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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 will be the year for network security

Twinkling of an eye went to the end of the year, a variety of year-end summary and year-end ranking have appeared in people's eyes. Security industry is no exception, the agitation experienced 3Q after World War II, people gradually calmed down, began to concern itself closely related to some things - network security trends in 2011 will be? Internet users how to face the future?

From the most recent of several industry reports, we can clearly feel, although the security threats of all malicious programs in HP Pavilion dv6000 batterywhich still occupy the first place, but their way of communication channels and the infection has undergone enormous changes. In many people's minds, the past, these malicious software primarily through the website linked to horse, and other removable storage devices or local area network to enter the user's computer. Most of its functions to steal the user's online banking, online games, and other network service account password, and then use these accounts to obtain Laptop battery economic benefits. It can be seen, the target of malicious software is one single user, although the malicious software itself may be transmitted through the Internet, but its profit is by means of a user's computer to steal data.

However, this seems to have started to change. According to well-known Russian company Kaspersky Lab latest issue of the report: the second half of this year to block malicious programs and malicious program is very different from the past, the past use of malware to steal game accounts, control the user's computer, steal user bank account, steal passwords and other benefit QQ. The new malicious programs is to use the Internet to seek benefits, which to some extent by a single malicious software marks the transition to the Internet trends.

The "hijackers" Trojan horse, for example, contains the graphical interface of the malicious programs that masquerade as a game on the tool, many users in HP Pavilion DV1000 battery will unknowingly download and run the malicious program, very deceptive. Running, the trojan released in the current directory malware gamechk.dll, wvi.dll, the release of malware in the driver directory the driver websafe.sys. websafe.sys is a TCP filter driver, added to the device object will own the top of the chain, which means that all network users will be websafe.sys have priority access to such technology is commonly found in the firewall module is the use of hackers Taking this technology the user browse the Web. At present, the "hijackers" Trojan horse to hijack the site, including Taobao, Baidu, Jingdong Mall, where customers Eslite, Google, Sogou, and so on. Once infected with the trojan, the user's search results will be maliciously tampered with, the first few search results are sponsored links, the network from malicious hackers can be divided into promotion, access to income.

More worrisome is that the "hijackers" Trojan way of life is the current Internet, a number of malicious programs popular mode of transmission of one of survival. View or download, phishing, web pages linked to horse ... ... and even highly regarded by people in 2010 social media also continue to occur such as "Trojan horse to push" ... ... the virus personal home page and other issues. Therefore, a conclusion we can draw: in 2011, the Internet will usher in a new wave of security threats. The network user who is already ready for it?

Since the threat from the network, then we solve the security problem also comes from the network. In addition to raising awareness of network security, protection of personal privacy in the SNS and other commonplace outside Laptop battery. Discarded the old stand-alone anti-virus software should also be one of the steps must be carried out, Internet users should need to live a full protection of their network security software, ... ... Cloud computing community, sandbox, Web anti-virus protection One Less!

Integrated all the elements, we can choose the room did not actually appear on the surface so much! However, veteran professional in this area give users the security software vendors have left a very perfect answer.

To the author left the deepest impression of the security forces should be Kaspersky 2011, this evolved from KIS series of new products, as if every detail of the settings are for Internet users to set their daily lives normally tailored small to account password, security, browser protection, large anti-virus anti-phishing web, cloud computing with application control HP Pavilion dv9000 battery. When Internet users may encounter in every aspect of security issues have done a targeted deployment. Believe that this is not because Eugene will be counted to pinch, this is for the network security needs of the familiar habits of the user's network to conduct a detailed summary of the concerns and analysis derived. We can believe that there is such a familiar network of familiar habits of users of products and brand protection, our lives will be more secure network.

Internet in 2011 will be a year of change, change is also a year of network security, in the year to meet this special, are you ready yet?

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Samsung is building a new chip production lines in South Korea

December 20, according to foreign media reports, Samsung laptop battery Electronics said it would face in a city south of Seoul, to build a new semiconductor production line. Plans and Pyeongtaek City on Thursday to sign a construction of a new semiconductor production line preliminary agreement. Pyeongtaek, 70 kilometers in the south of Seoul where face.

