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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Microsoft released the upgrade process moves will be

March 24, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft on Wednesday launched a service for mobile browsers will be the search engine upgrade program, which includes a choice of cities for the real-time public transport information and the latest on the search application in the iPhone function.

Most of the upgrade for the iPhone and the Android functionality is provided by the user, rather than Microsoft's own Windows Phone 7 users provide. This is because these services are made use of HTML 5, and Windows Phone 7 so far do not support HTML 5. Microsoft is committed to be released later this year, an upgrade for Windows Phone 7 equipment to provide a HTML 5 browser.

As the search engine will be part of the upgrade process, visit the mobile site will be users click the icon and bus routes will know how to ride the bus or other buses to reach their destination.

When using the search engine will be the time to search, iPhone users can now get the normal search results in addition to outside of the iPhone could be related to the application's search results like Dell Latitude E6400 battery, Dell Latitude E6500 battery and Dell Inspiron 1440 battery

. Windows Mobile will be director of product management Andy Chu said it is to find a new application extremely good way.

Chu said the company also makes image search faster and more fluid, re-edit the mobile browser will be the shopping function of the application. When searching for a movie, in addition to movie reviews, video presentations and other information, the user now can see the time and the recent movie by editing the search results. In addition, when the user begins the search bar at the weather enter a city name, the user has not finished entering the name of the city's weather will be displayed.

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