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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

South Korea started online booking iPhone 4

Aug. 19, according to foreign media reports, South Korea's KT Corporation, said, since it began this week ordered three Apple's iPhone 4 mobile phones, thousands of Koreans caused active order blocking the company's Web site.

IPhone 4 KT is the exclusive distributor of mobile phones in South Korea. KT said it opened its online store, the only in 9 hours and 11 million order for iPhone 4.

Jin Byung-Kwon KT spokesman told AFP, as too many users online orders, our online store server constantly being blocked. So far, iPhone 4 in orders over the previous iPhone 3GS the order quantity. We did not expect in such a short time so many people order.

KT said that its online store will be receiving orders within a week, while the store will be officially launched next month when the iPhone 4 to accept orders.

Apple since 9 months ago in South Korea since the launch of iPhone has sold more than 850,000 Department of iPhone.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Intel's road map will push the exposure section 19 kinds of CPU next year

Latest Intel news:

August 15, according to foreign media reports, the network exposure Intel product line diagram of two slides revealed the Sandy Bridge Intel 2011 processor and solid-state drive product line expansion plans.

According to MacBidouille Web site, the road map unveiled in 2011 Intel introduced 19 models of all notebook and desktop computer processor. Front row in the list are "very low power" options, from 35 watts of 2.5GHz dual-core processor Core i3 to include 65-watt 2.5GHz Core i5 S, including some of the 4-core processors and Dell Latitude E6500 battery. Quad-core product line later in the highest is the Core i7 3.4GHz processor (with Turbo-boosted acceleration technology is 3.8GHz).

In notebook computers, in addition to existing product lines minor upgrade, there is no any too impressive product. Intel dual-core notebook processors will reach 2.5,2.6 and 2.7GHz (the first two is the i5, the back of the i7). Quad-core processors is still mainly used for desktop computers, because they are too much power, can not be used for portable notebook computers like Dell Latitude E6500 battery. However, a large desktop replacement notebooks are still very popular.

As for the solid-state hard drive, the road map Intel in the past only confirms what has been promised. Mainly after the autumn we will see the introduction of inexpensive Intel X25E hard disk (maximum capacity of 400GB) and the X25-M drive capacity up to 600GB. Other improvements include the X18-M drive capacity to 160GB and the introduction of a capacity of 80GB named "Soda Creek" of the PCI Express SS SSD.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Japanese social networking site Gree topped 21.13 million users

August 13, according to foreign media reports, Japan's leading social networking site Gree Friday said it has more than Mixi is Japan's largest social networking site, because of its mobile games to attract a large number of users, user growth over the past two years, nearly two-fold.

Gree also announced the stock split ratio will be 1:5.

Gree said that as at the end of July, the company has 21.13 million customers - about the equivalent of Japan's one-sixth of the total population, up 56%. Mixi users to 21 million.

Gree rapid growth of its customers and other competitors than Mixi earlier emphasis on mobile services, many Japanese like to visit social networking sites via mobile phones.

The popularity of 3G phones will also help Japan's social networking site Facebook ahead of social networking sites such as foreign. Japan has more than 100 million 3G users, about 30 million more than the United States.

June, Gree page views from the mobile phone of 350 million page views from the PC, only 400 million; Mixi these two figures were 25 billion and 5 billion.

Gree about 4 percent revenue from the sale of virtual clothing and accessories; contrast, Mixi most of the revenue comes from advertising.

Gree Friday also said that during the period April to June, the company's operating profit was 5.3 billion yen (about 62 million U.S. dollars) - and the year-ago quarter, revenue grew 18% to 93 billion yen (about 109 million). (Sunshine)

Gree Description:

Gree is a well-known social networking sites in Japan, young people aged 16-30 in Japan, enjoys a high popularity, Gree has a huge mobile user base, is an almost entirely Internet-based mobile social networking site.

