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Monday, February 21, 2011

CrowdStar into the world's second largest social gaming company

February 21 morning news, the U.S. start-ups CrowdStar monthly active users has reached 45 million, second only to Zynga the world's second largest social gaming company.

Up to now, CrowdStar only received $ 100,000 in financing, the number of employees is only one-tenth of Zynga. Thus, although the monthly Zynga up to 275 million active users have very different volume, CrowdStar achievements today are still compelling.

CrowdStar has launched a number of social games on Facebook, including "Happy Aquarium" (Happy Aquarium), "Material Girl" (It Girl), "Happy Pet" (Happy Pets) and "Pirates Tycoon" (Mighty Pirates) and so on. Currently 50% of the company's traffic from international markets. CrowdStar CEO Peter Reland (Peter Relan) said the global expansion this year will be a huge market opportunity.

CrowdStar want to open up markets in the world is the mobile games market. But Reland said into the phone market, not simply be transplanted to the game CrowdStar smartphone or feature phone. "Facebook's social networking games and mobile gaming interaction completely different." In the Facebook platform, users often notice by advertisement or a game to understand and experience; but in the mobile platform, users have to download the games.

In addition, CrowdStar mobile games will be added location features. Reland that location will be a key mobile interactive elements, and this technology can seamlessly integrate with the social game.

CrowdStar particularly focus on mobile games will push notifications, and take a slight difference with the Facebook platform, means profit. Reland says virtual goods like Lg SQU-805 and Lg R510 battery will remain the main source of income, but the overall program is different.

Zynga's expansion strategy to acquire as the center, through the merger in the U.S. and other countries, a large number of game studio, with new games, mobile phone technology and personnel. Reland said, CrowdStar next year will have the option to purchase some companies develop games for the Facebook platform, and to consider financing for these acquisitions. But he focused on mobile technology for the acquisition of game companies are cautious, saying that "mobile gaming market is still young", and now no one knows what products will be successful in this market.

Reland Another priority is to recruit talent. CrowdStar now has about 75 employees, mostly developers and artists; the company this year plans to double the number of employees. The acquisition will help achieve this goal; but Reland, said competition for talent in Silicon Valley is a big challenge. A major advantage of CrowdStar entrepreneurial corporate culture. Reland, said: "We have more channels to provide more fairness for employees."

The same with Zynga, Facebook social gaming platform in the CrowdStar resides in the core position. Reland said, Facebook's adjustment to the news aggregator, especially to update the game to clear from the news aggregator, the flow of the game on CrowdStar definitely had a negative impact.

But he believes, Facebook virtual currency "Credits" The launch of this ecological system is adding a new potential. Credits that will enhance the virtual commodity trading, can bring more seamless social gaming experience to be like iTunes interface platform.

On CrowdStar, this year is the key year. It is still a big gap with Zynga: There are rumors, Zynga will finance $ 500,000,000, and in 2012 launched IPO (initial public offering). In addition, EA's the Playfish, Disney also owned Playdom fierce competition in this Lg S1 battery and Lg LB52113B market. A large-scale financing to help CrowdStar in the field do not fall behind the acquisition.

However, for a start-up company, will be the laggard not a bad thing. Obviously, Reland CrowdStar platform for how to increase traffic and have a clear game plan, the new CEO is waiting to see whether we can achieve the vision. Social gaming is being more and more attention. Reland said: "The social game is in a perfect storm, while the storm around three basic areas: mobile, international and Facebook."

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