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Monday, February 24, 2014

Asus patches security outlet in the sphere of router firmware, password at present desired by default

Asus laptop battery has released updated firmware on behalf of a amount of its router models following common reports of a security vulnerability with the aim of permissible remote attackers to access library on in the least tough drive plugged into the routers. A bring forward designed to allow users to access their own library from anywhere in the sphere of the humankind as a substitute permissible anybody to access them for the reason that the company categorical not to start off users to create passwords.

The AiCloud bring forward allows users to link up to their to your house PCs or else outer tough drives via a smartphone app or else in the least other PC. Asus did not require users to hard passwords by the side of all, in the sphere of an effort to concoct remote store sharing comfortable on behalf of conclusion users to hard up. The routers additionally broadcast their type records by default, making it even easier on behalf of malicious attackers to target them.

At present, Asus laptop battery has in print a forum stake urging users to revise their router firmware. Updates on behalf of in excess of a dozen models are to be had by the side of this website. While the stake acknowledges with the aim of near give been "recent discussions with reference to the default security settings of the AiCloud and FTP skin texture in the sphere of a little Asus routers", it stops small of acknowledging with the aim of near was a security omission and does not apologise.

Asus laptop battery promote stats with the aim of a "user interface update" yearn for commence to roll banned soon this month with the aim of yearn for start off users to revise their router firmware and alert them if the new to the job security measures give not been implemented.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Fujitsu Takes Self-checkout sense of Service to the subsequently Level

 FUJITSU U-Scan beginning Retail Solution improves customer experience by hurtful transaction moment and personalizing cross-channel shopping

- hand down come to Cost of Ownership (TCO) via productive manipulate of funds, reduces support overheads and energy consumption

- myU-Scan cellular phone claim supplementary cuts transaction time and allows the shopping experience to be located customized

Asus A32-K72       
Asus A33-U50       

Asus A32-U80        

Fujitsu at present enables retailers around the humankind to exceed customer expectations in place of fast self-checkout, while humanizing sense of Service (PoS) economics with the introduction of the back up generation of the FUJITSU U-Scan beginning Retail Solution. The inexperienced solution increases save efficiency due to improved and highly-competitive scalability, flexibility, reliability and usability skin texture.

Reliability, increased stick productivity, and hand down overheads are the top three remuneration retailers expect to realize through their instore tools. Fujitsu's integrated support tool Integro maximizes reliability and velocity of service support of U-Scan by fixing problems locally- eliminating time-consuming outbound support calls by stick. In the same way as well in the same way as enabling employees to focus on the needs of customers, Integro empowers stick with rich data and powerful tools with the aim of automate remote support tasks, while all together only if out-of-the-box reports delivering huge data in place of analysis and giving a complete overview of the solution.

Usability is additionally enhanced by the myU-Scan cellular phone claim which reduces transaction moment and personalizes cross-channel customer service by allowing particular customization by the side of at all U-Scan station in the sphere of at all save. To be had in place of machine and iOS policy, myU-Scan delivers a unique Quick Response (QR) Barcode to customers' cellular phone policy. Therefore adapted identification data and pre-selected shopping and payment preferences in the same way as well in the same way as lists of favorite items are by a long shot to tender by the side of the sign out and to be had in place of reuse or else bowdlerization.

To help pile merchandisers, do-it-yourself (DIY) food, drugstores, convenience food and other retailers attain their objectives, the U-Scan beginning II solution comprises:

- Best-in-class coins behavior tools: Includes an easier-to-maintain coin and record vending machine with the aim of offers elevated office, earlier and added accurate validation, hand down energy consumption and remote capabilities.

- Improved ergonomics: Better placement of record and receipt policy, stereo high-fidelity audio, ADA/ANSI compliant, and acclaimed engineering design in the sphere of self-service.

- Barcode scanning tools choices: Honeywell's newest 2D hybrid image/scanner with integrated make scales and security tag deactivation tools. Consumers can cash e-coupons or else access loyalty programs from a smart phone stick or else QR Barcodes.

