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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Germany and France government called for a boycott at Microsoft IE browser

Browser news:

According to foreign media reports, Germany and France, the Government has recently publicly called for a national boycott the use of Microsoft InternetExplorer browser, intended to complete to promote Microsoft zero-day vulnerabilities posed by Google hacking system hazards as soon as possible.

Microsoft acknowledged last week that its IE browser flaws have been used to Google's network infrastructure attacks, including access to China's human rights activists and some U.S. companies Gmail accounts. Dell E5400 battery

Last Friday, a security company Maikeefei openly stated that this vulnerability exploit code is already in a number of sites mailing list publicly released.

The German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI) last Friday, and said Internet users currently use other search engines may be temporarily, until Microsoft solve the problem, which is also crucial, while the government also suggested that Internet users were given not to place undue reliance on Microsoft alternative proposals. Dell Studio 14 battery

Office of the local network security company in a press statement said that "in the protection mode InternetExplorer, and prevent the installation of some plug-in will only make use of computers less convenient, but also can not completely stop the hackers. Therefore, BSI recommends users Microsoft patches were released prior to the use of other search engines. "

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Google announced that some of the service will stop supporting IE 6

News Sharing:

According to foreign media reports, Google announced that from March 1 this year, since its two main services, Google Docs and Google Sites will stop IE 6 support. Dell Studio 14 battery

Google in its official blog, said: "Many other companies have already stopped older browsers such as IE 6 support, we are now beginning to participate in their ranks. From March 1 onwards, Google Docs and Google Sites the main function of IE 6 will not be able to use a normal browser. "

Industry insiders estimate that in 2010 there will be more Google services, IE 6 will no longer provide support for, Google will ultimately be completely abandoned IE 6 users.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

China is expected to reach a new high demand for IT products

IT Sharing

January 29 news, consulting firm Gartner said on Friday that China's economic stimulus policy has been effective and will greatly push forward China's demand for IT products.Dell XPS M1310 Battery

Oliver Xu analyst said at Gartner: "We expect the stimulus brought about by the IT spending in 2010 reached its highest level, mainly because most of the stimulus measures and plans in 2009 to identify and implement the medium term."

Last year, a variety of stimulus policies in China spend about 580 billion U.S. dollars, to offset sluggish exports to the loss of overseas and promote consumption.MSI Wind U100 Battery

Gartner expects the policy implications, this year's telecom spending will reach 4.5 billion U.S. dollars, computer hardware expenditure will amount to 4.1 billion. This is expected to be without taking into account the factors of economic recovery under the influence of speculations. As for the foreign companies to get any benefit from the policy, is not yet clear. Gartner expects the competition, China will be more advantage of a number of local companies. The report said: "The proposed overseas IT companies will target products and services to the poor performance of local enterprises on the territory."

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More than 3,000 students in United Kingdom protest against the unfair exam in FaceBook

Recently, thousands of the British A-level (Advanced level examination) of high school students in the social networking site Facebook a petition drive to protest exam is unfair.

Papers and the questions and not the same as learning

To participate in Biology A-level exams student protests, said the questions on the papers and their study is different.

Facebook online one student wrote, "I spent six months hard preparing for some exam papers on the results of Question 8 is only one related to the content with my learning."

Proposition Commission denied there are any errors out of the subject, but for the students expressed their understanding of protest and sympathy.

The Committee to students undertaking Marking staff to reflect the views of pupils will be taken into account, as a correcting papers and grading reference.

More than 3,000 students in a joint protest against the

More than 3,000 signatures protesting students in Facebook group page to post an angry message to express their dissatisfaction with the examination volume.

Student protesters worried that unfair exam will affect their performance, jeopardize their chances of success for the University.

Students said that they get when the papers, but also thought it was another subject of the examination papers.

A student at the Facebook page reads, "We are hard lessons, review, the time spent in vain, and this can not erupted in the university."

However, there is a group of students protesting in a signature page paper on the subject, said there is no problem, also called student protesters, "Do not grumble, it was too late."

AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) Examination Committee, a spokesman for the proposition that in the past had never seen such a test launch of an online protest.