Samsung Electronics spokesman said the scale of this investment to start the year and other details of the operation so far has not been determined. According to local government official said the completion time of the industrial park has been delayed until at least five years after 2013.

In addition, Samsung laptop battery Electronics CEO Geesung Choi (Choi Gee-sung) stressed the importance of mobile and computer software, for the next few years will see the Web-based mobile computing devices and the growth of intelligent television.

Samsung laptop battery's digital media business at the annual strategy meeting that next year, smart phones, 3D TV and intelligent TV and Tablet PC technology will drive market growth.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

IBM released D holographic technology mobile phone or temporal prediction in the next 5 years

IBM released the annual "the next 5 years, 5 Forecast" report on the technological development of the next 5 years to 5 Predictions, including air power battery, 3D projectors for mobile phones and personal travel and other technologies.

1. Air power cell. IBM predicts that by 2015, transistor and battery technology advances "will allow electronic devices to increase battery life 10 times longer than today."

Today's lithium batteries will be replaced by air power, "this high-energy batteries use the air and the metal reaction, the release of a catalyst to extend battery life."

"If realized, these powerful lightweight rechargeable battery to drive electric cars from consumer electronic devices to all products like Toshiba PA3285U-3BAS battery."

"Even in some cases, smaller devices will not need batteries," IBM said this is because the energy consumption of each transistor will be reduced to less than 0.5 volts, and benefit from the "energy harvesting" (energy scavenging) technology.

"Now some of the watches are already using this technology: they can charge by the movement of the arm," IBM said, "The same concept may also be used to charge the phone on, so to speak, you just need to dump about cell phone to can call. "

2. 3D hologram phone. Loaded with 3D holographic camera phone will allow users to connect with friends in real-time 3D holographic video chat.

3. Personalization for bus systems. IBM scientists have also developed a personalized system for travel. This system uses a mathematical model of innovation and predictive analysis techniques to provide the best for people to travel for a day travel routes.

"Since the study using the transport system will direct the user's behavior patterns and to provide more dynamic information on travel and road safety." IBM said.

4. Ubiquitous sensors. IBM said that the body itself will become a "walking sensor" for the fight against global warming, protect endangered species Laptop battery, invasive plant and animal tracking, etc. provide valuable data.

"In the next five years, mobile phones, cars, wallet sensors will be able to collect data, to scientists to provide a real-time picture of your surroundings Toshiba PA3284U-1BAS battery." IBM said.

The report said, "There will be a large number of" citizen scientists ", the use of simple sensor has been collecting large amounts of data for scientific research."

5. Energy recycling. IBM said that scientists will find that the heat from the data center recovery, recycling and better ways to use energy to heat buildings in winter, air-conditioned in the summer for energy.

The report also said, "IBM chip developed water treatment systems and extraction of heat from the computer processor, will be recovered enough heat to provide hot water for the office or home."

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Microsoft Office and Google Apps comparative advantages and disadvantages


In mid-May, Microsoft officially released Office 2010 with Office 2010 Also announced online versions of Office (Office Web Apps), the move by the industry as Microsoft hit back on the official Google Apps.

Is well known that many existing Microsoft products, Office 2010 is Microsoft's greatest contribution to revenue in one of the products, the importance of Microsoft's self-evident. Therefore, the development of Office 2010, Microsoft did not neglect. Microsoft not only to take care of the needs of the user to present to reap rich rewards, but also to look to the future, to ensure their own advantage in the office software Laptop battery market. Because Microsoft, there have been a strong opponent picked up the pace, which is Google. The industry believes that, despite the Google Apps now can not pose any threat to Microsoft, but relying on its great advantages on the Internet, if the shift in the next few years, Microsoft is still in office software to maintain the advantages of today, not sure , and determine the final outcome is probably Microsoft's Internet strategy.