- LED brilliant blue light bars: Help express consumers with their transactions, are coordinated with the U-Scan user-interface test, and contain animations in the same way as well in the same way as audio guidance.

- Modular security tools: U-Scan beginning carousel is to be had in the sphere of various formats and platform versions. Near are several height bag riser in the same way as well in the same way as expandability options in place of up to eight bags, making the modules secure and efficient to greet a broad range of food.

- U-Scan 5.0 software: Skin texture Windows 7 support, an enhanced cellular phone attendant functionality, configuration tools and automatic updates with the aim of are necessary in place of a enormously flexible retail organism.

Standard globally in the same way as a leader in the sphere of a extensive range of retail solutions, Fujitsu has worked with retailers across the globe in place of three decades, enabling a first customer experience and creating synergy personal property leading to increased sales in the same way as well in the same way as improved operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The self-checkout solutions, its top practices and industry performance benchmarks with the aim of arrange been established, be it on the cards in place of retailers to keep shoulder to shoulder of technological advancements in the sphere of the industry and swell their marketplace share.

Underneath estimate:

David Concordel, Senior associate President macro Retail, International commerce, Fujitsu

"Self-checkout is an main part of the sense of Service mix, particularly in place of pile merchandisers. The U-Scan beginning II solution enables retail establishments to stay at the forefront of the competition and make best use of their return on investment, while exceeding customer expectations. By listening to our customers and building tools to speak to their needs, Fujitsu continues to swell our footprint in the sphere of the industry with self-checkout solutions and services with the aim of support retailers' performance objectives and their liability to customers."

Friday, February 14, 2014

Acer Iconia W4 re-examine

The Acer Iconia W4 is the company’s flash stab by the side of a compact Windows 8.1 tablet, and it hopes to become amends on behalf of carry on year’s disappointing Iconia W3. On paper, it does everything true: The Iconia W4 packs in the sphere of a nippier Atom Bay Trail computer, bundles a complimentary replicate of Microsoft administrative center, upgrades the make an exhibition of with a gleaming IPS panel and slashes the value to just £252 inc tub.
Design and make an exhibition of
It’s the IPS make an exhibition of with the aim of just now grabbed our attention; it’s a important progress on Iconia W3’s granular, washed-out TN panel. The 800 x 1,280 screen solution remains the same, but the wider viewing angles and vivacious colour reproduction are obvious from the comprehend turn. If there’s a no, it’s a minor single: The Acer’s bubbly image quality comes by the side of the expense of accuracy, and it only just botched to scour up each tone and tone from the sRGB colour array. Otherwise, though, it’s a solid make an exhibition of. We measured the Iconia W4’s LED backlight peaking by the side of a brightness of 312cd/m², and it delivered a fine contrast ratio of 1,030:1.
Acer Iconia W4
Make an exhibition of aside, the Iconia W4 is physically like to its predecessor. Thankfully, however, Acer has abandoned the cheap-looking matte-white kill of the unique exemplary. The Iconia W4 is far classier looking, gratitude to a brushed-metal effect which covers the rear and softens into a dull grey around the edges and front. It is still a thickset 11mm thick, but the rounded edges feel comfy in the sphere of the dispense and, by the side of 415g, it’s 85g lighter than the Iconia W3. Build quality is delightful, too, and apart from a not very trace of let somebody have in the sphere of the back panel, this is a solid, substantial-feeling compact tablet.
Unlike Asus’ stylus-equipped VivoTab mention 8, the Iconia W4 has to rely on fingertips on your own. Still, the touchscreen is supplementary than receptive a sufficient amount on behalf of flicking through webpages and navigating through Windows. Selected desktop applications can stay fiddly to consumption, but it’s at this point with the aim of the modest screen-resolution and Windows 8.1 scaling settings run calm to provide prudently sized icons and menu items. We were additionally delighted to meet with the aim of Acer has located the material Windows button on the inferior bezel – Asus’ VivoTab mention 8 motivated the Windows button to the tablet’s side, and we found it far too stress-free to press by muddle.
Acer Iconia W4
Under the lid, however, near retain been selected important changes. Acer has replaced the Iconia W3’s Intel Atom Z2760 with a 1.33GHz Atom Z3740 supported by 2GB of DDR3 RAM. The consequence is a significantly improved performance across the board and, whilst compared to machine and iOS medicine, Intel’s Bay Trail-generation Atom delivers a serious kick in the sphere of the SunSpider browser yardstick. Indeed, while the Iconia W3 soared long-ago much of the competition with a SunSpider consequence of 670ms, the Iconia W4 sped to a keep a tally of 430ms – almost 36% earlier. By way of comparison, the Apple iPad mini with Retina make an exhibition of finished the test in the sphere of 418ms.

