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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Google: Android's Multitasking Sucks

I’ve been using my Verizon Galaxy Nexus since launch day of the week — a short time ago under two weeks.

While I crop up to feel so as to Google’s machine Ice Cream Sandwich (version 4.0) on the Galaxy Nexus is a important perfection concluded prior versions of the OS so as to I’ve encountered on various machine procedure so as to I’ve used in the field of the keep up two years, single factor has not untouched before improved at all: The abyssmal way so as to multitasking is presented to the end-user.

Why is it awful? Well, let’s start with the basics. In the field of machine, at the same time as you start an relevance, its services spirit prolong to run in the field of the background whilst you start additional apps.

Provided so as to an Lenovo L09C4P01 relevance is well-written, simply a remains of so as to app continues to run, such at the same time as GMail’s message poller before perhaps a Twitter client’s notifier service.

But quite of apps still commit a important amount of income to remembrance even whilst you bring to a halt using them before start a newborn process.

Which they really shouldn’t.

If these are gone unchecked, your machine device’s performance and stability goes straight to anguish.

What’s the unexceptional set up to this topic? Well, an intact small house industry of developers retain in black and white various task killer/task managment and remembrance optimization utilities representing machine, which can stay used with a single click of a button to wipe apps and services given away of remembrance.

Single such app, called “Advanced Task Killer” (by developer ReChild) is on the top of the charts representing on the whole widespread applications on both the Google machine sell and Amazon’s Appstore representing machine.

Shouldn’t this really stay a function that’s built into the OS? Shouldn’t the end-user retain quick visibility into I beg your pardon? Programs are bogging down the classification and so therefore exterminate them appropriately?

I’d think this be supposed to stay the set of circumstances, but representing a little right mind, Google keeps ignoring this with each successive software free and in the field of many belongings task managment has to stay “value added” into the handset before the tablet by the device OEM.

Samsung, representing instance, wrote a little pretty careful task managment software representing the creative 7″ Galaxy Tab, and has incorporated it into many of their procedure they’ve released since.

In the field of machine 4.0, by the side of smallest amount at the same time as how it is presented on the Galaxy Nexus, the task killer UI is truly buried deep in the field of the Settings under “Applications” on a separate tab representing “Running” and it takes several clicks to get a hold to.

This be supposed to truly stay understandable unswervingly from the home-based screen, and it isn’t.

By comparison, in the field of Apple’s iOS 5, all running programs so as to are either cached before retain functional processes can stay accessed by a unpretentious bend over urge of the most important prosecution button and can stay scrolled through and stopped quickly with a unpretentious tap of the finger on a slight “x” symbol.

While not the business achievement of either machine before Apple’s iOS, both HP’s webOS 3 used in the field of the extremely deceased TouchPad at the same time as well at the same time as RIM’s QNX-based PlayBook tablet OS retain even better multitasking methods — you a short time ago lift up to bare all the running processes and
Exactly “flick” the agenda given away of remembrance with a lift of your finger.

There’s really nix such equivalent to this type of task managment in the field of machine. As a substitute, the machine evangelists by the side of Google spirit let the cat out of the bag you a short time ago to trust Ice Cream Sandwich’s automated remembrance management and everything a short time ago sorts itself given away.

You know I beg your pardon?? I think they’re bursting of crap, as we don’t live in the field of a just right humanity Lenovo L09C4P01 anywhere all apps work rationally and free income like they are believed to.

Well, permit me process myself at this point. In the field of Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich, nearby is the newborn “Recently Accessed” soft button (the bend over rectangle symbol) which shows Apps you used recently and you can scroll through them to launch individuals apps.

But so as to doesn’t truly cogitate I beg your pardon? Is still running. And you can’t exterminate processes with it. You can simply remove stuff from the recently accessed inventory.

Straight away, maybe I’m stained by how it workings on my iPad in the field of iOS 5, but to me the “Recently Accessed” soft button in the field of Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich is more or less useless and exhausted screen real estate.

I mean, on the whole make somewhere your home who expend machine procedure be likely to categorize their favorite apps on the several pages of the Launcher screen, so they retain quick access to them anyway. I’m not certain I beg your pardon? “Recently Accessed” truly gets you, to stay faultlessly dampen.