Each have their own difficulties

In today's office software market, Microsoft is doing my king, and Google is only little brother. However, in the long run, this situation is entirely possible to change. Of course, the future, whether it's Microsoft or Google, to rule office software market are faced with many difficulties.

To Google, though Google Apps (Google Apps) with a price advantage, Google announced that over 200 million companies in the use of Google Apps Laptop battery services, but a variety of research data shows Google and unsatisfactory progress in the enterprise market. Google Apps Google's market share is not only behind Microsoft's Office, but far behind OpenOffice, and even behind IBM's Lotus Symphony. 2009, Google Apps is expected to $ 50,000,000 of revenue, 22 billion U.S. dollars in the Google's only a small part of the income.

The difficulties faced by Microsoft to be competitive with the Web application. Fortunately, the competition is still too intense, because these applications the main selling point is cheap, being no threat to Microsoft's Office suite revenue. In the 2009 fiscal year, Microsoft's business sector (Office is the most important one of the products in this sector) revenue reached 189 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, Microsoft must convince customers to believe that it is in cloud computing and Google, as advanced technology.

However, the greatest threat to Microsoft or Google's determination. Some analysts believe that today's brands have enough cash and influence to challenge Microsoft's none other than the company's non-Google. Of course, to challenge Microsoft, Google must make considerable efforts.

Currently, the office software market, enterprises are facing many choices: first choice of course, Microsoft Office, followed by some cheaper or free products, such as IBM's Lotus Symphony, Google Apps for the Internet and the Zoho office suite and so on.

According to Forrester Research's study, although whether it is the ordinary individual or enterprise users, Web browsers are the most popular computing platforms, but the genuine based on the "cloud" of office software to replace Microsoft's Office business is still very little. In March this year, Forrester surveyed 115 North American and European enterprise technology decision makers, revealed that 81% of companies use Office 2007, while only 4% of companies use Google Apps. In addition, although the Office 2010 product year prices higher than the other, or 1 / 3 of respondents plan to upgrade next year to Office 2010,1 / 4 of the respondents in the next two to three years to upgrade to Office 2010.

It seems that in the enterprise market, Google, Google Apps and Microsoft Office can not seem to compete? But industry analysts do not think so, although they generally agreed that Google Apps now with the Office might not have direct competition, but the future is difficult to say that because Google Apps has already turned to the Internet in terms of a step ahead.

"Google is an Internet company, it has enough resources, can guide businesses to the Internet." Forrester analyst Sheri McLeish said Laptop battery, "The future of the enterprise is likely to be a mixed environment, that is based on Microsoft's Office , Google, Google Apps as a supplement. "

However, McLeish does not think that Google is fully ready to provide services. He said that although the ordinary individual users, Google's user interface is very clean, very simple, but for enterprise users, its function may be too limited.

"For example, Google Wave appears to be a constant good idea, but it needs Google to do too much work to improve Google can be truly realized the original idea." McLeish said.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

IDC: 2014 global sales of cell phone use over 35 billion U.S. dollars

December 14 morning news, the U.S. market research firm IDC released a report Monday, the global mobile application Apple A1185 battery downloads will grow 60% in sales in 2014 expected to more than 35 billion U.S. dollars.

IDC said that this year the application of the global mobile phone users downloaded 109 million times, in 2014, will reach 76.9 billion times.

According to the U.S. market research company Nielsen's statistics, has become the nation's most popular Apple laptop battery iPhone mobile phone, partly because the application of the product package store models can provide more than 30 million applications, including "angry bird" and "TuneIn Radio "and other games. Google Android application store offers over 80,000 models can be applied and, therefore, Droid, Apple A1185 battery, and HTC, Motorola and Samsung phones Android produced played a catalytic role.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

On December 7 Google release Chrome OS released netbook

December 4 evening news, according to informed sources, Google has invited the media to participate in next Tuesday (December 7), a Chrome theme activities, Chrome OS will be released online this.

