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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Microsoft Office and Google Apps comparative advantages and disadvantages


In mid-May, Microsoft officially released Office 2010 with Office 2010 Also announced online versions of Office (Office Web Apps), the move by the industry as Microsoft hit back on the official Google Apps.

Is well known that many existing Microsoft products, Office 2010 is Microsoft's greatest contribution to revenue in one of the products, the importance of Microsoft's self-evident. Therefore, the development of Office 2010, Microsoft did not neglect. Microsoft not only to take care of the needs of the user to present to reap rich rewards, but also to look to the future, to ensure their own advantage in the office software Laptop battery market. Because Microsoft, there have been a strong opponent picked up the pace, which is Google. The industry believes that, despite the Google Apps now can not pose any threat to Microsoft, but relying on its great advantages on the Internet, if the shift in the next few years, Microsoft is still in office software to maintain the advantages of today, not sure , and determine the final outcome is probably Microsoft's Internet strategy.

Each have their own difficulties

In today's office software market, Microsoft is doing my king, and Google is only little brother. However, in the long run, this situation is entirely possible to change. Of course, the future, whether it's Microsoft or Google, to rule office software market are faced with many difficulties.

To Google, though Google Apps (Google Apps) with a price advantage, Google announced that over 200 million companies in the use of Google Apps Laptop battery services, but a variety of research data shows Google and unsatisfactory progress in the enterprise market. Google Apps Google's market share is not only behind Microsoft's Office, but far behind OpenOffice, and even behind IBM's Lotus Symphony. 2009, Google Apps is expected to $ 50,000,000 of revenue, 22 billion U.S. dollars in the Google's only a small part of the income.

The difficulties faced by Microsoft to be competitive with the Web application. Fortunately, the competition is still too intense, because these applications the main selling point is cheap, being no threat to Microsoft's Office suite revenue. In the 2009 fiscal year, Microsoft's business sector (Office is the most important one of the products in this sector) revenue reached 189 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, Microsoft must convince customers to believe that it is in cloud computing and Google, as advanced technology.

However, the greatest threat to Microsoft or Google's determination. Some analysts believe that today's brands have enough cash and influence to challenge Microsoft's none other than the company's non-Google. Of course, to challenge Microsoft, Google must make considerable efforts.

Currently, the office software market, enterprises are facing many choices: first choice of course, Microsoft Office, followed by some cheaper or free products, such as IBM's Lotus Symphony, Google Apps for the Internet and the Zoho office suite and so on.

According to Forrester Research's study, although whether it is the ordinary individual or enterprise users, Web browsers are the most popular computing platforms, but the genuine based on the "cloud" of office software to replace Microsoft's Office business is still very little. In March this year, Forrester surveyed 115 North American and European enterprise technology decision makers, revealed that 81% of companies use Office 2007, while only 4% of companies use Google Apps. In addition, although the Office 2010 product year prices higher than the other, or 1 / 3 of respondents plan to upgrade next year to Office 2010,1 / 4 of the respondents in the next two to three years to upgrade to Office 2010.

It seems that in the enterprise market, Google, Google Apps and Microsoft Office can not seem to compete? But industry analysts do not think so, although they generally agreed that Google Apps now with the Office might not have direct competition, but the future is difficult to say that because Google Apps has already turned to the Internet in terms of a step ahead.

"Google is an Internet company, it has enough resources, can guide businesses to the Internet." Forrester analyst Sheri McLeish said Laptop battery, "The future of the enterprise is likely to be a mixed environment, that is based on Microsoft's Office , Google, Google Apps as a supplement. "

However, McLeish does not think that Google is fully ready to provide services. He said that although the ordinary individual users, Google's user interface is very clean, very simple, but for enterprise users, its function may be too limited.

"For example, Google Wave appears to be a constant good idea, but it needs Google to do too much work to improve Google can be truly realized the original idea." McLeish said.

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