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Monday, March 28, 2011

TechCrunch: mobile social application to create a new pattern of social networks

On Thursday, all day I used Yobongo. It helped me find a new place for lunch, ran into an old friend, also met Yobongo co-founder. That afternoon, I still think it is time to Techcrunch to write news articles about the new battle of the mass. A few hours later, Color Labs appearances. Friday night, I was editing this article, when, Google clients Disco mass of information there. Coupled with SXSW and NCAA basketball, which is really "crazy in March."

The outbreak of mobile social applications mean? We are witnessing a new type of company. Which initially is to provide mobile phones and tablet PCs (not PC or notebook computer) experience and established. They use basic social activities and use of smartphone features, to provide consumers with cool features, in exchange for building more intimate networking opportunities. Last year, Facebook and Foursqure the main force that has released a new mobile feature that allows users to sign in and share the photos of that location. Perhaps the message on the general situation will be clearer to the development of communication, this approach can be combined with mobile devices can use bits of information access.

This new trend just beginning to form from last year.

The first wave of applications for mobile devices take advantage of the camera, resulting in a Instagram, PicPlz, Path sharing and other applications and with pictures form the basic social services of different types of networks. Location Service under the same use of the GPS sensor. Video sharing is more difficult, although uStream and SocialCam show a little hope. Soundcloud allows users to record and share the voice of everyday life. IntoNow and Shazam is similar to television and film to identify (and perhaps advertising) in the audio waveform, like the film and television through the user link. Bump Technologies for shared services and Apple takes advantage of the accelerometer, you can phone into a game controller.

At the same time, other companies began to create mobile messaging applications, some of them aimed at the social field. These new tools create more intimate communication platform, as many users Facebook lost their sense of the endless sea. As Dave McClure said, Facebook can not "make people become intimate relationship." Now the mainstream social networks sufficient to provide authentication, but the network is too large to be subdivided into smaller networks. In the mobile messaging world, we can send text messages to peers, friends, students, children, and will not use or send status updates microblogging parents. Beluga is no better than the company captures the contradictions in this intimate, its users the same as the whales swim in the sea of Facebook, unimpeded. Of course, Beluga subsequently acquired by Facebook.

Such mobile messaging upstart still in its infancy. Currently, this area can be divided into four types of activities: group chat, text messaging alternatives, random / anywhere that the Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Group chat class has GroupMe, Fast Society, Rabbly, Whatsapp and so on. SMS alternative category has Kik, textPlus, Beluga. Convore interest is provided in accordance with the chat IRC. There are other, more successful companies from India SMSGupShup. These companies rely on users to know who to get the network effect.

And there are some services through more random links to create a new network. Perhaps most controversial is that it can find and talk to them a strange user applications, such as Message Party, TextSlide, Yobongo, of course Color. Most of us have been online with friends and family have established a link, the service is the next evolution in the direction to help us find new contacts Fujitsu ESPRIMO Mobile V5535 battery, Fujitsu LifeBook A3120 battery and Fujitsu LifeBook A6020 battery. This finding helps us to promote these services in the core group of friends and relatives to create a smaller network, or will we have similar interests or position mode of strangers form a new network. If the break in the meeting with Yobongo, you can immediately feel the experience personally, this communication is easier than Twitter for the nearby crowd. This does not mean Yobongo or other similar companies will be successful, but they continue to expand the scope of this area. I think the future will see more use of the concept of products and services.

Mobile Messaging mass of investors, entrepreneurs are attractive to users as well. If well designed, they can take advantage of network effects can be used to promote participation and proven business model can be profitable. This is a new social type of company, from the first day to completely set up to target mobile devices. After they are based on PC / laptop concept designed from the beginning to follow the leader in the field of social development. Recently entered the Red Sea Color Labs this could allow this to become more red sea a bit. We often take for granted that all the existing social network will exist forever and meet most of our needs. Some people realize that the system will create a seamless use of the larger companies such as Facebook and create significant value, because they consider the original design for mobility. While others may break the convention and to create their own lasting social experience

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Microsoft released the upgrade process moves will be

March 24, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft on Wednesday launched a service for mobile browsers will be the search engine upgrade program, which includes a choice of cities for the real-time public transport information and the latest on the search application in the iPhone function.

Most of the upgrade for the iPhone and the Android functionality is provided by the user, rather than Microsoft's own Windows Phone 7 users provide. This is because these services are made use of HTML 5, and Windows Phone 7 so far do not support HTML 5. Microsoft is committed to be released later this year, an upgrade for Windows Phone 7 equipment to provide a HTML 5 browser.