However, according to disclosure, Chrome OS Internet may not be on sale soon, the current Internet Chrome OS only about 65,000 Sony vgp-bps13 battery and Fujitsu LifeBook T4210 battery products, Google will offer to "friends" for trial. Google has released Nexus S Android smart phone by this model when the product trial. It is reported that this netbook is manufactured by Taiwan's Inventec, its use is only a beta version of Chrome OS, so Google is not being sold to ordinary consumers.

Trade rumors early November to release Google Chrome OS in smart this month, but with the end of November, the rumor also declared broken. Chrome OS devices and should not be the first smart in this, because the intelligent use of the commonly used smart phone mobile phone chip, and this new device uses Intel's Atom Pine Trail processor in Acer Aspire AS1410 battery.

According to media reports, Google is also preparing to launch in the December 7 Chrome App Store, sales of all platforms Chrome Chrome OS and browser used by network applications. Chrome OS and related equipment may be on sale until next year.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Windows Phone7 into the Chinese market next year

In fact, Microsoft just announced as early as the WindowsPhone 7 system, people began to focus its Xbox Live functionality, Microsoft's move is not just tit for tat with old rival Apple, but to be able to grab the future of mobile gaming More share.

In WindowsPhone 7 version of Xbox Live will be a Xbox Live Games. It is reported that, Xbox Live Games will be provided in addition to games, but also contains a number of entertainment software. This shows that the future we can play high-quality Windows Phone game. In addition, all the WindowsPhone7 games can be across the XBOX, Windows PC, WindowsPhone operates three platforms, and can be archived in the game after any one platform in another open this archive to the game. From this WindowsPhone7 the game function is quite powerful.

Microsoft's Game Developers Conference in GDC2010 published in the latest version of XNA Game Studio 4.0 game development tools. The software will integrate Visual Studio 2010, 3D hardware acceleration API implantation. The most important thing is to provide Windows Phone 7 series, XBOX360, Windows OS operating system, the three cross-platform game development, and through Xbox Live to seamlessly between the three platforms, which means that WindowsPhone 7 games played on mobile phones can continue to play on PC and Xbox game consoles.

Microsoft's Xbox360 can be had in the game market, accounting for a large share. The reason that Xbox360 can play in a competitive market success, one of the most important reason is its image processing functions and the powerful, which may benefit fully equipped with the hardware image enhancement chip, it is precisely because it makes Xbox360 PS2 in the processor and other brands other than the case can still bring smoother HD game screen.

WindowsPhone 7 Marketplace on the current application has more than 1,000 models, although this compared to Apple's 30 million App Store applications in the somewhat trivial, but to know WindowsPhone 7 as a newly developed system that in such a short period of time to applications to over a thousand, enough to show that the mobile gaming market, Microsoft's emphasis on the degree!

Can be said Xbox Live features one of the largest mobile phone WindowsPhone 7 features, so Xbox can enter into China for the WindowsPhone 7 is also essential for China. Now we finally get from Microsoft executives to enter China next year WindowsPhone 7 confirmed, but also believe that the perfect support for Xbox Live features WindowsPhone 7 will be in the domestic mobile phone market with outstanding performance.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Analysts say the BlackBerry mobile Internet market in the U.S. over Apple

December 1, according to foreign media reports, Web analytics firm StatCounter report released Wednesday in the U.S. Internet market, RIM's BlackBerry operating system in mobile Internet use for the first time over Apple iOS.

StatCounter noted that in November the BlackBerry operating system market share of 34.3%, more than 33% Apple. Android's market share is increasing rapidly, the system in the United States last year was only 8.2% market share, has now reached 23.8%.

Aodhan Cullen StatCounter founder and CEO said that if present trends continue, then Android Blackberry and Apple's market share will reach iOS 2 times.

However, the data in the world, the BlackBerry operating system Free software download continues to lag behind Apple. According to the report, Symbian operating system market share of 31.9%, followed by Apple iOS 21.9%, and the third is the BlackBerry operating system, 19.3%, the fourth is the Android operating system, 11.6%.

In addition, Microsoft's latest operating system Free software download Windows Phone 7 did not appear in this published data, but said it would StatCounter 2011 and beyond, the performance of the operating system monitor.

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