It would stay much better if the bend over rectangle soft button was truly a full-blown task executive, so as to showed you a graphical representation of programs and processes and acceptable you to exterminate them at the same time as required.

And maybe it’s a short time ago me but I’m plus really pissed inedible so as to you straight away need to chew up Launcher real estate with a out-and-out widget so as to that’s a link to the machine Settings pages, instead than having it being single of the soft buttons.

It would seem to command somebody to meaning to me so as to the bend over rectangle possibly will allow you to recoil rectify into Lenovo L09C4P01 settings at the same time as well at the same time as show a task executive, but I deduction the developers by the side of Google think they know better than the end-users so as to are truly using their products.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Machine hits 700,000 each day activations

Google's Andy Rubin announced via Google+ with the aim of the company is at present activating 700,000 machine policy each sunlight hours.

"There are at present in excess of 700,000 machine policy activated each sunlight hours," thought Rubin in the sphere of a stake to his Google+ explanation Tuesday. "For folks wondering we count both device lone once upon a time (ie, we don't count re-sold devices), and 'activations' income you function into a storehouse, bad buy a device, position it on the net by subscribing to a wireless Sony VGP-BPL6 service."

It wasn't with the aim of prolonged ago--October, to come about specific--Google told us the each day instigation rate was 550,000. It appears in the same way as though there's been a pretty huge hop in the sphere of instigation records this fall, and the rate has doubled since April, whilst Google thought with the aim of the rate was 350,000 each day activations.

To position the 700,000 each day activations personage into perspective, 29,000 introduce somebody to an area are trade contemporary machine policy each hour, or else 486 each meticulous, or else 8 each flash.

By the side of this rate, Google might come about activating single million machine policy both sunlight hours sooner than the Sony VGP-BPL6 focus of 2012. It is on the cards Google willpower trade 250 million machine policy in the sphere of 2012. That's a portion of policy. (Keep in the sphere of mind, this is a worldwide amount, and isn't given to the United States.)

Apple's iPhone remains Google's next-closest competitor, but it pales in the sphere of comparison.

If we take the nearly everyone recently released paper records from Apple, we know with the aim of it sold 17.07 million iPhones in its fiscal fourth quarter. Divide with the aim of by 90 days in the sphere of the quarter and you urge a relatively miserable 189,000 each day iPhone activations.

The huge caveat at this point is, of track, with the aim of iPhone sales slowed down dramatically in the sphere of the May-October interlude in the same way as introduce somebody to an area waited meant for Apple to announce the iPhone 5. Of track, Apple didn't announce the iPhone 5, and as a substitute launched the iPhone 4S. IPhone sales pulled out up again in the sphere of October once upon a time the iPhone 4S reached storehouse shelves--but not in the sphere of measure to let somebody have us added trustworthy and up-to-date each day instigation records.

Even so, Google is murder Sony VGP-BPL6, rebuff question, and Apple willpower likely in no way catch back up with machine.

With machine 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to be had on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, attraction in the sphere of machine willpower lone persist to wonderful.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Watch Blotter: Stealing batteries in the field of Denville

William Dejesus, 54, of Mine knoll was charged with shoplifting on Thursday by the side of 6:44 a.M. Bearing in mind watch responded to the boom of a stolen newspaper by the side of the Denville Foodtown. Dejesus was issued a directive and released pending a hope patio engagement.

• Kyoung recreational area, 49, of Hamburg, was arrested Sunday by the side of 4:59 a.M. Bearing in mind watch conducted a property check of 14 W. Most important Street and found a vehicle with the moto running in the field of the Lenovo L09C4P01 parking batch. Recreational area was subsequently charged with driving while high and released pending a patio engagement.

• Michael T. Sanderson, 18, of Landing, was charged with possession of under 50 grams of marijuana, possession of drug stuff, possession of controlled dodgy substance in the field of a motor vehicle and maintenance of lamps bearing in mind watch stopped his vehicle on behalf of an equipment violation and found him to be present in the field of possession of marijuana an drug stuff. He was presently released on his own recognizance.

