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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Motorola Biography "Olympus" will also support dual-core

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Android's machine, just like the original Windows Mobile in the case, there have been many powerful of the king of the machine are now standard on Android has come with 1G CPU, 512MB of RAM to run, there are more and more of the Laptop battery screen The only constant is the Android operating system.

If anything can be more exaggerated than the 1GHz processor is the phone's dual-core processor. And the computer's dual-core processors, dual-core processor on the phone can provide higher performance and smaller energy consumption. Nvidia Tegra2 dual-core design is becoming popular dual-core processor. Maybe Android will become the next generation of machines in the Emperor's standard.

Two days ago, LG's dual-core machine is leaking out of Android, the data show that its dual-core processor is built by the Nvidia Tegra2, with 1GHz of processing speed, 4-inch big screen, 800 million pixels with flash camera Laptop battery, video recording 1080p high-definition format, but also with the front camera.

As expected, follow the trend soon. Motorola latest rumors, codenamed "Olympus" of the phone now will use Nvidia's Tegra2 processor. And indeed there have been developed to determine the Motorola processors used Tegra2 phone plans. So the truth of this rumor quite high. In addition, it also rumored to be in the first quarter of 2011.

Android machine's configuration more exaggerated, the profits of manufacturers were down, but prices have become relatively cheap, machine beneficiaries of the sea battle, or do we consumers. Only, which for the manufacturers, not good news for Bale.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MeeGo terminal market next year

News about MeeGo,

Smartphone terminal temptation so great that even the rival AMD and Intel, can order a "common goal" to come together. November 15, AMD announced to join the open source project MeeGo smart phones. The project is led by Intel and Nokia to implement, AMD This is intended to take advantage of new platform development potential demand for our products.

Earlier this year, Intel and Nokia announced plans MeeGo, MeeGo is Intel's Moblin and Nokia combination of M aem o, is a software platform Asus A42-A6 battery, the main face of the Internet and in-car embedded devices.

It is reported that Nokia's first mobile phone platform based on MeeGo market early next year. Intel also said that in 2011 the application of software-based store will MeeGo settled in China, while MeeGo hardware-based products will also be available next year.

Open license MeeGo main ecosystem

"Today Intel has done is not only a chip company, we are a computing solutions company."

This year in July, "the Intel Atom and MeeGo Innovation Center" was established in Shenzhen. MeeGo software partners in the project, the next three years, Intel will focus on selected 100 embedded partners, support partners based on Atom / MeeGo 1,000 different types of platform for handheld devices, tablet PCs, the Internet and in-car system Toshiba PA3788U-1BRS battery market applications and services. Intel Software College will also focus on training of 3000 embedded engineers.

During the interview, Intel Asia-Pacific partnership and strategic business development department director He Shufen repeatedly stressed, MeeGo greatest advantage is its openness. It is understood, MeeGo began as holding the banner of open source software. Android systems with different, MeeGo insist that any one contribution to the program code, can be used by others for free use of a modified open-source agreement. And written for the Android open source code Android development team to go through layers of review, is likely to be added to the Android system.

"If you do not MeeGo, then all systems are closed in the future you want to convert different platforms is not possible. We want to open the operating system market situation, there is no idea to make money through MeeGo." He Shufen said.

Terminal and application store next year MeeGo listing

Mobile terminal operating system as the new recruits, MeeGo challenges and opportunities.

As head of Nokia devices MeeGo resign at the end of the original plan to launch smart phone MeeGo delayed until next year. He Shufen confirmed to reporters that the mobile terminal equipped with MeeGo system until next year to formally meet with the consumers, the Internet will be the first to launch this Toshiba PA3788U-1BRS battery product.

In addition to hardware terminal delayed, the application store for next year's listing of the software, games and other resources do not exceed the total number of 1000, compared to the AppStore has matured and Market and so on, is indeed negligible. At the same time with their partners are also very different compared to Nokia's OviStore, for less than the terminal will become the bottleneck of the system.

