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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Microsoft is trying to use "people by groups" to challenge Google search algorithm


According to market analysis firm Nielsen 2008 survey results, Google account for 63% of search market share, there will be only 10% of the proportion of the Microsoft far behind last year, Microsoft hopes to enhance the acquisition of Yahoo in the search industry's strength, but no in vain, in order to once again challenge to Google, Microsoft has developed a new kind of search rules groupization (groups search).

It is reported that Microsoft will be in mid-February in Barcelona, Spain's "Web Search and Data Mining Conference" (Web Search and Data Mining Conference) posted on the latest achievements. Microsoft researchers found that, in real life, "feather flock together, people by groups" of the rule also exists in the network world, it is the basis of this discovery groupization Iphone 3G Battery. Microsoft has developed a search algorithm.

According to Microsoft, the findings of the researchers, with different interests and hobbies of people in the search keywords used in the same content have a significant difference, the same type of people search using key words and expressions are remarkably similar, while the Microsoft The latest search algorithms groupization is to use this, first determine the characteristics of the user and their classification, and then groups of the type to provide users with the most "considerate" of the search results.

Microsoft has 100 employees in-house pilot of the algorithm, results show that the algorithm is compared with the results obtained by the search algorithm is derived from the traditional search results better, won the vast majority of people agree. Market research firm Gartner Media Group Andrew Frank, vice president of the view that Microsoft's new technology is like an atomic bomb, would completely break the current pattern of search industry will be attracted to the subglottic Google users.

Many analysts believe that groupization search algorithm is no doubt Microsoft has issued a paper to battle Google book search market is now faced the biggest challenge is how to tailor search results for users, while Microsoft's new technology can be based on each the nuances of the user to provide a satisfactory search experience, which will undoubtedly inject new vitality into search engines.

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