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Friday, August 13, 2010

Japanese social networking site Gree topped 21.13 million users

August 13, according to foreign media reports, Japan's leading social networking site Gree Friday said it has more than Mixi is Japan's largest social networking site, because of its mobile games to attract a large number of users, user growth over the past two years, nearly two-fold.

Gree also announced the stock split ratio will be 1:5.

Gree said that as at the end of July, the company has 21.13 million customers - about the equivalent of Japan's one-sixth of the total population, up 56%. Mixi users to 21 million.

Gree rapid growth of its customers and other competitors than Mixi earlier emphasis on mobile services, many Japanese like to visit social networking sites via mobile phones.

The popularity of 3G phones will also help Japan's social networking site Facebook ahead of social networking sites such as foreign. Japan has more than 100 million 3G users, about 30 million more than the United States.

June, Gree page views from the mobile phone of 350 million page views from the PC, only 400 million; Mixi these two figures were 25 billion and 5 billion.

Gree about 4 percent revenue from the sale of virtual clothing and accessories; contrast, Mixi most of the revenue comes from advertising.

Gree Friday also said that during the period April to June, the company's operating profit was 5.3 billion yen (about 62 million U.S. dollars) - and the year-ago quarter, revenue grew 18% to 93 billion yen (about 109 million). (Sunshine)

Gree Description:

Gree is a well-known social networking sites in Japan, young people aged 16-30 in Japan, enjoys a high popularity, Gree has a huge mobile user base, is an almost entirely Internet-based mobile social networking site.

Mixi Description:

Mixi 2004 on the line, very intuitive user interface and features simple, you can send and receive e-mail, diary and published book reviews, recommended CD or DVD, etc., can also write reviews of other members of the diary, there is 100MB free online storage space for members and can use Mixi to set up a BBS of their own

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