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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Facebook co-founder of three will sell 300 million U.S. dollars stock

Early morning of March 4, according to "The New York Post" reported that a source familiar with the matter said, some people are trying to sell up to 3 billion dollars worth Facebook private placement of stock.

"New York Post," said the stock sale of Facebook is probably co-founder Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), Dustin Moss Kewei Ci (Dustin Moskovitz) or Edward Duosaweilin (Eduardo Saverin) of one person, but did not explain the reasons. In addition to these three people outside, many other investors also hold a large number of Facebook shares.

"New York Post," There is no mention of Adam Zuckerberg's childhood friend Angelo (Adam D'Angelo), he may be second only to the most influential Zuckerberg's co-founder of Facebook, but His few public appearances Lg R510 battery and Lg SQU-805.

Industry analysts noted that the above three people have good reason to sell Facebook shares. Moskowitz and Sa Weilin are now serving not Facebook, and Zuckerberg may want to sell some shares to get liquidity.

In addition, Facebook investor Peter Ter early (Peter Thiel) and the Facebook President Sean Parker, founder (Sean Parker) may also sell the Lg S1 battery and Lg LB52113B stock, and Facebook in the early stage venture firms are also a possibility of a family. For example, the end of Accel Partners on the sale of approximately $ 500,000,000 worth of Facebook shares....

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