Mixi Description:

Mixi 2004 on the line, very intuitive user interface and features simple, you can send and receive e-mail, diary and published book reviews, recommended CD or DVD, etc., can also write reviews of other members of the diary, there is 100MB free online storage space for members and can use Mixi to set up a BBS of their own

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New MySpace revision

August 12, according to foreign media reports, MySpace seems to look more like a Facebook competitor.

It is reported that, MySpace is on its home page revision, although the site trying to distinguish themselves from Facebook, but seems more and more like.

MySpace will simplify the user home page in order to expand and highlight the user flow. This flow is continuously updated status and share content, much like an important position on the page is the Facebook news gathering.

In addition, MySpace will also recommend games, activities, and "You may know people" and into a whole, rather than scattered around the page. The user's photos, videos, music and activities will be merged into the "My Stuff" section.

MySpace to re-revision is to maintain the relevance of the current users and attract new users, including those for many years without access to the user.

MySpace president, said Mike Jones, the latest change is to do to prepare for the fall big revision, "we have to turn Quanmian the re-Fabu, the Bushi right system with ease." It is aimed at 13-34 year-old to and help they found Xin friends and new. The Facebook people over the age of 35 are particularly popular.

eMarketer analyst Williamson (Debra Aho Williamson), said, MySpace's revision is clearly to change the image of the original mess. She said: "I think this the sooner the better." But MySpace did not, in the Facebook users has grown to 500 million when, MySpace, News Corp. The company has more than 120 million global users only.

Williamson that, MySpace and Facebook are really not in the same area have to compete for MySpace, success need to develop their own territory.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hewlett-Packard Japan was asked to pay up 270 million U.S. dollars of tax

August 11, according to foreign media reports, Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" reported local time Wednesday, was found in the reporting of taxable income, the HP laptop batteries Japan, Division be asked to pay up about 230 billion yen (270 million U.S. dollars) tax.

"Asahi Shimbun" reported that the local tax bureau, Tokyo, in October 2006 for 2 years before, the Hewlett-Packard Japan's underreported segment of about 47 billion yen (about 550 million U.S. dollars) income.

Hewlett-Packard Japan, Tokyo branch, and local tax were not available for comment.

"Asahi Shimbun," said HP laptop batteries's Japanese unit to pay annually to the U.S. headquarters of over 200 billion yen (240 million U.S. dollars) in administrative costs, the Tokyo Tax Bureau that the money does not belong to operating costs. Hewlett-Packard Japan, the tax division has been owed in arrears, but decided to appeal.

As of last October in the previous fiscal year, Hewlett-Packard Japan segment revenue of about 363 billion yen (about 4.26 billion U.S. dollars), representing all HP laptop batteries revenue of about 3.5%.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yahoo is testing "unlimited browsing" feature

August 9, according to foreign media reports, Yahoo has said it would show a "unlimited browsing" news feature. The new Yahoo News reported the following modules will be an increase in news related to search content, such as images, video and slide shows. Yahoo that users will consume more content.

Yahoo is working with Microsoft's cooperation will be search laptop battery engine as its algorithmic search engine. However, Yahoo is still responsible for search user interface.

Because of this feature is currently testing a small number of users, most people in the Yahoo News also see this feature, so, Yahoo provides a screenshot of this feature.

The image window displays the article in Yahoo News section below the laptop battery, to provide users with the topic they are interested in more information. The idea is to provide users with more content, does not require the user to carry out more searches.

Yahoo's search product manager Caroline Tsay and Yahoo search product manager Marc Davis said that the application of this feature in the first week, our internal data shows that users view the news section of Yahoo's search of information that we have seen the number of almost similar function of view twice the number of search laptop battery information.

If Yahoo can take advantage of "unlimited browsing" feature to show more ads to users, which will promote the relevance of lagging behind Google, Twitter and Facebook, Yahoo development.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Apple's first mass released a new iPod on August 14

Apple Latest news:

August 7 morning news today, according to foreign media reports, Brazil's science and technology blog MacMagazine quoted reliable sources as saying that Apple laptop batteries will be 14 to 16 August released the latest generation of iPod.