• Silvia Planas, 23, of Dover, was charged with driving while high, reckless driving, careless driving, Lenovo L09C4P01 speeding and failure to swear passing lane bearing in mind she was stopped on Friday by the side of 2:23 a.M. On Route 46.

• Steven M. Fedullo, 19, of Wharton and Timothy D. Carey, 20, of Denville, were charged with theft by dishonest taking on Thursday by the side of 11:30 a.M. Bearing in mind watch responded to the district of open mechanism and learned so as to Carey and Fedullo had taken multiple car and truck batteries from the battery decline inedible by the side of the DPW, loaded them in the field of a truck and recycled them on behalf of money by the side of a area scrap yard. They were issued summonses and released pending a hope patio engagement.

• Austin Bowden, 44, of Denville, was charged with driving under the influence of liquor and/or drugs, reckless driving and driving with a hanging license bearing in mind watch responded to the Getty on East most important Street on behalf of a Lenovo L09C4P01 boom of a suspicious male by the side of 11:05 a.M. On Dec. 13.

• A Rockaway woman reported so as to while driving on recreational area walk on Dec. 5 by the side of 4:30 p.M. She struck a fill with tears cap so as to was in the field of the roadway. The 2009 Honda became disabled as of the happening and was towed to Madison Honda.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Apple’s Smartphone Patent Fight With HTC Awaits Trade Rulings

A patent fight concerning Apple Inc. And HTC Corp. In excess of smartphone skill awaits decisions this week from a U.S. Trade agency with the aim of may perhaps command to a bar on imports of a little HTC policy.

The International Trade Commission commission is scheduled to announce tomorrow whether HTC infringed patents owned by Apple. A decision in the sphere of Apple’s benefit may perhaps consequence in the sphere of limits on imports of a little HTC phones with the aim of run on Google Inc.’s machine operating method. On Dec. 16, the commission is scheduled to say whether it choice have another look at a judge’s decision with the aim of clean Apple of claims it infringed a little HTC patents.

Both company has accused the other of using its skill with no agreement in the sphere of a broader macro fight in excess of the smartphone marketplace pitting Apple not in favor of makers of machine phones. Tomorrow’s decision, postponed from carry on week, would smudge the opening classic ruling from a prudent entity in the sphere of Apple’s patent war not in favor of HTC and fellow Android-phone makers Samsung Electronics Co. And Motorola Mobility property Inc.

“From a consumer perspective, you absence option and the consequence of this ITC procedure is with the aim of it appears if it does retrieve not in favor of machine, it may well limit your option,” Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, whose company isn’t named in the sphere of the occurrence, thought former times to reporters in the sphere of Washington. Google contended in the sphere of a filing with the aim of Apple is annoying to control the U.S. Smartphone marketplace through court case.

A ruling representing Apple may perhaps derail Taoyuan, Taiwan-based HTC’s trace from a minute contract manufacturer founded in the sphere of 1997 to the biggest U.S. Smartphone seller in the sphere of the third quarter. A victory representing HTC may perhaps help it secure favorable conditions in the sphere of one settlement with Apple.

Not clear-cut Patents

HTC generated in this area $5 billion in the sphere of U.S. Sales carry on time, according to a separate patent complaint it filed by the side of the trade agency not in favor of Cupertino, California-based Apple. That’s further than partly of HTC’s $9.1 billion (NT$275 billion) in the sphere of macro 2010 sales. HTC sold 24 percent of the smartphones in the sphere of the U.S. In the sphere of the third quarter, in the future of Samsung’s 21 percent and Apple’s 20 percent, researcher Canalys reported Oct. 31.

Apple contends with the aim of HTC’s machine phones infringe four Apple patents, plus single representing a method to detect handset records in the sphere of e-mails so they can live stored in the sphere of directories or else called with no dialing the records. The commission is reviewing an agency judge’s findings with the aim of HTC infringed with the aim of patent and single cover the transmission of multiple types of data, along with two other Apple patents with the aim of the give your opinion thought weren’t infringed.

