be there able to download a spanking Destiny-specific audio mode via the Headset Companion app from Tuesday.

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