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Monday, December 8, 2014

SONY Cyber-Attack Was negative and Unique, Security Experts Say

The hush-hush forensics specialists Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has hired to investigate the main cyber-attack with the aim of only remaining week  close the shutters down all its servers whispered the attack was “unprecedented”, “damaging” and “unique” in the sphere of its nature. The experts in addition added with the aim of it was “well-planed” and passed old hat by an prearranged convene.

These statements were made by Kevin Mandia, director of operations by the cyber-security organization FireEye (FEYE), in the sphere of a fresh e-mail he has sent to Michael Lynton, first in command of SPE. On Saturday, the e-mail was forwarded by Mr Lynton to all his employees and so it got to the press.

This e-mail contains the original clues with reference to what did you say? Happened only remaining week on Sony’s servers but they complete not answer the the largest part precarious questions with reference to the the largest part negative cyber-attack forever made in opposition to a company headquartered in the sphere of US – how substantial was it and who was behind it?
Asus A31-K53                          
Asus A42-K52                          
Asus A32-K53                          
Batteria Acer AS11A3E                       

Batteria Acer AS11A5E          
Experts say the attack plague-ridden almost all Sony’s make contacts with malicious software with the aim of intended to wipe the PCs’ harddrives and cause them unable to promote function. The attack was costly too for the reason that the drives need to live manually repaired or else replaced.

FBI has in addition ongoing a equal investigation to catch old hat who was behind the attack and how was it on the cards. Federal investigators believe with the aim of North Korea is the key suspect in favor of a connect of reasons. Original lone of the movies hacked only remaining week from SPE servers was a comedy with reference to two fake CIA agents who try to snuff out Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader. Pyongyang government whispered with the aim of the show a form of sponsoring terrorism and “an put-on of war”. North Korea in addition threatened Sony with the aim of near preference live revenge if the show was forever released. SPE considered to let go it on December 25.

In addition, the federal agency has a back work out to believe North Korea might contain ended it – the software used in the sphere of the attack was very analogous to malware software used in the sphere of a two before cyber-attacks in opposition to South Korea and average East. Investigators strongly believe with the aim of North Korea was behind folks attacks. However, in the sphere of a fresh interview a North Korean executive denied in the least involvement.

FEYE’s cluck has in addition whispered with the aim of this attack differed in the sphere of its scope from in the least before attacks his company had investigated –it was inevitable to both break up property and leak secret in a row to the broad-spectrum communal.
Mandia in addition whispered with the aim of the Sony cyber-attack was so unparalleled with the aim of neither Sony nor other entities may well contain been fully prepared in favor of it. It seems with the aim of the malware used was so unique with the aim of managed to live untraceable by in the least antivirus software, Mandia added.