In this regard, He Shufen frankly, with other operating systems than currently has tens of thousands of procedures, MeeGo currently supported by the procedures really small, but most users in other systems focus on the thousands of procedures, both in MeeGo can run. "Not much is also normal, MeeGo out in February this year, please give us time."

Friday, November 12, 2010

Apple's acquisition of Wi-Gear

News about Apple,

It was revealed this message to the attention Apple 9to5Mac all dynamic Web site, said it bought a small Bluetooth headset in the San Francisco design firm. The company name is Wi-Gear, the production of the 3rd generation A2DP stereo Bluetooth headset iMuffs Free software download. Even the previous generation of iPhone and iPod does not support the Bluetooth 2.0 standard, iMuffs between the iPhone and the iPod with the still very good. Wi-Gears of products, particularly for Apple's products.

However, the company has now closed. See next graph, from the company's official page:

Apple plans to use the technology from Wi-Gear and experience, equipment and Macbooks iOS design / production of Bluetooth headsets Free software download. Apple seems to have never heard of in the Bluetooth headset market is big as the acquisition of the Wi-Gear will help Apple's performance in this market. And if Apple does not manufacture any experience Bluetooth Stereo Headset, direct acquisition of a small company, is a rapidly by the relevant patent and experience a good way.

In LinkedIn, we have seen Wi-Gear's engineers may be added to Apple, and this confirms our speculation. We also found that Wi-Gear's founder Michael Kin iOS is now Apple's Bluetooth engineers.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

News that Twitter has considered the acquisition of start-up companies GroupMe


November 9 morning news sources, Twitter has considered the acquisition of the New York start-up companies GroupMe.

The recent, GroupMe completed a new round of financing, making its price more than 3 million U.S. dollars, Twitter had to give up because of the acquisition price is too high.

GroupMe companies to provide services to allow users to use more than one phone number to the mass text messages.

According to the analysis, Twitter to give up one of the reasons the deal is that the company believes it can develop in-house functions like GroupMe.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AMD official test Zacate APU

By convention, held every autumn Intel IDF in San Francisco when, AMD will own the ring in the side of the display, also showcase the latest technology. This year, Intel introduced in the Sandy Bridge, AMD will come up with a Fusion APU family Zacate, this is the first time in North American debut of the Dell Latitude D620 battery processor.

AMD's new processor next year, can be divided into three parts: Bulldozer (Bulldozer) new structure for high-end desktops and servers, GlobalFoundries 32nm manufacturing process, in the fourth quarter of a kind, at some point next year, released; Llano APU for mainstream desktop and mobile, GF 32nm technology, integrated framework Phenom II graphics core and Dell Latitude D630 battery DX11 GPU core, the end of the second quarter of 2011 released; Zacate / Ontario APU respectively, for ultra-thin notebooks and netbooks, TSMC 40nm process, Bobcats (Bobcat) new structure graphics core and DX11 GPU core, thermal design power 18W/9W.

From the bottom of the package contact situation, Zacate APU seems only support 64-bit single-channel DDR3 memory.

It is estimated that the processor core is about 9.1 mm, a width of 8.1 mm, an area of about 74 mm2, where each core 4.6 mm2 Bobcats, each at 3.0 mm2 512KB secondary cache, estimated at 380 million transistors, GPU graphics core or 80 stream processors.

In contrast, Intel Pineview Atom using 45nm process in Dell Latitude D630 battery, 176 million transistors, the core area of 9.6 × 9.1 = 87 square mm, 9.7 mm2 each core, 512KB secondary cache 4.4 mm2.

Site of the exhibition, AMD notebook platform placed two sets were based on Zacate APU, Intel Core i5, which also comes with integrated graphics HD Graphics. Also in both 1024 × 768 resolution, low-quality settings to run "City of Heroes".

AMD also used two sets of platforms running a number of GPU hardware acceleration IE9 related test, Zacate APU advantage is more obvious, one side is 47FPS, the other side only 14FPS.

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