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Monday, June 28, 2010

Intel released YouTube video

Intel news:

According to foreign reports, Intel has released a demo via YouTube Meego operating system, video, display Meego support multi-touch, Dell xps m1730 battery, multi-task and social networking capabilities.

This is a running α Edition Meego OS 1.1 multi-touch Dell xps m1530 battery. Meego OS 1.1 includes social networking tools, users can view real-time social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter information.

Meego OS 1.1 can run multiple applications simultaneously. In the demonstration, users edit photos on the one hand, while listening to music. Users to edit the photos using the multi-touch functionality. An application allows users to receive both the instructions from the five fingers. Intel Atom developer community manager Bob • Duffy (Bob Duffy) said, "May appear while five individuals playing Dell xps m1330 battery games flat."

Duffy said that the video demonstrates some of the features may not appear in the official version. He said Intel may fall, Meego OS 1.1.

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