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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Huawei mobile phones through low-end boost European sales Android

September 5 morning news Friday, according to foreign media reports, China's largest mobile phone manufacturer Huawei hopes Google's brand and low-end mobile phones into the European market, further enhancing the company's overseas revenue.

Week 4, Huawei 152 dollars display Google brand smartphones. Huawei vice president of Western Europe, Tim Watkins (Tim Watkins) said, which will enhance Huawei's mobile phone market share in Europe. At present, Huawei has not been determined which cell phone carrier.

Currently, Huawei is expanding international market share and revenue. But also triggered a foreign government's security concerns. It is said that in July the two companies Huawei plans to acquire the assets of the United States, but the two companies were worried about anti-trust review of the negotiations leading to final rupture.

For Huawei's new mobile phone, IDC analyst Francisco Guluonimo (Francisco Jeronimo), said: "The phone reduces the threshold price of smart phones, smart phones will drive the further spread in Europe. In the future, such as Asus Laptop batteries and LG Laptop batteries manufacturers must follow. "

Android rapidly

Gartner data shows that the second quarter of this year, Google Android has become the world's third largest smartphone operating system market share of 17.2%, well above the 1.8% a year ago. Nokia's Symbian, and RIM OS breakdown first and second place, while Apple fell to fourth place iOS.

Watkins said: "We think that Android will continue to increase market share, Huawei has gained prominence in the field of infrastructure, we hope the success of this area extended to the mobile phone market." Research firm iSuppli shows that in 2012 mobile phone with Android system the number will surpass the number of Apple Laptop batteries's iPhone.

Watkins said that the network infrastructure, Huawei has a lot of choices. Including to set up an independent subsidiary, to reduce the security concerns of Governments. Watkins said: "In the course of market development, Huawei has encountered great challenges, but also the success of many countries, especially in emerging markets such as Africa."

In addition to winning other domestic telecom companies China Unicom orders, Huawei also have won the Australian mobile operator Telstra (Telstra Corp) and Vodafone's supply contracts.

National security concerns

In 2008, the U.S. government for security reasons, the acquisition of 3Com deal Huawei launched an investigation, eventually leading to Huawei abandoned the transaction.

Informed sources said in April this year, the Government of India for security reasons, do not allow their domestic mobile phone operators purchase Huawei and ZTE's network equipment.

In this regard, Watkins said: "the attitude of the Government of India is changing every day, all of our competitors to do anything, but is now back to normal."