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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Intel introduces new Atom chip core system

Intel also introduced a new system chip (SoC) program, based on Atom processor core in the HP Laptop batteries.

Intel vice president and general manager of Embedded and Communications Division, Douglas Davis (Douglas Davis) said the system chip, code-named "Tunnel Creek", mainly for IP media phone, printer, car information systems such as embedded applications, and a standard processor interconnect interface, the internal integration of the Atom processor core, memory controller Hub, graphics engine and video engine.

The chip can also connect to other company's own PCI-E compatible chip; this flexibility helps reduce material costs embedded applications, saving board space. Meaning here should be the exclusive third-party support acceleration chip, to achieve high-definition decoding Atom lack of application architecture itself.

Intel did not disclose the Tunnel Creek SoC System on Chip when released.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Intel released YouTube video

Intel news:

According to foreign reports, Intel has released a demo via YouTube Meego operating system, video, display Meego support multi-touch, Dell xps m1730 battery, multi-task and social networking capabilities.

This is a running α Edition Meego OS 1.1 multi-touch Dell xps m1530 battery. Meego OS 1.1 includes social networking tools, users can view real-time social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter information.

Meego OS 1.1 can run multiple applications simultaneously. In the demonstration, users edit photos on the one hand, while listening to music. Users to edit the photos using the multi-touch functionality. An application allows users to receive both the instructions from the five fingers. Intel Atom developer community manager Bob • Duffy (Bob Duffy) said, "May appear while five individuals playing Dell xps m1330 battery games flat."

Duffy said that the video demonstrates some of the features may not appear in the official version. He said Intel may fall, Meego OS 1.1.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Google Voice Opens in the USA

Google news:

June 23, according to foreign media reports, Google has announced open to all U.S. users of its Google Voice telephone service, users can use all of their phones to a single phone number, when dialing the phone number, all calls will be ring.

According to reports, Google Voice Service invites testing phase in attracting more than 100 million users. Google announced on Tuesday after the service open to the public, users of the service has attracted great interest.

Google product manager Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet in a joint publication of the blog, said: "After a series of tests and adjustments, we are very pleased to Google Voice services to the public, not only for invited users like Dell xps m1530 battery and Dell xps m1330 battery. We are in the past few years, Google Voice proud of the progress made, but we the ordinary telephone service and the latest network technology areas is not enough to do, there is still a long way to go. "

Google Voice Services In addition to allow users to use a single phone number, it can also put text information into voice mail or e-mail. Users use the service free dial telephone within the United States and Canada.

Google promises that the service will be more convenient for a more satisfying, and completely free. The service on the global Internet phone service provider Skype threat.

U.S. users can now / voice Site registered to use this Dell xps m1730 battery service. In addition, Google also promised, regardless of phone users, regardless of what carriers choose, can use this service.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Google proves safety iPhone online music store

IT news:

Google server "Google Music" feature allows a lot of people, which began to speculate whether Google launched its own online music store to open up competition with Apple's new battleground

Recently been in Google's servers were found "Google Music" icon, combined before Google acquired Simplify Media - a help from the computer, like other Internet devices released music company, many people began to speculate whether Google will launch its own online music store Dell Inspiron 1320n battery , which opened up competition with Apple's new battleground.

In fact, Google is not without its music service, cut out Google China's search does not say, YouTube, and are based on the YouTube platform Vevo big music video. The Google Onebox has music search service to help users more quickly search for music. But Google's online music store is likely to focus on mobile Internet, as in the traditional areas of the Internet has been too much online music services, Google has no reason to go into non-profits such a competitive market is not lucrative.

Google in the past and music-related services on the threat of Apple's iTunes music store are not great, because Google has not really started to sell music. If Google launches online music store Dell Inspiron 1320n battery , Apple's threat to not just music sales, iPhone will also face a more powerful Android.

In the Android phone and iPhone competition, iPhone's biggest advantage is the iTunes App Store ecosystem is far stronger than the ecosystem of Android Market. For Google, the application to build an ecosystem around is not his strong point, the recent rumors that the desktop version of Google Voice of "giving birth" to a large extent because the two founders of Google do not want to develop applications outside the browser Dell Inspiron 1320n battery .