The industry believes that, since August 14 and 15, respectively, on Saturdays and Sundays, so on August 16 most likely.

Over the past 4 years, Apple laptop batteries has been selected in September unveiled a new iPod. The industry had also general agreement that the iPod this conference will be scheduled in September. Prior to this, Apple laptop batteries iPod was the first conference in March or April at the latest, is set for October.

Details of the new iPod Touch has been circulating for several weeks of information. The latest reports indicate that this product will be equipped with gyroscopes, using Retina display, and also equipped with front and rear cameras to support Apple's FaceTime video chat. Released iPhone 4 this year already have these features.

U.S. tech site iLounge earlier this week also revealed that, iPod Shuffle will increase the touch screen, while the iPod Nano will also be upgraded. iLounge also said that Apple is working with 7-inch touch screen iPad Mini, and will be "later this year" release. While Apple's conference will focus on this iPod, but the company had indeed promised, will be launched this fall for the iPad iOS multitask operating system.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Google CEO: celebrate the Wave’ failure

Google news:

August 6, according to foreign media reports, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in an interview celebrating the Wave of the failure of Google, because it can be learned from facebook. He also said Google does not want to become another Facebook.

Google to give up running for more than a year social networking services, Google Wave things, Schmidt told an interview with BBC reporter Maggie Shiels said, Google on the Wave of the user interface and much of the technology behind the product have praised a plus, and will continue to using the Wave technology behind. "We're trying new things," he said: "But remember, we celebrate failure because a company is to try Hennan of things is not wrong even if the failure Ye can learn a lot."

In the United States Nevada Lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe) region at the World Economic Co-operation and Development Forum (Techonomy conference), the Schmidt refused to buy developers Slide and social programs Zynga investment comment. But he said that Google is doing more and more random things, but also to events before the Pac-Man example. In May, Google with a Pac-Man game replaces the home page Logo, global enterprises as employees to play the game and suffered a total value of about 120 million U.S. dollars in productivity losses.

When asked about the future of social programs, Schmidt said "Google has a series of programs, some are correct, but some are not." It is clear that the rumors of Google Me planning and investment social games company Zynga's response, which two actions seem to be very correct.

Schmidt also said Google is still firmly believed that adding more social elements would make their products better. However, he said, Google does not want Facebook to do, the world does not need another Facebook.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Samsung is going to imitate iPod Touch and launch Galaxy S Player

iPhone, iPod touch, iPad these three products have formed a line of complete mobile product of Apple, and both individual products or entire product lines have been successful. In fact, when many products appear on the market, they always claim to customers these products are the "iPhone killer", "iPad killers", before long, they are disappeared, but this reference has been emerging, and Samsung is preparing for making all product lines perfect.Galaxy S mobile phone has become an important product plan of Samsung, not only global version but also operating customer-tailor version, both have begun a vigorous promotion of sales, Galaxy Tab tablet machine also based on the Android system, has exposed many times, so now what missing is an multimedia player which is similar to iPod touch. Samsung YP-MB2 players have already appeared now, its code is Yepp. The main difference of iPod touch and iPhone lies in the support of telephony features, while the Yepp and the Galaxy S phone will also use the same hardware configuration, but does not support the call feature. This player uses the same 4-inch super AMOLED touch screen, built-in 1GHz hummingbird processor, support for 6-axis motion sensor, is expected to provide 8GB, 16GB, 32GB these three versions. Yepp will use the same Android 2.1 version of the system and TouchWiz user interface with the Galaxy S, and form seamless switchover of the user experience with the Galaxy series of mobile phones and flat-panel machine. Android 2.2 version of the system will come Galaxy S Series mobile phones soon, so this player is expected to have Froyo system updates. Samsung has issued an invitation, will hold news conference of new product in New York on 11 August, at the appointed time, this Android system player is expected to officially debut.

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