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Friday, January 29, 2010

China is expected to reach a new high demand for IT products

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January 29 news, consulting firm Gartner said on Friday that China's economic stimulus policy has been effective and will greatly push forward China's demand for IT products.Dell XPS M1310 Battery

Oliver Xu analyst said at Gartner: "We expect the stimulus brought about by the IT spending in 2010 reached its highest level, mainly because most of the stimulus measures and plans in 2009 to identify and implement the medium term."

Last year, a variety of stimulus policies in China spend about 580 billion U.S. dollars, to offset sluggish exports to the loss of overseas and promote consumption.MSI Wind U100 Battery

Gartner expects the policy implications, this year's telecom spending will reach 4.5 billion U.S. dollars, computer hardware expenditure will amount to 4.1 billion. This is expected to be without taking into account the factors of economic recovery under the influence of speculations. As for the foreign companies to get any benefit from the policy, is not yet clear. Gartner expects the competition, China will be more advantage of a number of local companies. The report said: "The proposed overseas IT companies will target products and services to the poor performance of local enterprises on the territory."

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