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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Europe and the United States in 2010 implanted ads

Media fragmentation has enriched the advertising carrier implantation

Film and television industry has long been tied with the implantation of advertising become America's primary mode of operation. Arizona State University Michael Wiles recent study of 24 films in 126 implants ad. The choice of the film, there are strict criteria. First, the films in the first week of release must be given 20 million U.S. dollars of the proceeds; Secondly, the implantation of the ads must be visual or sound with the audience. Who meets these two conditions of advertising brands, has a rising trend in stock prices on average rose 0.89%. However, any implanted in the sex and violence in the film which would lead to stock decline.

However, according to the U.S. "brand channel" statistics, the film as the implantation of the most important advertising vehicle for its importance is waning. In 2008, Ford, Apple, Mercedes-Benz in the year the film implanted in the top three, the number of implants were 22 times, 20 times and 13 times. In 2009, ranking highest in apples, the number of implants is only 18 times, ranking first in the Ford ad before the implantation of only 13.

Media fragmentation makes the dominance of traditional media, gradually give way give the Internet as the representative of the new media. Many enterprises began to social networking, online video marketing opportunities on the tap. Coca-Cola has established a fan on the Facebook page, the Coca-Cola all the information embedded in the page text or video. Coca-Cola Company Chairman and staying at home and will be able to directly understand the dynamics of consumers.

Implanted by the scene-mode-type implants to the market changes

"Today's advertising is not simply implant put a can of Coke on the counter so simple." Carusa said Andy Donchin, director of National Radio, "It is about how your product into a Show of."

In June 2009, in Los Angeles, Alexander Hamilton High School graduation ceremony, the 18-year-old Messi to publicly declare a boy: "I love you, Miller." Audience sensation. A few days later, Messi received a 1800 U.S. dollars check.

Mehi confession caused by disturbances in fact from 20 Century Fox Film Corporation own creation, while the Hollywood studios, but 2 miles away from Milton High School.

It turned out that Fox are going all out to create a romantic film, "I love you, Cooper," the opening film that is male character in the graduation ceremony on the beloved girl confession. In the film before the release of films, Fox intends to make the story appear in real life scenarios, so not only hired Mehi VGP-BPS8 battery, but also speculation in the network planning of this video, it has become a Hollywood movie implant new means of marketing.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Microsoft is trying to use "people by groups" to challenge Google search algorithm


According to market analysis firm Nielsen 2008 survey results, Google account for 63% of search market share, there will be only 10% of the proportion of the Microsoft far behind last year, Microsoft hopes to enhance the acquisition of Yahoo in the search industry's strength, but no in vain, in order to once again challenge to Google, Microsoft has developed a new kind of search rules groupization (groups search).

It is reported that Microsoft will be in mid-February in Barcelona, Spain's "Web Search and Data Mining Conference" (Web Search and Data Mining Conference) posted on the latest achievements. Microsoft researchers found that, in real life, "feather flock together, people by groups" of the rule also exists in the network world, it is the basis of this discovery groupization Iphone 3G Battery. Microsoft has developed a search algorithm.

According to Microsoft, the findings of the researchers, with different interests and hobbies of people in the search keywords used in the same content have a significant difference, the same type of people search using key words and expressions are remarkably similar, while the Microsoft The latest search algorithms groupization is to use this, first determine the characteristics of the user and their classification, and then groups of the type to provide users with the most "considerate" of the search results.

Microsoft has 100 employees in-house pilot of the algorithm, results show that the algorithm is compared with the results obtained by the search algorithm is derived from the traditional search results better, won the vast majority of people agree. Market research firm Gartner Media Group Andrew Frank, vice president of the view that Microsoft's new technology is like an atomic bomb, would completely break the current pattern of search industry will be attracted to the subglottic Google users.

Many analysts believe that groupization search algorithm is no doubt Microsoft has issued a paper to battle Google book search market is now faced the biggest challenge is how to tailor search results for users, while Microsoft's new technology can be based on each the nuances of the user to provide a satisfactory search experience, which will undoubtedly inject new vitality into search engines.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Last year FacebookTwitter sites access time increases by 82%

Breaking news:

According to foreign media reports, local market research firm Nielsen data released Monday show that in December last year, the world's Internet users visit sites such as Facebook and Twitter over time to an average of 5.5 hours, compared with December 2008 for about three hours above the 82% Asus N10J battery.