He said that the Examination Board has fully understand that some candidates failed to fully reflect their concerns about examination of the subjects to master the understanding and ability.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Microsoft Windows 8 might be released in July next year

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft's former employee Chris Green has revealed in the MSDN blog, Microsoft's next-generation operating system, Windows 8 mainstream support services will be started on July 1, 2011.

Although the listing shortly after Windows 7, Microsoft is working on Windows 8, but the release date of Windows 8 issue, this is the first time publicly.

According to information provided by show Green, Office 2012's mainstream support services will be started in July 2, 2012.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Apple Tablet PC ipad pass price € 899

Apple News:

Europe's largest electronics retail chain stores Media Markt via Twitter (the message has been removed) the disclosure of Apple's new Tablet PC's name and selling price.

Apple's new machine is called this flat pad, bare-metal price of 899 euros, mobile operator T-Mobile's contract price of 499 euros. This is somewhat contrary to industry expectations, since it will use the Tablet PC Qualcomm CDMA wireless chips, which means that Apple can only choose to cooperate with Verizon or Sprint, but Apple has chosen to mobile operator T-Mobile.

It was also revealed that ipad is expected to be available on the beginning of March 1.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Could you serf the Internet Anywhere

Internet news:

There is no Wi-Fi, as if our society can not operate normally, but it is when it became popular in 2000, up. Before that, we use the Ethernet cable, connect to the network are the main ways is through telephone lines. Every few years, we are all connected to the network approach becomes more convenient and faster.

At any time, anywhere can be the Internet, mainly in two aspects: First, the rise of wireless 3G and 4G, and second, Wi-Fi coverage of the global trend.

We first talk about 3G, since it is in the early 20th century, the emergence of 00, was quickly introduced the world's major cities. Now, connect to the network and management functions of the mobile phone has become as simple as, in the 4G network and the 4G phone appears, its speed has also been greatly improved. Even rumors that Apple's production of flat-panel computer has a data storage plan by Verizon and the United States telecommunications companies AT & T offers 3G network. A growing number of notebook computers have built-in 3G access.

However, a more exciting is the coverage of the nation's Wi-Fi network is expected to realize. U.S. Federal Communications Commission auction in 2008, has a 700 MHz wireless spectrum, when Google has billions of dollars to auction, the auction attracted a more widespread concern. Some people speculated that Google tried to use this spectrum to build a Wi-Fi coverage nationwide network. In the end Verizon won the auction, combined with the current Internet technology point of view, the establishment of the nation's Wi-Fi networks, the possibility of still very large.

In any case, the future there will be more devices to access network, and as time goes by, these networks will become more common. May be 10 to 20 years later, people will surprise laptop can not connect to Wi-Fi signal, or 4G era.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Facebook unique visitors reached 112 million by 105% in December the United States

Internet news:

According to foreign media reports, a market research firm comScore said in December last year, Facebook United States 112 million unique visitors, up 105%, becoming the fourth-largest U.S. Web site.

comScore said in December last year that a daily average of 37.7 million Web site users access to Facebook, an increase of 181%. Facebook page views of about 45 billion times, an increase of 151%.

Last year in December, a user access to Facebook, of the total length of about 280 million minutes, for the same period last year is about three times the U.S. Internet users accounted for 7% of the total duration.

The data also show that, on average, users in December last year, 10.4-day visit to the Facebook site, 7.6 days higher than the same period last year. The average Facebook user access to each the length of time of 247 minutes, an increase of 45%. An average of 27.4 times each user access to Facebook Web site, an increase of 64%.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Microsoft pushed own-brand mobile phones in cooperation with foundries next 2 months

Mobile news:

According to foreign media reports, the investment firm Jefferies analyst Katherine Egbert (Katherine Egbert) said that Microsoft may be collaborating with a mobile phone vendors, aims to release their own branded mobile phones.

Google recently with HTC to cooperate released Nexus One self-branded mobile phones.

It is reported that Microsoft is developing own-brand mobile phone plan which has been going on for some time, "Pink" project, the plan may also include Microsoft's acquisition of Danger.

