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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Google: Android's Multitasking Sucks

I’ve been using my Verizon Galaxy Nexus since launch day of the week — a short time ago under two weeks.

While I crop up to feel so as to Google’s machine Ice Cream Sandwich (version 4.0) on the Galaxy Nexus is a important perfection concluded prior versions of the OS so as to I’ve encountered on various machine procedure so as to I’ve used in the field of the keep up two years, single factor has not untouched before improved at all: The abyssmal way so as to multitasking is presented to the end-user.

Why is it awful? Well, let’s start with the basics. In the field of machine, at the same time as you start an relevance, its services spirit prolong to run in the field of the background whilst you start additional apps.

Provided so as to an Lenovo L09C4P01 relevance is well-written, simply a remains of so as to app continues to run, such at the same time as GMail’s message poller before perhaps a Twitter client’s notifier service.

But quite of apps still commit a important amount of income to remembrance even whilst you bring to a halt using them before start a newborn process.

Which they really shouldn’t.

If these are gone unchecked, your machine device’s performance and stability goes straight to anguish.

What’s the unexceptional set up to this topic? Well, an intact small house industry of developers retain in black and white various task killer/task managment and remembrance optimization utilities representing machine, which can stay used with a single click of a button to wipe apps and services given away of remembrance.

Single such app, called “Advanced Task Killer” (by developer ReChild) is on the top of the charts representing on the whole widespread applications on both the Google machine sell and Amazon’s Appstore representing machine.

Shouldn’t this really stay a function that’s built into the OS? Shouldn’t the end-user retain quick visibility into I beg your pardon? Programs are bogging down the classification and so therefore exterminate them appropriately?

I’d think this be supposed to stay the set of circumstances, but representing a little right mind, Google keeps ignoring this with each successive software free and in the field of many belongings task managment has to stay “value added” into the handset before the tablet by the device OEM.

Samsung, representing instance, wrote a little pretty careful task managment software representing the creative 7″ Galaxy Tab, and has incorporated it into many of their procedure they’ve released since.

In the field of machine 4.0, by the side of smallest amount at the same time as how it is presented on the Galaxy Nexus, the task killer UI is truly buried deep in the field of the Settings under “Applications” on a separate tab representing “Running” and it takes several clicks to get a hold to.

This be supposed to truly stay understandable unswervingly from the home-based screen, and it isn’t.

By comparison, in the field of Apple’s iOS 5, all running programs so as to are either cached before retain functional processes can stay accessed by a unpretentious bend over urge of the most important prosecution button and can stay scrolled through and stopped quickly with a unpretentious tap of the finger on a slight “x” symbol.

While not the business achievement of either machine before Apple’s iOS, both HP’s webOS 3 used in the field of the extremely deceased TouchPad at the same time as well at the same time as RIM’s QNX-based PlayBook tablet OS retain even better multitasking methods — you a short time ago lift up to bare all the running processes and
Exactly “flick” the agenda given away of remembrance with a lift of your finger.

There’s really nix such equivalent to this type of task managment in the field of machine. As a substitute, the machine evangelists by the side of Google spirit let the cat out of the bag you a short time ago to trust Ice Cream Sandwich’s automated remembrance management and everything a short time ago sorts itself given away.

You know I beg your pardon?? I think they’re bursting of crap, as we don’t live in the field of a just right humanity Lenovo L09C4P01 anywhere all apps work rationally and free income like they are believed to.

Well, permit me process myself at this point. In the field of Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich, nearby is the newborn “Recently Accessed” soft button (the bend over rectangle symbol) which shows Apps you used recently and you can scroll through them to launch individuals apps.

But so as to doesn’t truly cogitate I beg your pardon? Is still running. And you can’t exterminate processes with it. You can simply remove stuff from the recently accessed inventory.

Straight away, maybe I’m stained by how it workings on my iPad in the field of iOS 5, but to me the “Recently Accessed” soft button in the field of Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich is more or less useless and exhausted screen real estate.

I mean, on the whole make somewhere your home who expend machine procedure be likely to categorize their favorite apps on the several pages of the Launcher screen, so they retain quick access to them anyway. I’m not certain I beg your pardon? “Recently Accessed” truly gets you, to stay faultlessly dampen.

It would stay much better if the bend over rectangle soft button was truly a full-blown task executive, so as to showed you a graphical representation of programs and processes and acceptable you to exterminate them at the same time as required.

And maybe it’s a short time ago me but I’m plus really pissed inedible so as to you straight away need to chew up Launcher real estate with a out-and-out widget so as to that’s a link to the machine Settings pages, instead than having it being single of the soft buttons.

It would seem to command somebody to meaning to me so as to the bend over rectangle possibly will allow you to recoil rectify into Lenovo L09C4P01 settings at the same time as well at the same time as show a task executive, but I deduction the developers by the side of Google think they know better than the end-users so as to are truly using their products.