All sites on the Internet and applications, in December last year, the highest popular social networking sites and blog, followed by online games and instant messaging. Facebook is the first big social-networking sites, independent access to users 206.9 million, accounting for a global social networking site users 67%.

According to the number of users basis, the United States is the superpower social networking sites, independent access to users 142.1 million, Japan 46.5 million, Brazil 31.3 million. Australian Internet users visit social networking sites, the average the longest time, about 7 hours; the United States, Britain and Italy, Internet users visit social networking sites, the average time is about 6 hours Iphone 3G extended Battery.

Last year in December, the U.S. Internet users visit sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the average time of more than 6 hours, the time to visit Facebook grew 200%, visit Twitter's time grew 368 percent. Of the five social-networking sites, Twitter is still the fastest growing websites, unique visitors reached 18.1 million, an increase of 579%.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Facebook officially acquired the company in Malaysia Octazen

Facebook news:

February 20 News, Facebook officially acquired the company in Malaysia Octazen.

About two weeks ago, Facebook has a deal with the Octazen Solutions, the company only two team members, they are engaged in contacts enter the software development. Facebook spokesman said the acquisition was a "talent acquisition", Octazen will still be stationed in Malaysia, the company's employees will also be the first Malaysian Facebook employees.

Currently, Facebook has nearly 400 million registered users. The purpose of the acquisition may be Octazen for its expansion of great significance.

Before the acquisition, Octazen software licensed to other customers. So far, Facebook has acquired two companies such as Friendfeed and Parakey.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

HTC will launch Windows Phone 7 smart phone


According to foreign media reports, the world's largest smart phone manufacturer HTC (High Tech Computer Co., Ltd.) announced plans to launch in the fourth quarter of this year, based on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 latest mobile operating system, smartphone. In fact, HTC has been in production based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile and Google Android mobile phone operating system.

HTC CEO Peter Chou (Peter Chou) in Barcelona, Spain this week at the Mobile World Congress, held in the eve of the news announcement, but did not disclose more details related to the new phone.

Had never been afraid to advance to try new HTC smart phone has been designed to forecast: Microsoft Windows Phone 7 launch of the system will promote greater use of software developers to produce smart phones, Microsoft will thus provide more relevant application solution .

HTC since its inception in 1997, it has been working with Microsoft software in cooperation, producing a number of mobile phone products, such as the use of Microsoft Windows CE, Pocket PC 2000 and later software such as Windows Mobile. For several years, Microsoft has been working to improve its mobile phone operating system, Windows family, while the Windows Phone 7 software is Microsoft's desire to regain the mobile phone operating system market for more powerful products.

In recent years, Microsoft's mobile operating system, with the RIM BlackBerry operating system, Apple's iPhone operating system, and Google android operating system, such as the competition has lost some market share. Is displayed, HTC's no doubt that the scheme would bring about Microsoft's new role in promoting development of the system.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Microsoft has developed its own mobile phone optimistic about Windows Mobile 7

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft has a long and tortuous road to recovery of the mobile phone market operations may be held in Barcelona next month, "World Mobile Congress" made a major breakthrough.

Appeared on the occasion of Pocket PC, Microsoft launched the WindowsCE operating system that is trying to dominate the field of handheld mobile device operating systems. Now Microsoft has launched WindowsMobile7 is a substantial transformation of WindowsCE based on the new R & D after the operating system for mobile handheld devices. Held in Barcelona in March the "World Mobile Congress", the company will be the first to show WindowsMobile7 operating system.

The sources revealed that Microsoft plans this summer to finalize the design WindowsMobile7 source code, so that you can push the market after the end of WindowsMobile7 user can use the new software.

In addition, Microsoft is also building a new customer phone line, which cell phone spy photos have appeared on the Internet last year. The phone is a Sidekick model of the latest products, Microsoft is developing its own production lines will be Sidekick cell phone models of R & D company in its acquisition of Danger. While Microsoft may not produce their own mobile phones on the Internet is now widely rumored that the "Zune phone" but that it does and the Zune phone was inextricably linked (Zune is Microsoft's 2006 launch of portable media devices). Sources say that Microsoft's first mobile phone also will be available at the end of this year.

Microsoft declined to WindowsMobile7 and new mobile phone R & D to make any comments. But Microsoft's entertainment chief Robbie Butt in January of this year's CES conference has claimed that Microsoft will be in Barcelona, "World Mobile Congress" published in Microsoft's self-developed mobile phone details.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Google Wave Launched iPhone version

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, Google to bypass Apple's application store, launched Google Wave of the iPhone version of the browser you can directly access the normal use of the product.

