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Monday, April 18, 2011

Samsung sued for patent infringement Apple: iPhone and iPad malicious imitation

Apple laptop battery accused of patent infringement and trademark Samsung suspected, and unfair competition. The company asked the court against Samsung's infringement, and compensate.

An Apple laptop battery representative said: "Samsung's latest products from the appearance to the user interface, and even the packaging, are very similar with the iPhone and iPad. It is no coincidence. This blatant plagiarism is wrong, we need to plagiarize others ideas to protect Apple's intellectual property. "

Samsung said it will be Apple's court. The company said in a statement: "Samsung developing its own core technologies and expand intellectual property rights reserves, is the core element of our continued success. Samsung will actively respond, to take lawful measures to protect our intellectual property."

Smart phone industry is full of a variety of related patent litigation, Apple and Nokia, Microsoft and Motorola, Oracle and Google, and there are a number of other legal disputes between the companies. But the Apple sued Samsung of particular concern, because the latter is Apple laptop battery parts suppliers for many products.

Apple, the suit listed a number of Samsung products suspected of stealing evidence, including the appearance of the interface such as icons and equipment. Apple laptop battery particular reference to the company in 2009 to 2010 obtained with the iPhone-related patent design and interface icons.

Apple laptop battery is also accused of copying the iPhone and iPad Samsung packaging design. The company said, "Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC program copied many of Apple's product packaging elements," such as the smooth corners, a black border and icon arrangement and so on.

Apple has also sued for patent HTC and Nokia phones, but the U.S. International Trade Commission that it would not support Apple's demands.

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