Investment Report released Egbert said, "We communicate with industry manufacturers that Microsoft will be released within the next 2 months, self-branded mobile phones. Microsoft may be that the 15 to 18 February at the Global Mobile Congress (World Mobile Congress ), or after a month at the CTIA Wireless to publish their own branded mobile phones. "

According to Egbert said Microsoft will cooperate with the OEM manufacturers release their own branded mobile phones. Egbert said that Microsoft's own-brand mobile phones will be configured 5 million pixel camera, support for 720p high-definition video, with music subscription / purchase of services, "we have neither control the price of Microsoft's own-brand mobile phone information, do not know its mobile carrier partners. handset will be the following Microsoft Windows PC, Xbox after the third block of display, is Microsoft's 'three-screen a cloud' strategy element of the last one. "

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Vodafone is considering the sale of France's second largest mobile 44%

3G News:

According to foreign media reports, Vodafone's board of directors of its executives declared that if they want to continue to continue to make acquisitions in emerging markets, the company will have to consider selling part of the holders of shares of other operators, such as the SFR. But the report did not give sources. Vodafone's SFR stake valued at about 6.8 billion euros (C114 Note: about 9.9 billion U.S. dollars), but Vivendi has a right of first purchase, but is unlikely to be willing to pay more than 6 billion euros.

Vivendi Jean (Jean-Bernard Levy) had previously said he was convinced finally and it was able to convince Vodafone to sell Vivendi's stake in SFR. This is since 2003 an important change in the past, when Vodafone hopes to sell non-mobile assets to obtain ownership of SFR, so that Vivendi had a severe sense of crisis.

In the Vivendi and Vodafone bid for British Telecom Neuf Cegetel held by the company's 26% stake in the win, and achieved control of SFR's - Cegetel control of SFR 80% stake in Vivendi gained to the actual SFR 56% of the controlling stake.

According to C114 understand, SFR is France's second largest mobile operator. At present only three French mobile operators, namely, Orange, SFR, and Bouygues Telecom (Bouygues Telecom), have launched 3G services.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baidu revenue will increase 350 million U.S. dollars if Google leaves China

Internet news:

Analysts expect Google to leave China once the Chinese search engine Baidu (BIDU. O: Quote) in 2010 will result in additional income of 350 million U.S. dollars, equivalent to earnings per share increase of 4.11 U.S. dollars.

Google search recently for the content of the review and Hacker threat to withdraw from the Chinese market. SusquehannaFinancialGroup analysts in a research report that Ruogu song withdrawing from the Chinese, Baidu became the largest indirect beneficiaries, is expected to occupy the Chinese online search market, up 80% of the share.

Report said that Baidu increase in income which will mainly occur in 2011 rather than 2010.

Analysts pointed out that once left the Chinese Google, Baidu's traffic will rapidly increase, but compared to the increase in traffic, Baidu increase in income will be much slower. Baidu due to increase in income depends on access to new customers and to attract existing customers to increase advertising in the execution.

However, Baidu executives said late last year, expects to switch to keyword search auction system will continue in 2010 a quarter have a negative impact.

Baidu closes at 467.68 U.S. dollars last Friday, up 0.74%; the same day, Google closed at 580.00 U.S. dollars, down 1.67%.

According to data from Analysys International, the fourth quarter of 2009, Baidu in the Chinese search engine market share of 58.4%, Google 35.6%.

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BlackBerry Storm Smartphone VS BlackBerry mobile phone operating system

IT news

RIM BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry (BlackBerry) mobile phone operating system has been unable to meet the actual needs of today's consumers. Although the BlackBerry platform is sufficient for some users, but Apple, Google's similar products, compared the performance of BlackBerry operating system, it has lagged behind. RIM future-oriented hardware design at the same time, they have on the BlackBerry upgrade the operating system itself, or can not pull the overall BlackBerry sales.