Google's advantage is its understanding of the Internet, and the iPhone in the competition, Google is also hoping to win the browser war (do not forget to support Android on the Flash, the browser that can carry richer applications). Google in the previous Google I / O conference also demonstrated with Android play Internet-based streaming music, so Google will most likely be the first release for Android mobile phone online music store, so that users can Android mobile Internet release will be the listen to streaming music directly to buy the Dell Inspiron 1320n battery, the entire cloud into the user's music library.

Apple's apparent lack of Internet experience, despite the importance of seeing the Internet, but more remains to do is "defensive." The acquisition of Google partners Lala, the apple in May 2010 to stop the service, and not to launch online music store one step ahead.

The current iPhone's music still needs to be purchased and imported through iTunes, very inconvenient, especially when the users on the move, if want to listen to a music library without prior buy iPhone into the song, only with third-party applications. Google allows users to use the Internet while on the move can be easy access to music, on the other hand, listening to music through streaming prices to buy music downloads to a local sure cheaper Fujitsu V5535 battery.

Of course, a more bold guess is that Google's online music store will be open to all mobile devices, so that iPhone users benefit. As Apple's latest operating system iOS 4 has support for multi-task operation, the user can hand in the Google online music store listen to songs while doing other things. But on the iTunes Music Store will have greater combat - since it easier and cheaper to listen to more songs, why go to iTunes music store to buy a re-take the time to import music to the phone in it?

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twitter acquisition of data analysis tools business Smallthought

June 11, according to foreign media reports, the micro-blog Twitter local time Thursday announced that it has acquired the data analysis tool vendors Smallthought Systems (hereinafter referred to as "Smallthought").

Twitter has been developed in-house use Smallthought Dabble DB. Smallthought newly developed Trendly to Google Analytics data analysis .

The two sides did not disclose the purchase price.

Twitter executives Kevin Weir (Kevin Weil) issued a blog posting said, "Smallthought of staff has joined our team, committed to the integration of our current tools Trendly, advertisers for the future development of innovative partners in real-time data analysis tools.”

While Twitter is the core business model "of Twitter to promote the message" ads, but still want paying customers for the business analysis tools like Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery. Trendly and Smallthought Twitter and other technology will help to develop such Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery tools.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Analysts said Nokia is facing the risk of marginalization

Nokia news:

June 9 pm news, Nokia can effectively compete with Apple Laptop batteries, and withstood the offensive from Google Android?

Wall Street investment banks Luo Manlun repair company Rodman & Renshaw analyst this morning released a brief report, saying Nokia had plunged into "open-ended down" risk. In checking the records of this company found that where in the September quarter, the Nokia orders declined, mainly due to "continue to lose market share the Apple Powerbook G3 battery."

Kumar said that in September where the quarter, Nokia's new flagship smart phone is not shipped N8 data, this is the only Nokia can look forward to hope. He believes that Nokia's new Symbian OS software will provoke opposition from independent software vendors, application software can not be bypassed because of the patent, the Apple Powerbook G3 battery needs to be rewritten.

Nokia mobile phone components, National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments is the most important suppliers.

Kumar said: "The developers have united around the Apple Laptop batteries and Google, if Nokia's missteps last longer, may face the risk of becoming marginal role."

Today, Nokia's shares actually rose 30 cents, or 3.2%, up 9.63 U.S. dollars.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Most worried 10 products for Apple

Laptop review:

June 8, according to foreign media reports, as the IT market, one of the most successful technology companies, Apple introduced a product almost every great success, therefore, can pose a threat to Apple's products.

But this does not mean that Apple Laptop batteries are not worried about competitors, the following is Apple does not want consumers to see the 10 competing products:

1. HTC Droid Incredible, threatening iPhone.

2. Google Nexus One, threatened iPhone.

3. Google Chrome OS operating system, threatening the Mac OS.

4. Online music site Pandora, Apple laptop battery has been forced to shut down music service site Lala.

5. Any one of the boutique PC, Apple's Mac business threat.

6. Windows 7, Mac OS threats

7. Dell Streak Tablet PC like Dell xps m1330 battery, Dell xps m1530 battery and Dell xps m1730 battery threats iPad.

8. Google TV, threats TV.

9. Nintendo DS handheld, threats iPad and iPhone games business.

10. Amazon music store, threatening iTunes.

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