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Friday, January 28, 2011

Samsung 2.7 billion fourth quarter operating profit below expectations

January 28 morning news, Samsung Electronics today announced that due to weak demand in the global TV and computer prices fell hurt the amount of chips and flat panel displays and other main business, the company's fourth quarter fiscal 2010 hit a six-quarter earnings to the worst record.

Samsung's fourth-quarter operating profit of 3.01 trillion won (about 2.7 billion), less than analysts average estimate of 3.4 trillion won; the last quarter and last year was 4.9 trillion won and 3.44 trillion won.

Earlier this month, Samsung laptop battery expects fourth-quarter operating profit in 2800 to 3200 billion won between.

Samsung mobile phone market behind Nokia, Sony and LG laptop battery TV market competition in the semiconductor market is competitive with Toshiba and Hynix.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

the upcoming release of new software Windows Phone 7

January 22 morning news, Windows Phone developer Julian Scarman (Julien Schapman) plans to release a Windows Phone 7 device management software, which will include a new method of escape system.

Scarman will be the first time Microsoft released Windows Phone 7 released after the software update. The software with the previous Windows Phone 7 jailbreak software ChevronWP7 are forged up the server method implementation escape purposes, but the methods vary Scarman and more reliable.

Scarman do not want to disclose more details because he did not want Microsoft in the next update fixes vulnerabilities used by its software.

Last November, a software for the first time called ChevronWP7 Windows Phone 7 unlock the phone, allowing mobile phones to install third-party software of the system in Hp Pavilion dm3 battery and Sony VGP BPS12 battery. But as Microsoft's request, ChevronWP7 software developer withdrew from the official website of the software down.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Amazon will control the pricing of its Android application store


January 17 morning news, Amazon announced earlier this month, will create a Android application store. Latest news shows, Amazon will be responsible for application of the retail price, and application developers can only provide the "manufacturer's suggested retail price" (MSRP).

When the application developer to submit the application to the Amazon store, they can set a suggested retail price. Amazon will determine the actual retail price, the price can be a full price, discount or completely free of charge. Application developers can get 70% of the retail price, or 20% of the suggested retail price for Fujitsu ESPRIMO Mobile V5535 battery and Fujitsu LifeBook A6020 battery, the higher of the two elections.

For example, a suggested retail price of $ 10 is still the application of the retail price of $ 10, developers can get $ 7. If the $ 5 retail, developers can get 3.5 dollars. But if $ 1 retail or free, developers can still receive 20% of the suggested retail price, that is $ 2.

This paperback book and DVD on Amazon and other similar products, sales model, but for applications, Amazon without having to pay the wholesale price for Asus A32 F3 battery, no need to buy inventory. This e-book with Amazon's pricing model for different, because the Kindle e-book on the full price by the publisher.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Global mobile broadband subscribers will double to 10 billion this year


Ericsson expects the global mobile broadband users in 2010 has grown to 500 million, this year the figure will double and reach 10 billion.

Ericsson estimates that mobile broadband users in Asia Pacific will reach about 4 million, followed by North America, Western Europe, mobile broadband users more than 2 million.

Mobile broadband subscribers is mainly due to strong growth, smart phones, notebooks and tablet laptop battery PCs the rapid growth of mobile Internet services and applications as well as growth. Ericsson said that the global mobile data traffic will continue to grow rapidly. Ericsson announced in August 2010, global mobile data traffic has tripled within a year.

Ericsson expects the global mobile broadband laptop battery users by 2015 will reach 3.8 billion, of which 95% use HSPA, CDMA and LTE networks.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Facebook valuation price


50 billion U.S. dollars valuation for Facebook is the latest round of investors is not a risk? Xie Wen said: Goldman Sachs, this wave of investors, "just wait a few money."

Xie Wen compared to take China's Tencent, Tencent not repeat users more than 300 million (Note: registered users more than 10 million, while over 100 million online users.) The January 6 to a Goldman Sachs said to the customer's file, Facebook active users per month more than 6 billion. The current market value of more than 330 billion Hong Kong dollars Tencent, is 430 billion dollars, this simple comparison, Facebook's valuation but also the high go?

Advisory President Lubbe hope is hope that the more alarming is the growth rate. July 2010, Facebook has just announced that active users exceeded 500 million mark.