Google Real-time collaboration tools Google Wave is still in the packaging and testing phase, only 10 million people can take part in the first test. However, surprisingly, Google Wave has been used in the iPhone.

iPhone users need only directly in the Safari browser to access, is not supported at this time there would be a warning to the browser, but users ignore the warning, you can normally use Google Wave. According to industry sources, the site specifically for Webkit-based browser has been optimized, iPhone and Google Android are built-in browser, type browser. Android users can also use Google Wave.

In addition, users will be Google Wave bookmarks saved in the iPhone desktop, you can completely skip the Safari browser interface.
The difference is that the user click on the desktop icon to access Google Wave, you can not jump to other websites. Its function in the browser with the Web application is running exactly the same effect.

Google would not be submitted for Apple's audit, the user can provide application for the iPhone. View of its earlier refusal to Google a number of Apple iPhone applications, tensions between the two sides. So for Google, bypassing Apple's application store should be a good choice.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The source confirmed that Office 2010 will be available on June 15


According to foreign media reports, the source confirmed that a new generation of Microsoft Office software Office2010 will be launched June 15, this year,.

The insider said: "Office2010 will be listed on June 15 this year." According to Microsoft insiders, Office2010RTM will be completed by the end of March or early April.

Earlier this month, Microsoft has provided developers to some of the RC version of Office2010, Office2010 which means that development work is nearing completion.

Last year in November, Microsoft has publicly released the Beta version of Office2010, in the 7-week time period has reached 2 million downloads times.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gates firmly believe that Apple can not replace laptop

IT news:

Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced today that CEO Brent Ashland discussion Bnet Apple iPad, Gates iPad impressesvery well.

There is no doubt that Apple Apple M4685 trys to become the market creators, cut into the tablet PC. However, to date, most of the Tablet PC were forgotten.

In his speech, Gates, through a non-preference of the iPad attitude, he said there is no great for iPad. Nevertheless, Gates was given for the iPhone highly of it. Gates said: "You know, I read and touch screen digital heavily dependent on, but I still believe that integration of voice, pen and a physical keyboard - in other words, laptop - is still the mainstream." He believes that iPad is a good paragraph reader.

In fact, Prior to this, Gates was the main promoter of Tablet PC, however, even if Microsoft took action can not be stirred up the market waves. Gates said "notebook is still the mainstream," may also be frustrated after the change in his views.

Apple iPad is not a magical product - many business executives are prepared to hold similar views, the following executives to listen to other comments:

PVI chairman, said Liu Cheng, iPad not suitable for a long time to read, can only be regarded as temporary e-book reader.

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch (RupertMurdoch) recently said that there is no content support, such as Apple's iPad device is an electronic shell.

Acer Taiwan president, Lin Hsien-Lang (ScottLin), said recently that Apple iPad tablet PCs Apple M6385, and there is no technical difficulty, but Acer has no intention to enter the market.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is that it is not nothing new at all, just a large version of the iPod touch.

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Yahoo's social networking feature called Google a year and a half time lead

Yahoo's social networking feature called Google a year and a half time lead

IT News:

According to foreign media reports, Google announced Google Buzz's news conference before the end, Yahoo issued a statement and said the company about a year and a half ago on the launch of Google Buzz with very similar features Yahoo Updates.

Yahoo said that about a year and a half ago, the company released the Yahoo! Updates, users can share state information with friends, content and networking activities to find friends in the company's Web site and other sites activities.

Yahoo said that, Yahoo! Updates available from more than 200 of the company's Web site and to gather information on third-party websites, including Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, and Yelp, etc.; users in Yahoo! Mail, and Yahoo! Messenger and other services, and The company's content sites you can use the Yahoo! Updates, which means that users can more easily keep abreast of the latest information on friends; Yahoo! Updates have been released for the global users.

Yahoo said the company would be social as the "enabler" is the company's business and customers as part of network activity.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oracle CEO said it would continue its mergers and acquisitions but do not intend to buy Brocad


According to some reports, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison (Larry Ellison) said that yesterday with the continued integration of science and technology market, Oracle will continue to expand the acquisition, and also said no plans to buy data center networking solutions provider Brocade Communications Systems Inc .