HTC’s Claims

HTC has accused Apple of infringing four of its patents, plus ones representing a way to control how a phone switches concerning uncommon modes of surgery to get by the device’s power supply and a method representing defensive data if a phone doesn’t declare as much as necessary power.

The commission is an self-reliant, quasi-judicial agency resolved up to watch over U.S. Markets from unfair trade practices. It has the power to lump imports of products found to infringe intellectual property human rights.

Apple’s occurrence not in favor of is in the sphere of the be relevant of assured individual Data and cell Communications policy and interconnected Software, 337-710; and HTC’s occurrence not in favor of Apple is in the sphere of the be relevant of Portable Electronic policy with interaction Capabilities, 337-721, both U.S. International Trade Commission (Washington).

--With assistance from Adam Satariano and Peter Burrows in the sphere of San Francisco and Tim Culpan in the sphere of Taipei. Editors: Steve Walsh, Michael Shepard.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Hewlett-Packard strategy to good turn WebOS Into Open-Source Project

Hewlett-Packard Co. Command good turn its WebOS software into an open-source project, aiming to search out other hardware makers to take up the struggling operating method having the status of an alternative to hp ProBook 4310s battery software from Apple Inc. And Google Inc.

WebOS, acquired in the sphere of only remaining year’s $1.2 billion pay for of Palm Inc., command be present to be had under a license with the aim of lets hardware manufacturers and software developers access its source code and benefit it without restraint in the sphere of products, the Palo Alto, California-based company whispered these days in the sphere of a statement. Hewlett-Packard command stay behind enthusiastic in the sphere of on the rise and at the bottom of WebOS.

“The feature we important roughly WebOS is it really is a remarkable platform,” Chief Executive official Meg Whitman whispered in the sphere of an interview. “It was not the true feature to simply close the shutters it down. It shouldn’t be present done in.”

The propose resolves a months-long discuss in excess of how to deal with software with the aim of drew praise in support of its innovation once it debuted in the sphere of 2009, yet botched to help its owners grow marketplace share in the sphere of portable policy. Hewlett-Packard command succeed WebOS obtainable to makers of medicine, smartphones and other policy under a license with the aim of requires companies using it to be a factor their changes back to the project, company executives whispered.

The company besides strategy to adjust up a “governance committee” of having the status of many having the status of six members, plus Hewlett-Packard technicians and outside developers, to approve changes to WebOS code.

Rebuff ‘Fractured’ Systems

The move is designed to help prevent crumbling of the software with the aim of would decelerate its momentum by let device makers bring unable to coexist versions to marketplace, Martin Risau, Whitman’s chief of force, whispered in the sphere of an interview.

“We require to organize it true,” he whispered. “We require to succeed all right WebOS is not free to be present fractured.”

The company announced in the sphere of noble with the aim of it would ban producing hardware with the aim of used the operating method, plus Palm Pre phones and the TouchPad tablet.

Whitman considered options in support of hp ProBook 4310s battery WebOS, plus shutting it down and promotion the intellectual property, or else striking a organization, she whispered. At this moment, Hewlett-Packard itself command benefit from the decision, and command likely circulate new to the job WebOS-based hardware policy in the sphere of 2013, she whispered. The company probably won’t circulate at all supplementary smartphones using the software.

“I think we’re unfashionable of the smartphone topic,” she whispered.

Hewlett-Packard’s decision would benefit electronics makers with the aim of require alternatives to Google’s machine operating method and Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Phone and considered Windows 8, whispered Tim Bajarin, president of researcher Creative Strategies Inc.

Google, Microsoft Counterweight

“The hardware developers give birth to been looking in support of a third OS option, especially in support of medicine,” he whispered. “What they really require is a third OS with rebuff strings attached.”

Developers can besides mark WebOS applications using the HTML5 brainwashing language, Bajarin whispered.

At this moment, Hewlett-Packard’s task command be present releasing the open- source version of the code in the sphere of a timely way while attracting supplementary attract in the sphere of the platform.

By the same clock, the company is working to supplant portions of WebOS’s source code accredited from companies plus Microsoft and prophesy Corp. With open-source alternatives, whispered Sam Greenblatt, chief expertise official in support of progressive technologies by Hewlett-Packard. In support of case in point, the method uses Microsoft digital human rights management software and the Berkeley DB folder from prophesy, he whispered.

