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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Google proves safety iPhone online music store

IT news:

Google server "Google Music" feature allows a lot of people, which began to speculate whether Google launched its own online music store to open up competition with Apple's new battleground

Recently been in Google's servers were found "Google Music" icon, combined before Google acquired Simplify Media - a help from the computer, like other Internet devices released music company, many people began to speculate whether Google will launch its own online music store Dell Inspiron 1320n battery , which opened up competition with Apple's new battleground.

In fact, Google is not without its music service, cut out Google China's search does not say, YouTube, and are based on the YouTube platform Vevo big music video. The Google Onebox has music search service to help users more quickly search for music. But Google's online music store is likely to focus on mobile Internet, as in the traditional areas of the Internet has been too much online music services, Google has no reason to go into non-profits such a competitive market is not lucrative.

Google in the past and music-related services on the threat of Apple's iTunes music store are not great, because Google has not really started to sell music. If Google launches online music store Dell Inspiron 1320n battery , Apple's threat to not just music sales, iPhone will also face a more powerful Android.

In the Android phone and iPhone competition, iPhone's biggest advantage is the iTunes App Store ecosystem is far stronger than the ecosystem of Android Market. For Google, the application to build an ecosystem around is not his strong point, the recent rumors that the desktop version of Google Voice of "giving birth" to a large extent because the two founders of Google do not want to develop applications outside the browser Dell Inspiron 1320n battery .

Google's advantage is its understanding of the Internet, and the iPhone in the competition, Google is also hoping to win the browser war (do not forget to support Android on the Flash, the browser that can carry richer applications). Google in the previous Google I / O conference also demonstrated with Android play Internet-based streaming music, so Google will most likely be the first release for Android mobile phone online music store, so that users can Android mobile Internet release will be the listen to streaming music directly to buy the Dell Inspiron 1320n battery, the entire cloud into the user's music library.

Apple's apparent lack of Internet experience, despite the importance of seeing the Internet, but more remains to do is "defensive." The acquisition of Google partners Lala, the apple in May 2010 to stop the service, and not to launch online music store one step ahead.

The current iPhone's music still needs to be purchased and imported through iTunes, very inconvenient, especially when the users on the move, if want to listen to a music library without prior buy iPhone into the song, only with third-party applications. Google allows users to use the Internet while on the move can be easy access to music, on the other hand, listening to music through streaming prices to buy music downloads to a local sure cheaper Fujitsu V5535 battery.

Of course, a more bold guess is that Google's online music store will be open to all mobile devices, so that iPhone users benefit. As Apple's latest operating system iOS 4 has support for multi-task operation, the user can hand in the Google online music store listen to songs while doing other things. But on the iTunes Music Store will have greater combat - since it easier and cheaper to listen to more songs, why go to iTunes music store to buy a re-take the time to import music to the phone in it?

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