Ellison at yesterday's shareholder meeting said: We have to spend a lot of money in places, but when asked if they would buy Brocade, he said there is no interest. Brocade is the largest data storage computer networking equipment manufacturers. An informed source said early this week, Brocade is considering selling the business, while Oracle and hp 530 battery reported a potential buyer. Brocade acquisition will allow Oracle among the network equipment market.

Oracle is the world's second-largest software maker and has acquired over the past five years, more than 50 companies, including spent 10.3 billion acquisition of PeopleSoft software (PeopleSoft). Oracle currently awaiting European Union approval for 7.4 billion U.S. dollars of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems Inc. Transactions. With this acquisition, Oracle will enter the server market, Sun ranked fourth in the field HP 2710p battery.

Ellison said he hoped the EU regulators approve the deal, claiming that there was no plan to discontinue any of Sun's business. He said: Sun of all the assets is very valuable to us and we do not intend to discard any one. In addition, the whole deal, announced the promotion of competition.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

IBM reported last quarter from HP and Sun it won the 100 major clients

According to foreign media reports, IBM released a report on Wednesday that in the past one quarter the company's rivals Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems to acquire a large number of customers. Oracle agreed to buy 7.38 billion U.S. dollars of the Sun this week. Oracle's bid slightly higher than IBM had bid two weeks ago, IBM acquired Sun's plans were the two sides could not agree on price and abortion.

IBM said in a statement and released in the past one quarter on Wednesday, IBM around the world from the hands of rivals HP 5101 Battery and Sun gained more than 100 high-end Unix servers using the mainframe or the customers. IBM said the deal valued at more than half of whom 100 million, but the company declined to publish more financial information. IBM said that in the high-end Unix server market in the hands of the company from Hewlett-Packard gained 34 clients, from the Sun to acquire 28-bit client. In addition, the company makes 40 customers to start using IBM's mainframe, the vast majority of these customers use the previous mix of Sun and HP servers. IBM said that these new customers to win the vast majority come from emerging markets.

Oracle has agreed to take into account the acquisition of Sun, IBM is now trying to bring this acquisition to the company's competitive disadvantage to a minimum. IBM Chief Financial Officer Make Lao Gingerich (Mark Loughridge), held at the Monday conference call with analysts said, IBM does not care about Oracle's acquisition of Sun's problem, because IBM has been on with these two companies compete. Laogeliqi also cited data from market research firm IDC said that, from 2000 to date, IBM in the high-end Unix server market share has risen from 18% to 32%.

Hewlett-Packard spokesman responded by saying that HP's server is running a "virtual environment" of the most popular choice, in the past two years, 250 previously used IBM mainframe customers are already using HP processors. Sun spokesman did not say whether this report.

Although in the past one quarter, IBM from HP and Sun to acquire a large number of customers, but still not able to curb the decline in hardware revenue. Throughout the first quarter, IBM hardware revenue to 32 billion U.S. dollars, down 23%. Among them, mainframe revenue fell 19%; Unix server revenue declined 2%.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

IDC: Apple has become the world's third largest smartphone maker

IT news:

According to foreign media reports, IDC data show that in 2009 Apple has been among the top three global smart phone market, the list shows that the market share of 14.4%.

IDC data show that the fourth quarter of 2009, the global smart phone shipments for the 54.5 million. Among them, Nokia ranks top spot, a market share of 38.2%. RIM is the Second, the market share of 19.6%. The Apple of 16.0%, ranking third.

The annual smartphone shipments of 174.2 million, of which Nokia's market share of 38.9%, topped the list. RIM ranks second, 19.8%. Apple's third market share of 14.4%.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Microsoft launched Facebook desktop client


Microsoft PDC09 demonstrated Silverlight 4 in the Facebook application on the SilverFace in last week's conference, although Microsoft did not provide SilverFace download, but Microsoft has for Windows users with another Facebook desktop client Fishbowl.

Fishbowl is a WPF-based desktop application that allows users to use Facebook's API through a simple user interface to access Facebook. Fishbowl also includes some Windows 7's unique features, such as the task bar notification, Jumplist and taskbar preview and other functions.

Fishbowl interface, full support for multi-touch navigation, the user can also use gestures to a photo image search and preview of such an operation. Search photos can be described as a bright spot which is the Fishbowl feature, you can use the touch operation to open photos or mouse wheel to read photo gallery, information, notification will also be a direct pin into the Windows 7 taskbar, you can also use the feature to quickly Aero Peek See home page.

