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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apple's Airport Extreme quietly updated with veto acknowledged changes

On the heels of Tuesday's moment in time Capsule bring up to date, Apple has quietly updated its Airport Extreme wireless bottom station with no advertising several new to the job skin.

The imminent publish of an updated Airport Extreme was telegraphed first Tuesday by a filing with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. The new to the job bottom station went up on the Apple Online stockpile late at night Tuesday, but other than a new to the job style come to, it carries veto new to the job specifications, at the same time as bare by Macworld. The device continues to plug in support of $179.

The new to the job style come to is MD031AM/A, compared to the earlier generation's style come to of MC340AM/A. Apple and quietly updated its moment in time Capsule bottom station on Tuesday, with a bump taking part in a post from 1TB and 2TB models to 2TB and 3TB models. References to next-generation AirPort Extreme and moment in time Capsule campaign were bare taking part in an Airport advantage bring up to date take week.

The publish of both bottom stations puts to support rumors with the purpose of Apple would switch the products to run iOS to allow in support of skin such at the same time as media streaming, wireless software updates and integration with iCloud.