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Friday, June 24, 2011

News online: HP launches TouchPad-exclusive magazine to promote webOS

The hardware giant is preparing to launch Pivot, a monthly digital pamphlet exclusively to be had on its friendly TouchPad tablet. Relatively than running genuine advertorial, the hybrid magazine/app conductor command offer visually-driven facial appearance, reviews, columns and other content on paper by pro journalists and guest writers.

By originator glance, Pivot appears to be present yet an extra digital lifestyle magazine, but there’s in point of fact a group supplementary free on. HP laptop battery says Pivot’s central part mission is to reveal rancid the TouchPad’s capabilities and developer area, while besides educating users roughly the device’s new to the job webOS app put in storage.

Preaching to the converted through a device-locked pamphlet is an expensive project, but it might be present a crucial evil in support of HP laptop battery. Only remaining time the the company scooped up smartphone veteran Palm (and its webOS platform) in support of a sturdy $1.2 billion. Since after that, HP laptop battery has been in performance catch-up while working to integrate the webOS into portable policy like the TouchPad.

At this moment with the aim of the TouchPad’s circulate is imminent, it’s up to projects like Pivot to tell again consumers and developers alike with the aim of webOS is still alive and kicking.

We require our partners to experience webOS having the status of the growing platform of opportunity,” whispered Richard Kerris, HP laptop battery’s associate president of webOS developer relations in the sphere of the revelation. “We’re investing in the sphere of new to the job ways to help marketplace their applications on our platform.”

Of direction, Pivot is not a noble endeavor. Both the unreleased TouchPad and webOS are already well behind powerhouses like Apple’s iPad and iOS in the sphere of sales and HP laptop battery marketshare. And while the iOS and machine app food are steadily on the rise digital publishing prowess, webOS is in the sphere of in support of an uphill climb — both having the status of an app platform and having the status of a viable outlet in support of digital publications.

Pivot is slated to reach digital shelves on July 1st alongside the TouchPad.