According to foreign media reports, Goldman Sachs started from January 6 to express way to send 101 to the client's private placement memorandum documents. The show, Facebook 2009 annual revenue of 777 million, profit of 2 billion U.S. dollars. 2010, 9 months time, Facebook's net profit was 3.55 billion, revenue of 1.2 billion. Some analysts expected, Facebook's revenue this year is expected to reach 20 billion U.S. dollars.

Xie Wen said, Facebook users have three-quarters of all overseas users, an increase at an alarming rate, users are linked to more than half of online users on a very long time.

Marketing consulting company data provided by comScore Inc, the world's Internet users now have a month's time to put Facebook out Google's more than the sum of all the sites.

Xie Wen said that the average valuation of 50 billion U.S. dollars to 100 dollars per user, however, while Facebook is in the hands of the user information, including: Who are you, what do you do, what you like and so on. Advertisers like Sony VGP-BPS8 battery and Sony VGP-BPS9 battery can use this information to sell to these users a wide variety of commodities, and precise positioning.

MarketWatch columnist Ya Lanzi that "it is easy to achieve this goal", if you want to get a 20% annual return, Facebook must come up 10 billion U.S. dollars per year in net income, that is, who earn $ 20 per user, or In each user spent on the Internet make 7.1 cents per hour.

Xie Wen said that investors in each round of Facebook entry, have questioned said the valuation is too high, but investors have made money each round, including Microsoft, including Li Ka-shing.

October 2007, Microsoft acquired Facebook1.6% stake in its valuation of 150 billion U.S. dollars, the amount of investment about 2.4 billion U.S. dollars, now Microsoft still holds a 1.3% stake, worth $ 650,000,000. Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing in March 2008 subsequent to the Facebook investment of more than 1 billion U.S. dollars, with 0.75% shares, currently worth 375 million U.S. dollars. In 2009, DST to 2 million U.S. dollars investment Facebook, get 2% of the laptop battery shares, currently worth 10 billion dollars. $ 1,000,000,000 in 2006 offer to acquire Yahoo, Facebook, by its refusal.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

LG 42LD450-CA Review

Compared with normal LCD TV, LG 42LD450-CA (parameter Photo Forum) Full HD LCD TV joined the IPS screen and the new XD engine hard, for enhancing the dynamic picture display played an important role. Another LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV also added streaming capabilities for the user's daily use provides a convenient service. Currently LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV 4199 yuan, like a friend please contact the dealer.

In terms of performance, LG 42LD450-CA IPS Full HD LCD TV has a hard screen, through the addition of this technology, dynamic picture of the smear have been effectively improved. In addition to the powerful streaming media capabilities are worth the user concerned, and fully meet the user for various video playback needs.

In appearance, LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV is still carried on the style of previous generations of products, mainly black body as a whole tone, LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV with acrylic material, the overall rounded body lines and smooth. Switch is in the design sense of obvious edges and corners, and the whole formed a contrast to the sleek lines, highlighting the details of the design's intentions.

In the interface area, LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV configuration relatively complete, and the mainstream HDMI interfaces, AV interfaces, USB interface and uniform color component interfaces, in particular, adding USB interface, users can read through the pictures, and external devices video playback.


Full HD TV product positioning

42-inch screen size

Screen ratio 16:9

Resolution of 1920 × 1080

Backlight CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp types

Best viewing distance of 3.0 m

Support format 1080p (Full HD)

Other image features 1080p

XD Engine

24 Real Cinema

Digital signal to enhance

10 10W power output

Stereo Surround Sound

Other features of Dolby Digital audio decoder

Xuanliang vocal

Streaming media streaming media player features DivX

USB2.0 playback support


Other Interfaces 1 × USB2.0

2 × RF input

2 × AV input

1 × Component Component Video

1 × RGB computer input in Laptop battery

1 × CAM slot

Power Performance 100-240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption 190W

Dimensions with base: 1023 × 685 × 261mm

Body Weight with base: 14.9kg

Other performance Simplink

Child Lock

Terrestrial digital signal reception

Card from digital TV

Smart power Laptop battery saving

Edit Comment: As a representative of positioning in the end, LG 42LD450-CA IPS Full HD LCD TV with a hard screen, in addition to the level of feeling and color images have a certain stability of the control, but also on the dynamic picture display with a certain increase . At a time when year-end promotions, LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV priced at $ 600, so interested friends may wish to consider.

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