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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 will be the year for network security

Twinkling of an eye went to the end of the year, a variety of year-end summary and year-end ranking have appeared in people's eyes. Security industry is no exception, the agitation experienced 3Q after World War II, people gradually calmed down, began to concern itself closely related to some things - network security trends in 2011 will be? Internet users how to face the future?

From the most recent of several industry reports, we can clearly feel, although the security threats of all malicious programs in HP Pavilion dv6000 batterywhich still occupy the first place, but their way of communication channels and the infection has undergone enormous changes. In many people's minds, the past, these malicious software primarily through the website linked to horse, and other removable storage devices or local area network to enter the user's computer. Most of its functions to steal the user's online banking, online games, and other network service account password, and then use these accounts to obtain Laptop battery economic benefits. It can be seen, the target of malicious software is one single user, although the malicious software itself may be transmitted through the Internet, but its profit is by means of a user's computer to steal data.

However, this seems to have started to change. According to well-known Russian company Kaspersky Lab latest issue of the report: the second half of this year to block malicious programs and malicious program is very different from the past, the past use of malware to steal game accounts, control the user's computer, steal user bank account, steal passwords and other benefit QQ. The new malicious programs is to use the Internet to seek benefits, which to some extent by a single malicious software marks the transition to the Internet trends.

The "hijackers" Trojan horse, for example, contains the graphical interface of the malicious programs that masquerade as a game on the tool, many users in HP Pavilion DV1000 battery will unknowingly download and run the malicious program, very deceptive. Running, the trojan released in the current directory malware gamechk.dll, wvi.dll, the release of malware in the driver directory the driver websafe.sys. websafe.sys is a TCP filter driver, added to the device object will own the top of the chain, which means that all network users will be websafe.sys have priority access to such technology is commonly found in the firewall module is the use of hackers Taking this technology the user browse the Web. At present, the "hijackers" Trojan horse to hijack the site, including Taobao, Baidu, Jingdong Mall, where customers Eslite, Google, Sogou, and so on. Once infected with the trojan, the user's search results will be maliciously tampered with, the first few search results are sponsored links, the network from malicious hackers can be divided into promotion, access to income.

More worrisome is that the "hijackers" Trojan way of life is the current Internet, a number of malicious programs popular mode of transmission of one of survival. View or download, phishing, web pages linked to horse ... ... and even highly regarded by people in 2010 social media also continue to occur such as "Trojan horse to push" ... ... the virus personal home page and other issues. Therefore, a conclusion we can draw: in 2011, the Internet will usher in a new wave of security threats. The network user who is already ready for it?

Since the threat from the network, then we solve the security problem also comes from the network. In addition to raising awareness of network security, protection of personal privacy in the SNS and other commonplace outside Laptop battery. Discarded the old stand-alone anti-virus software should also be one of the steps must be carried out, Internet users should need to live a full protection of their network security software, ... ... Cloud computing community, sandbox, Web anti-virus protection One Less!

Integrated all the elements, we can choose the room did not actually appear on the surface so much! However, veteran professional in this area give users the security software vendors have left a very perfect answer.

To the author left the deepest impression of the security forces should be Kaspersky 2011, this evolved from KIS series of new products, as if every detail of the settings are for Internet users to set their daily lives normally tailored small to account password, security, browser protection, large anti-virus anti-phishing web, cloud computing with application control HP Pavilion dv9000 battery. When Internet users may encounter in every aspect of security issues have done a targeted deployment. Believe that this is not because Eugene will be counted to pinch, this is for the network security needs of the familiar habits of the user's network to conduct a detailed summary of the concerns and analysis derived. We can believe that there is such a familiar network of familiar habits of users of products and brand protection, our lives will be more secure network.

Internet in 2011 will be a year of change, change is also a year of network security, in the year to meet this special, are you ready yet?

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