BlackBerry Storm Smartphone

BlackBerry Storm smart phone allows users to quite a headache. Storm of the poor performance of the software running, heavy body, the user interface needs to be improved. In response to the challenges of iPhone from Apple, RIM did not retreat but to introduce a stronger performance, touch screen mobile phone. In this way, RIM must be a major upgrade of the Storm. Prior to HTC (HTC), Motorola, Palm and even have launched similar products with better performance, so RIM needs to work to catch up with it.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Microsoft Bing search engine market share moderately grow in the past 7 months

Bing News:

According to foreign media reports, according to online tracking firm comScore said that Microsoft's new Internet search engine, Bing last December in the U.S. search market share to grow slightly. Its partners, Yahoo's market share declined slightly. Google in the lucrative U.S. search and advertising market continued to maintain a leading position in overwhelming market share in November from 65.6% to 65.7%.

comScore said that Yahoo in December in the U.S. search market share from 17.5% in November to 17.3%. Microsoft Bing search engine market share in November from 10.3% to 10.7%.'s market share from 3.8% in November to 3.7%. AOL's market share in November from 2.8% to 2.6%.

Bing was in January last year, Microsoft's search engine market share in the first 7 months of continuous moderate growth. Microsoft launched in June last year, Bing search engine and put 100 million U.S. dollars to advertising campaigns in order to challenge search giant Google.

Microsoft and Google have been continually upgrading and online search service functions. So far, Google has been in this competition, maintained an overwhelming advantage.

Competitor has focused on improving the search engine capabilities and use of the popular online community of real-time content, such as Twitter and Facebook and other social networking site's content into search results.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer last week in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show, said, Bing will be HP's sales in 42 countries of the computers in the default search engine.

Yahoo and Microsoft announced in July a 10-year Web search and advertising partnership agreement for the joint fight against Google has built a stage. Under the agreement, Yahoo will be in their own Web site using Microsoft's search engine, also provides advertisers with exclusive global sales force.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Microsoft's next-generation mobile operating system will debut in February

It is not listed on nonstop rumors and remains the next-generation mobile phone operating system, Microsoft Windows Mobile 7, forthcoming in February the world's largest mobile communications exhibition MWC first public appearance in the General Assembly? Industry source said, WM7 will be listed in the 8,9 months, due to interface and function compared to the previous generation of products are significant updates, and is very optimistic about WM7 confuse smart phone a surface of the pond capacity.

Microsoft's delay in introducing a new generation of smart phone operating system, WM7, WM7 release date has been by the 4th quarter of 2009, deferred to the end of the quarter by 2010, the first three, along with the existing WM6.5 lukewarm market response, Microsoft has repeatedly missed smart phones sold in large growth opportunities.

However, the charge of Microsoft's smart phone operating system developed by Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division president Robbie Bach, at the CES, it was said during a meeting with analysts, Microsoft plans in February of this year, held in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress, people will be talk to you about WM7. It can be said Bach was already smashing rumors directly.

In addition, WM7 other versions of the past, smart phone operating system, unlike, WM7 will no longer just aimed at the development needs of business people, not only for the smart phone industry set a new standard.

The industry also said that WM7 interface and functions have been significantly updated, due to Microsoft WM7 confident, smart phones for the first time to change the open-ended authorization policy, in the past as long as the industry apply to the Microsoft license and pay royalties on the can smoothly get the operating system, in order to allow WM7 listing have a certain momentum, Microsoft has only the selection of suitable partners, currently only Acer, Asus, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Dell and other eight family property by obtain authorization WM7, mobile phone industry right WM7's performance was quite promising.

But, in the WM7 officially came before the 4th generation of Apple's iPhone has been available in order to evolve ahead of the Android platform, listed in the WM may also have been developed prior to the Android 3.0, in the smart phone arena, Microsoft is more than able to WM7 competitors, leading more than one horse body, remains to be seen.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baidu flow indicator has been returned to normal

Baidu news:

January 12 message, for "today's Chinese search engine Baidu suddenly unable to access" of the, Baidu said in a statement tonight that this matter has come to an end, Baidu traffic indicators have returned to normal.

Baidu said it strongly condemned all for their own gain and malicious tampering, attack Web site behavior. Baidu pointed out that such behavior if it is not moral and legal level, to stop the final analysis, the interests of all Internet users will be damaged. Baidu also called DNS vendors to enhance network security building.

It is understood that today's morning Baidu Web site home page appears the phenomenon can not be accessed. Apart from Beijing, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Anhui, Guangdong, Hubei and many other places, some areas a similar situation.

The large-scale failures Baidu up to 5 hours. This is the Baidu since its inception, the duration of the longest encountered, affecting the most serious hackers.

