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Monday, January 3, 2011

LG 42LD450-CA Review

Compared with normal LCD TV, LG 42LD450-CA (parameter Photo Forum) Full HD LCD TV joined the IPS screen and the new XD engine hard, for enhancing the dynamic picture display played an important role. Another LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV also added streaming capabilities for the user's daily use provides a convenient service. Currently LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV 4199 yuan, like a friend please contact the dealer.

In terms of performance, LG 42LD450-CA IPS Full HD LCD TV has a hard screen, through the addition of this technology, dynamic picture of the smear have been effectively improved. In addition to the powerful streaming media capabilities are worth the user concerned, and fully meet the user for various video playback needs.

In appearance, LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV is still carried on the style of previous generations of products, mainly black body as a whole tone, LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV with acrylic material, the overall rounded body lines and smooth. Switch is in the design sense of obvious edges and corners, and the whole formed a contrast to the sleek lines, highlighting the details of the design's intentions.

In the interface area, LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV configuration relatively complete, and the mainstream HDMI interfaces, AV interfaces, USB interface and uniform color component interfaces, in particular, adding USB interface, users can read through the pictures, and external devices video playback.


Full HD TV product positioning

42-inch screen size

Screen ratio 16:9

Resolution of 1920 × 1080

Backlight CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp types

Best viewing distance of 3.0 m

Support format 1080p (Full HD)

Other image features 1080p

XD Engine

24 Real Cinema

Digital signal to enhance

10 10W power output

Stereo Surround Sound

Other features of Dolby Digital audio decoder

Xuanliang vocal

Streaming media streaming media player features DivX

USB2.0 playback support


Other Interfaces 1 × USB2.0

2 × RF input

2 × AV input

1 × Component Component Video

1 × RGB computer input in Laptop battery

1 × CAM slot

Power Performance 100-240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption 190W

Dimensions with base: 1023 × 685 × 261mm

Body Weight with base: 14.9kg

Other performance Simplink

Child Lock

Terrestrial digital signal reception

Card from digital TV

Smart power Laptop battery saving

Edit Comment: As a representative of positioning in the end, LG 42LD450-CA IPS Full HD LCD TV with a hard screen, in addition to the level of feeling and color images have a certain stability of the control, but also on the dynamic picture display with a certain increase . At a time when year-end promotions, LG 42LD450-CA LCD TV priced at $ 600, so interested friends may wish to consider.

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