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Thursday, March 10, 2011

HP denied the sale of PC business

March 11, according to foreign media reports, HP laptop battery issued a statement today, denying that it will sell the PC business of Samsung Electronics, also said the company's overall PC business is the core product strategy.

HP may be considered on the PC business to the news of Samsung Electronics, Hewlett-Packard officials immediately responded. HP Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Bill Waller (Bill Wohl) said in a statement, before the spread of market rumors are unfounded, but also unreasonable. HP strongly condemned the deliberate spreading rumors people.

Waller said that Taiwan is irresponsible media reports, is completely unfounded market rumors and speculation. HP operates the world's largest PC business, which is part of the business strategy for HP's networking core part of the world.

From an objective, the sale of PC business and HP laptop battery CEO Awa Turk recent statement is not consistent. Awa Turk told the media that not only will the newly acquired HP WebOS operating system application to the field of smart phones and tablet PCs, and from next year, all HP desktop and notebook computers will use the operating system. HP will create a huge fight WebOS platform, the platform will attract a large number of application software developers for software development.

HP to enter the smartphone market if the purpose is to challenge Apple's iPhone and Google Android platform-based smartphone, then such a large developer community will have very important significance.

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