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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Apple Ping refused to open Facebook API

September 3 morning news on Facebook and Apple in a controversy erupted again.

Facebook platform, according to insiders, Apple Laptop batteries has refused access to their own social network Ping application program interface. Apple yesterday released iTunes-oriented social network, users can already search for both Apple devices registered Facebook, then Ping registered users, due to shut down Facebook API, so the laptop battery search will become impossible.

In general, Facebook's API interface is available to all developers, do not need to allow.

However, there is one exception. If you want full access to Facebook API, Facebook must justify the assumption that Facebook users to ensure data security, of course, can not affect its laptop battery infrastructure. iTunes has 160 million users, it "might" cause a great impact.

The source said that Apple Laptop batteries had been negotiating with Facebook, but ultimately does not compromise end.

Apple Laptop batteries conference yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs complained that "provisions are too harsh." However, some people say that Facebook can be found in Ping's friends. At yesterday's presentation on, Ping really can find users on Facebook, but would not succeed today.

However, Apple still has not given up laptop battery efforts, it is still negotiating with Facebook. After all, ultimately only the "connection" related.

For this, Facebook's response today, said: "Faceook's mission is to link people according to their interests, have the same vision for the development, we have maintained cooperation. In providing people with better social networks, Facebook and Apple in the past have had successful cooperation, our future will continue to do so. "