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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nokia Maemo N900-a complete all-powerful running MacOS


So, Maemo is not the first Nokia's products, but the N900 was the first one with the communications capabilities of the Maemo terminal. Just the past few days, we have just demonstrated the success of the Nokia N900 running Maemo5/Android pairs powerful systems, today's Mac operating system will only be used Zhashe describe it.

With PowerPC platform emulator PearPC (latest CVS version), the Finnish player Toni Nikkanen the first time in N900 successfully installed and running Mac OSX 10.3 Panther operating system, using the full version.

But we should not get too excited, successful run Mac OS can only prove that Maemo own "computer platform" nature. Anyway, if the tell you, ARM Cortex A8 600MHz processor, 768MB memory, 256MB of memory configurations, coupled with the software simulator, from the start the system to open the About dialog box It took nearly two hours, you still feel that this something of practical value?

Quoted a User's words, "Remember, you are just phones, and we settled on is called convenience." Yes, feature-rich mobile phones can indeed icing on the cake, but it must keep in mind what is the nature of mobile phones, mobile phones have a cell phone on the look, the trend of the wave must not get lost in color.

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