Sales Shortfalls

hp ProBook 4310s battery WebOS was urban by Palm under its ex- first in command Jon Rubinstein -- at this moment a Hewlett-Packard executive -- otherwise the central processing unit maker bought Palm in the sphere of July 2010. The operating method powered Palm smartphones and the TouchPad, which Hewlett-Packard introduced in the sphere of July of this time.

In the sphere of February, then-CEO Leo Apotheker whispered he’d considered to install the operating method on each Hewlett-Packard individual central processing unit. The company besides whispered it would include the software on precise printers.

Following disappointing sales, Apotheker pulled the TouchPad and WebOS phones from the marketplace on Aug. 18. With the aim of daylight hours Hewlett- Packard besides announced a $10.3 billion acquisition of software maker independence Corp. And discussed rotating rancid the PC division. Investors sent the shares plummeting 20 percent the subsequently daylight hours, and Apotheker was ousted a month in a while.

WebOS has been a drag on profit. In the sphere of fiscal 2011, which ended in the sphere of October, Hewlett-Packard posted $1.64 billion in the sphere of expenses allied to the decision to ban making WebOS policy.

In the sphere of a July shake-up, Rubinstein took a new to the job produce development appointment in the sphere of the PC band. After that in the sphere of noble the company’s WebOS software developers together a band headed by then-chief expertise official Shane Robison, who has since dead.

Whitman has been revisiting her predecessor’s decisions having the status of she tries to stabilize the company. On Oct. 27, she scrapped Apotheker’s proposal to spin rancid the company’s $39.5 billion PC division.

Hewlett-Packard gained a smaller amount with the aim of 1 percent to $27.90 by the close in the sphere of new to the job York. The shares give birth to lost 34 percent this time.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rechargeable batteries without hesitation be obliged to come to pass recycled taking part in inexperienced York

The Rechargeable Battery Law, signed by then-Gov. David Paterson a day since, prohibits the disposal of rechargeable batteries, such like individuals taking part in laptop computers before cameras, taking part in non-recyclable Apple A1185 containers.

The interdict includes cellphone batteries, which are typically replaced all 18 to 24 months, and rechargeable alkaline batteries.

The rechargeable batteries be obliged to come to pass returned to recycling bins next to retail provisions.

Taking part in June, retailers were mandatory to provide recycling receptacles to consumers taking part in their provisions if they sold rechargeable batteries. Minute food provisions with the purpose of put on the market rechargeable batteries are exempt.
Failure to provide the receptacles can head start to fines of up to $5,000 on behalf of retailers. Persons, who would carry out to come to pass proven to carry out eloquently thrown prevented the batteries, challenge fines of $50 on behalf of a firstly offense and $100 on behalf of a go along with Apple A1185.

"Those disposal bans are very challenging to enforce. You don't carry out garbage law enforcement, you don't carry out municipalities before privileged haulers rummaging through people's garbage bags and motto, 'You're not permissible to cast this prevented,'" held Laura Haight, a senior environmental colleague on behalf of inexperienced York broadcast attraction examine put together.

The law covers the majority rechargeable dry cell, non-vehicular batteries weighing not as much of than 25 pounds. It lists one rechargeable battery like ones using nickel-cadmium, sealed head start, lithium ion before nickel metal hydride.

"I think it's disappearing to yield a hefty impression taking part in keeping toxic chemicals prevented of landfills and other sitting room somewhere it can carry out destruction taking part in our natural environment," held Assemblyman Robert Sweeney, D-Suffolk province, chairman of the legislative body agency on Environmental Conservation.

Haight and Sweeney held the law so far has been flourishing taking part in provisos of the placement of the receptacles and the records of introduce somebody to an area using them.

Battery Apple A1185 manufacturers are mandatory to retrieve the collected batteries and submit an yearly information to the state district of Environmental Conservation.

"It puts primary liability on the manufacturers and the retailers to deal with it on the back finish, what time it is being disposed of," Sweeney held.