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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Google Voice Opens in the USA

Google news:

June 23, according to foreign media reports, Google has announced open to all U.S. users of its Google Voice telephone service, users can use all of their phones to a single phone number, when dialing the phone number, all calls will be ring.

According to reports, Google Voice Service invites testing phase in attracting more than 100 million users. Google announced on Tuesday after the service open to the public, users of the service has attracted great interest.

Google product manager Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet in a joint publication of the blog, said: "After a series of tests and adjustments, we are very pleased to Google Voice services to the public, not only for invited users like Dell xps m1530 battery and Dell xps m1330 battery. We are in the past few years, Google Voice proud of the progress made, but we the ordinary telephone service and the latest network technology areas is not enough to do, there is still a long way to go. "

Google Voice Services In addition to allow users to use a single phone number, it can also put text information into voice mail or e-mail. Users use the service free dial telephone within the United States and Canada.

Google promises that the service will be more convenient for a more satisfying, and completely free. The service on the global Internet phone service provider Skype threat.

U.S. users can now / voice Site registered to use this Dell xps m1730 battery service. In addition, Google also promised, regardless of phone users, regardless of what carriers choose, can use this service.

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