Performance in the sphere of Windows is surprisingly powerful on behalf of such a tiny device. Despite using the same CPU having the status of the VivoTab mention 8, the Iconia W4’s Real humankind yardstick keep a tally of 0.41 outstripped the VivoTab’s consequence of 0.35. This is due to the Acer’s nippier Samsung 32GB eMMC drive. Position to the test in the sphere of the CrystalDiskMark yardstick, the Acer achieved sequential read-and-write speeds of 161MB/sec and 53MB/sec, while the Asus’ Hynix HGB4E eMMC drive lagged behind with 75MB/sec and 35MB/sec in the sphere of the same tests.

Battery life and connectivity

Acer Iconia W4

Acer AS10D51       
Acer ASO9A71      

Acer AS10D61        

The Acer’s battery is powerful a sufficient amount to keep it powering through a working day of the week. In the sphere of our looping-video test with the screen inflexible to 120cd/m², the W4 managed to hang on on behalf of 10hrs 33mins. The W4’s keep a tally in the sphere of our light-use battery test was equally impressive. With the screen dimmed to a power-conserving 75cd/m², the W4 lasted 12hrs 05mins, a comfortable 36 minutes longer than the VivoTab’s 11hrs 29mins.

The 32GB of eMMC luggage compartment is rather cramped, but can stay extended via the microSD tag slot on the tablet’s area. Acer has smear the ports around supplementary effectively than on the Iconia W3. There’s a micro-USB docks and 3.5mm headset jack by the side of the substructure of the bodywork, and on the true there's a micro-HDMI output. The inclusion of a capture on tape output is long-awaited (it was a notable absentee on Asus’ VivoTab mention 8) and adds the option of using the Iconia W4 having the status of a little desktop PC alongside a television and Bluetooth baby grand and mouse. An elective Acer ‘Crunch’ baby grand is friendly, which combines a nonthreatening person Bluetooth baby grand with a foldable exist on behalf of the tablet.


Acer Iconia W4

The Acer Iconia W4 is a colossal progress on its predecessor, largely gratitude to the inclusion of an IPS screen and earlier computer. It additionally only just bests the VivoTab mention 8 gratitude to its earlier eMMC luggage compartment, improved battery life and other capture on tape output. By the side of £250, it’s a delightful £50 cheaper, too. It might stay not there in the sphere of premium appeal, but the Iconia W4 is single of the nearly everyone promising Windows 8 medicine we’ve seen yet.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Latest News about Acer Liquid S2, leading Take: A further reasonable phablet

Supersized phones are suitable increasingly prevalent, and each phone manufacturer worth its brackish at this point has single featuring in its permanent of policy. Acer laptop battery has followed up its leading 6-inch 'phablet' — the Liquid S1 — with a further gifted classic, the Liquid S2.

By the side of £429 (inc. VAT), Acer's original phablet is further reasonable than its competition: You'll forfeit £480 in place of Samsung's Galaxy jot down 3, £499 in place of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, £560 in place of Nokia's Lumia 1520 and £599 in place of the HTC single get an A on.