Fishbowl is still in technology preview stage, and provided free of charge to users. Microsoft says, Windows XP and Vista users can also use the application, but would have some lack of some features.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Google Nexus One has been sold for 80000 in the first month

Google news:

According to foreign media reports, research firm Gartner Flurry shows from the latest data that Google Nexus One mobile phone Apple Powerbook G3 batterysales only reached 80000 in the first month after the listing.

Last month, Google introduced its own brand smartphones Nexus One. Through the Google website his cell phone could be purchased at 529 U.S. dollars, not limited to operators. Users can also T-Mobile Order, signed two-year contract price of 179 U.S. dollars.

Flurry, according to figures released last month, Nexus One listing in the first week sales of only 2 million units, far below market expectations. In contrast, Motorola Droid mobile phone sales the first week of 25 million units, while the iphone 3G battery is a whopping 1.6 million.

Today, Nexus One already on the market a month, Flurry latest data show, Nexus One first month's total sales volume is equally disappointing, only 80000. In contrast, the first month of the first-generation iPhone Apple M6385 sold 600,000, Droid 52.5 million units.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nokia Maemo N900-a complete all-powerful running MacOS


So, Maemo is not the first Nokia's products, but the N900 was the first one with the communications capabilities of the Maemo terminal. Just the past few days, we have just demonstrated the success of the Nokia N900 running Maemo5/Android pairs powerful systems, today's Mac operating system will only be used Zhashe describe it.

With PowerPC platform emulator PearPC (latest CVS version), the Finnish player Toni Nikkanen the first time in N900 successfully installed and running Mac OSX 10.3 Panther operating system, using the full version.

But we should not get too excited, successful run Mac OS can only prove that Maemo own "computer platform" nature. Anyway, if the tell you, ARM Cortex A8 600MHz processor, 768MB memory, 256MB of memory configurations, coupled with the software simulator, from the start the system to open the About dialog box It took nearly two hours, you still feel that this something of practical value?

Quoted a User's words, "Remember, you are just phones, and we settled on is called convenience." Yes, feature-rich mobile phones can indeed icing on the cake, but it must keep in mind what is the nature of mobile phones, mobile phones have a cell phone on the look, the trend of the wave must not get lost in color.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Forbes: iPad help promote Win 7


Now that Apple has launched a highly anticipated iPad, people began to suspect that this product is the first popular applications that move would be. Some people believe that Microsoft's Windows 7 may be a good choice.

IPad is said to be compatible with the existing iPhone applications, and Apple's application store has a large number of virtualized applications, so iPad is likely to have a large number of applications at once. IPad is equipped with a 9.7-inch display and more powerful processors, it is not difficult to understand why virtualization vendors because iPad rejoice in the release.

America's largest thin client vendor Wyse's Jeff McNaught, director of marketing, said: "According to our view of all the information currently available, iPad may become a very popular thin-client products."

Virtual desktops can use virtualization technology from the computer hardware from the software and the clouds will pool resources extracted through the network similar to the personal computer experience. Thin client is a virtual desktop of such relatively low-end equipment.

Wyse with another virtualization vendor Citrix has developed a number of iPhone and the iPod to allow users remote access to desktop applications. However, the two companies, top executives said they intend to iPad tailored specifically for the corresponding version of the application software.

Use Wyse's desktop virtualization iPhone application PocketCloud, the user can either access to conventional personal computer, you can also visit the virtual machine. Although its price up to 30 dollars but McNaught said that sales of this product has exceeded 1 million units.

McNaught said that due to Wyse's iPhone application has been successful, Wyse introduced a desktop based on the iPad will achieve greater success. Although the virtual desktops can usually be set on the server or the product itself to complete the calculation, but due to iPhone's processing power is relatively low, so most of the work must be done on the server, which means that the overall performance because of bandwidth problems had been impact.

However, iPad is equipped with a more powerful processor or A4. It is the clock frequency of 1GHz, while the iPhone 3G to use the chip's clock frequency of only 0.6GHz. McNaught said: "That has been enough to meet the needs of some of the work, and we will do everything possible to deal with the allocation of data to the A4, because that helps to provide a better user experience and reduce the work pressure data center."

Citrix also plans to launch specifically iPad virtualization applications. Citrix desktop sector, said chief technology officer Harry Labana company's virtualization software has been downloaded 20 million.

He said: "We have developed for iPhone, Android, Windows and Linux, a different version of the software, so developers iPad version of the software will not be too difficult."

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