Up to now, users of Baidu's visit, in most countries and regions, has been restored to normal, the world's Internet users is expected to soon be able to access Baidu through normal. Once again, we thank the netizens Baidu's understanding and support, we will make unremitting efforts and technological innovation in the future to continue to provide high quality and stable global Internet users search service.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

The cost of Nexus One analysis is 5 U.S. dollars less than the iPhone

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, the market research firm iSuppli's latest figures, Google's mobile phone manufacturing costs for the Nexus One Apple iPhone (iPhone Player Forum) low at about 5 U.S. dollars, partly due to a lower storage capacity.

iSuppli estimates Nexus One manufacturing cost 174.15 U.S. dollars, of which price of 30.5 U.S. dollars Qualcomm processor is the most expensive components, followed by price of 23.7 U.S. dollars display. In contrast, the configuration of the 3GS version of 16GB storage capacity for the iPhone manufacturing cost 178.96 U.S. dollars, of which flash memory chip prices around 24 U.S. dollars. 3GS version of iPhone has 32GB storage capacity allocation models.

Google through the reduction of storage capacity reduces manufacturing costs. Nexus One storage capacity of only 4GB, but can be extended through the memory card storage capacity, iPhone does not support the memory card. Nexus One of the flash memory chip, the cost is estimated at 20.4 U.S. dollars.

Nexus One bare-metal price of 529 U.S. dollars, two-year contract price of 179 U.S. dollars; 3GS version of iPhone 2-year contract price of 199 U.S. dollars (16GB model) and 299 U.S. dollars (32GB model).

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Google started its own brand mobile phones free of charge For Android

IT news:

Search engine giant Google released its first mobile phone yesterday - Nexus One-based Android mobile phone operating system. The phone by HTC Corporation foundry.

Google Nexus One starting time and the U.S. T-Mobile co-operation in spring 2010, will also cooperate with Verizon and Vodafone, will be divided into two versions of WCDMA and CDMA market worldwide.

Currently the user must have a Google account and an online payment Checkout account to purchase. Google phone sales shop can be also for United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong mobile phone users by mail.

Although the Nexus One round is higher than Apple's hardware configuration iPhone 3GS, but Apple's App Store Applications Software Store There are 12 million lines, while Google Android's Market is only 20000 balance, forces of less than to compete with Apple. But Google and its partners hope to Android open-source technology and to help hardware manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs, Android is free and open.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Office2010 beta download hot 50-day break 2 million times


According to foreign media reports, Microsoft Office Manager Rachel Erbang Di (Rachel Bondi) revealed that, in just 7 weeks time Office 2010 Beta version of the downloads already broke two million times.

Bundy said: "Office 2010 beta version of a great to attract the user's use of interest rate, far exceeding that downloaded Office 2007,the current total have been downloaded more than 2 million times, 40000 times per day."

In recent quarters, Office sales, worse, in view of users, the Office 2010 beta version of the high enthusiasm, I believe the official listing of new products, Microsoft is bound to stimulate sales.

Office 2010 final version is expected in the first half of this year, earlier this week, Microsoft also released Office 2010 versions of the price. Among them, families and Student Edition priced 149 U.S. dollars, commercial version of 279 U.S. dollars, while the professional version of 499 U.S. dollars.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

comScore: 11 Yue Google is still the largest U.S. network assets

Internet news:

January 6, according to foreign media reports, Internet traffic monitoring bodies comScore today released its U.S. online video market in November 2009, the latest Data show that in November, Google site is still the largest U.S. online video assets for video viewing volume reached 12.2 billion times. YouTubeh 99%. Hulu ranked second volume of video watched 924 million times. Viacom and Microsoft Web site separated three, four, video, watch the amount of 5 billion and 4.8 billion times.

There are 170 million U.S. Internet users watched online video in November, the average person watched 182 videos. Month, total U.S. online video viewing 310 billion, Google Web site in which the proportion is 39%. Google Web site attracted 1.29 million unique viewers, watching an average of 94.7 video.

Yahoo ranked the second, attracting 55 million independent viewers who watched an average of 8.5 videos.

Fox Interactive Media has attracted 50 million independent viewers that watched an average of 8.9 video, ranked the third.