Acer's Liquid S2 has a 6-inch IPS screen, weighs 229g and delivers a claimed 13 hours of parley while from its 3,300mAh battery. It runs machine 4.2.2. (Image: Acer)
The Liquid S2 has a 6-inch screen, which makes it a full-size phone in place of some distribute or else short. Measuring 83mm thick by 163mm deep by 9.6mm thick, you're departure to struggle to make across the device in place of one-handed work. Because such, it has to provide something an regular-sized handset can't, and earn its place featuring in a tech arsenal with the aim of may perhaps besides include a tablet, a notebook and perhaps a lesser phone too.

Come again? You don't acquire at this point is the Samsung-style capability to endorse particular parts of the user interface to the gone or else remedy in place of easier one-handed work. You can work out this with the dial pad on the Galaxy jot down 3, in place of exemplar. Nor work out you acquire a stylus in place of text-based input.

Particular skin texture exploit the great screen though. There's a neat add-on app called Live Screen, with which you can explain a screenshot or else photo, or else withdraw on-screen from graze. Sketching passй an clue, annotating a screen-grabbed plan, even mixing lexis and drawings jointly featuring in single place, is further feasible on a phablet screen than it would survive on a lesser handset.

You acquire a round version of Polaris company, which wealth you can create and edit Microsoft Office-compatible papers. I found it further comfortable to create papers or else prolonged email responses on the Liquid S2 than on smartphones with lesser screens.

Balanced apps
A vital original highlight from Acer is its suite of 'floating apps' — four applications with the aim of sit on top of whatever to boot is at present on-screen. There's a calculator and a note-taker, plus a camera app and Google Maps. It's not a particularly sophisticated suite, and Acer laptop battery may well think a barely harder on the subject of how to confer itself an interface. Samsung's two-apps-side-by-side highlight is single exemplar of how large-screen handsets can supply a bright lead completed lesser policy.

The 6in. Screen has a declaration of 1,080 by 1,920 pixels (368ppi), which is like a dream lovely as much as necessary in place of watching capture on tape or else recitation text — ebooks, jungle pages, emails and papers all looked fine. There's a match up of stereo speakers on single prolonged interface, someplace you are not likely to cover them with a distribute as soon as holding the device. I was impressed with sound quality via the provided earphones, but a smaller amount so by speakers themselves.

The broad-spectrum specifications are lovely. Machine 4.2.2 is a barely behind the time, but the Liquid S2 does support LTE — its predecessor had two SIM slots, but this while series there's in the past few minutes the single. There's dual-band wi-fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth (4.0), plus support in place of DLNA, Wi-Fi sincere and NFC. The mainframe is the top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2GB of RAM behind it, and the 16GB of interior luggage compartment can survive supplemented via a Micro-SD tag slot.

4K capture on tape recording
A 4-LED ring instant helps to boost the highest camera's low-light performance, but the headline camera highlight is its capability to capture ultra-high-resolution 4K capture on tape — something, admittedly, you'll solitary go up in price if you're able to tease back 4K capture on tape (not likely either on this handset or else on nearly everyone TVs). The rear camera choice besides soundtrack 1080p capture on tape by the side of 60 frames apiece moment, allowing in place of slow-motion playback. There's besides a 2Mpixel front camera with the aim of can soundtrack 1080p capture on tape by the side of regular frame toll.

The battery is a 3,300mAh piece with the aim of was lovely in place of a day's usual work featuring in our tests. However, if you work out a destiny of GPS-based navigation or else gaming, or else beat the 4G connection, followed by you may perhaps give a changed experience of battery life. The battery is not not fixed, so the Nano-SIM and Micro-SD slots are on the carcass edges. Acer claims 13 hours of parley while and 700 hours on stand-in.

The Liquid S2 is an delightful handset, with rounded edges and a harsh be over to the red backplate. The design won't suit each taste, but it does confer Acer laptop battery's phablet a distinctive look.

Acer has worked relentless to put together the Liquid S2 changed, with skin texture like 4K capture on tape recording and a suite of balanced apps. But particular further exciting apps and better large-screen usability, in place of exemplar, would survive accept.