As the search engine will be part of the upgrade process, visit the mobile site will be users click the icon and bus routes will know how to ride the bus or other buses to reach their destination.

When using the search engine will be the time to search, iPhone users can now get the normal search results in addition to outside of the iPhone could be related to the application's search results like Dell Latitude E6400 battery, Dell Latitude E6500 battery and Dell Inspiron 1440 battery

. Windows Mobile will be director of product management Andy Chu said it is to find a new application extremely good way.

Chu said the company also makes image search faster and more fluid, re-edit the mobile browser will be the shopping function of the application. When searching for a movie, in addition to movie reviews, video presentations and other information, the user now can see the time and the recent movie by editing the search results. In addition, when the user begins the search bar at the weather enter a city name, the user has not finished entering the name of the city's weather will be displayed.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

IBM bribery in China and South Korea was fined $ 10,000,000

According to foreign media reports, submitted under the March 18 court documents, IBM has agreed to pay $ 10,000,000 to its settlement of a civil settlement of charges, the allegation that his contract in order to obtain computer equipment, ongoing commercial bribery behavior.

"The Wall Street Journal," the first report of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is suing IBM laptop battery cash bribes, the report said IBM laptop battery in 1998-2003 to the South Korean government officials bribes in 2004-2009 bribes to Chinese government officials .

According to "The Wall Street Journal" reported, IBM laptop battery did not admit fault, but said it had set a higher staff moral standards, and has taken "appropriate remedial action."

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission allegations that employees of the company's offices in Korea, 207,000 dollars to bribe government officials, to provide travel, entertainment and other activities, as well as cameras and laptop computers and other gifts in exchange for the Government to supply personal computers and mainframes contract.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission also said the allegations, IBM laptop battery offices in China, more than 100 employees and two executives, travel agents set up secret funds through accounts in the Chinese travel abroad pay the relevant government officials.

The survey was conducted to combat violations of U.S. Department of Justice, "Foreign Corrupt Practices Act" (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) as part of act. Last year, the agency with Russian and German authorities join forces to investigate whether HP bribed Russian officials to obtain computer equipment contract.


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Thursday, March 10, 2011

HP denied the sale of PC business

March 11, according to foreign media reports, HP laptop battery issued a statement today, denying that it will sell the PC business of Samsung Electronics, also said the company's overall PC business is the core product strategy.

HP may be considered on the PC business to the news of Samsung Electronics, Hewlett-Packard officials immediately responded. HP Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Bill Waller (Bill Wohl) said in a statement, before the spread of market rumors are unfounded, but also unreasonable. HP strongly condemned the deliberate spreading rumors people.

Waller said that Taiwan is irresponsible media reports, is completely unfounded market rumors and speculation. HP operates the world's largest PC business, which is part of the business strategy for HP's networking core part of the world.

From an objective, the sale of PC business and HP laptop battery CEO Awa Turk recent statement is not consistent. Awa Turk told the media that not only will the newly acquired HP WebOS operating system application to the field of smart phones and tablet PCs, and from next year, all HP desktop and notebook computers will use the operating system. HP will create a huge fight WebOS platform, the platform will attract a large number of application software developers for software development.

HP to enter the smartphone market if the purpose is to challenge Apple's iPhone and Google Android platform-based smartphone, then such a large developer community will have very important significance.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Facebook co-founder of three will sell 300 million U.S. dollars stock

Early morning of March 4, according to "The New York Post" reported that a source familiar with the matter said, some people are trying to sell up to 3 billion dollars worth Facebook private placement of stock.

"New York Post," said the stock sale of Facebook is probably co-founder Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), Dustin Moss Kewei Ci (Dustin Moskovitz) or Edward Duosaweilin (Eduardo Saverin) of one person, but did not explain the reasons. In addition to these three people outside, many other investors also hold a large number of Facebook shares.

"New York Post," There is no mention of Adam Zuckerberg's childhood friend Angelo (Adam D'Angelo), he may be second only to the most influential Zuckerberg's co-founder of Facebook, but His few public appearances Lg R510 battery and Lg SQU-805.

Industry analysts noted that the above three people have good reason to sell Facebook shares. Moskowitz and Sa Weilin are now serving not Facebook, and Zuckerberg may want to sell some shares to get liquidity.

In addition, Facebook investor Peter Ter early (Peter Thiel) and the Facebook President Sean Parker, founder (Sean Parker) may also sell the Lg S1 battery and Lg LB52113B stock, and Facebook in the early stage venture firms are also a possibility of a family. For example, the end of Accel Partners on the sale of approximately $ 500,000,000 worth of Facebook shares....

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