In November, Hulu viewers watch an average of 21.1 video, the highest ever.

In November, TremorMedia ,as the number one video advertising network, covered 85 million video subscribers, accounting for 49.8% of all video users. video network and video network YuMe ranked second and third, respectively, covering 80 million video customers, respectively, 73 million.

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Amazon will sell the new version of Kindle in the global price of up to 489 U.S. dollars

Amazon news:

According to Reuters reports, the Amazon will sell big-screen version of Kindle e-book reader to more than 100 countries at 489 U.S. dollars, target customers for students, businessmen and newspaper readership. Amazon officials said the new version of Kindle DX Reader is now open for booking and will be shipped on January 19.

Kindle DX-screen 9.7-inch display area is approximately 2.5 times as the normal Kindle's built-in PDF reader, memory capacity up to 3500 e-books, and can be used to read personal documents, business people no longer need to carry a thick pile of instruments.

Some Explained that the Amazon, Kindle DX's design philosophy is to facilitate the reading textbooks and newspapers.

However, analysts do not future with confidence that consumers are increasingly more inclined to smaller tools, and think the price during the recession may cause a lot of people can not accept.

In October last year, Amazon launched a smaller version of the Kindle reader.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

AT & T short review in the past 2009

IT reviews:

Recently, iPhone's exclusive U.S. carrier AT & T's network faced a growing problem and met with widespread criticism.

In 2009, AT & T's iPhone, the user continues to increase, while in the big cities users have encountered serious problems of network congestion. It is reported that this is because the iPhone's hardware defects, it was also criticized AT & T's network infrastructure is inadequate. Whatever the reason is, it is clear that users of AT & T data and call the expensive costs and poor quality of service dissatisfaction.

In the New Year, Google Android mobile phone, Blackberry, and Palm mobile phones go through the innovative Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile and other competitors enter the market. Therefore, AT & T there is only two choices: either a radical improvement in its network services, or to allow iPhone users to switch to other operator's network services.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lenovo's new ThinkPad was first introduced to push AMD processors

Laptop news"

According to foreign media reports, at the annual CES show, when forthcoming, the company launched the first use of AMD processors and a new design of ThinkPad notebook PCs.

The new ThinkPad Edge Series notebooks adopt a more sleek design, a simplified keyboard and larger keys, there are three sizes, three colors to choose in the United States starts at 549 U.S. dollars. Lenovo ThinkPad manager Charles Sun (Charles Sune) said that the new series of notebooks targeted at the design and aesthetic concerns of small business customers.

Lenovo is China's PC, is also the world's fourth largest PC company. According to IDC data, the third quarter, the company's shipments grew 18%. But the company reported third-quarter revenue fell 5 percent to 41 billion U.S. dollars. Since the launch of IBM in 1992, since the ThinkPad series of notebooks, the series has sold more than 30 million units. 2005, Lenovo acquired IBM's PC division.

Charles Sun said, using AMD Neo-chip can reduce the price of ThinkPad. At the same time to install Intel's chips will still be selling ThinkPad.

Also Lenovo has also introduced an entry-level business users for the ThinkPad, Charles Sun said the products can fill the online gap between the present and the laptop. The X100e notebook size 11.6 inches, weighs less than 3 pounds, starting at 449 U.S. dollars.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Twitter short review

Company Profile: Twitter is a social networking site with the nature of micro-blog, a user can send 140-character text messages to share with others.

Acquisition of reasons for this: According to the U.S. market research firm comScore data, Twitter unique visitors per month has more than 60 million and is the most popular and fastest-growing social networking websites. Google had hoped to enter by virtue of Orkut social networking area, but without success. The latest wave Google (Google Wave) has yet to dispel doubts about the user. The user's online social networking site users a long time than normal, while Google's advertising partners also hope to use this advantage.

Negative factors: Twitter's business model has not been established, the company is not ready for ads. Twitter has also recently faced serious security problems. And because Twitter brand awareness is very high, so if Google's acquisition of Twitter, there is likely to face regulatory scrutiny.

Purchase probability: very low. If you want to ask which company made money from Twitter, it is likely that Google, but analysts still question the profitability of Twitter

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