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Monday, February 1, 2010

Forbes: iPad help promote Win 7


Now that Apple has launched a highly anticipated iPad, people began to suspect that this product is the first popular applications that move would be. Some people believe that Microsoft's Windows 7 may be a good choice.

IPad is said to be compatible with the existing iPhone applications, and Apple's application store has a large number of virtualized applications, so iPad is likely to have a large number of applications at once. IPad is equipped with a 9.7-inch display and more powerful processors, it is not difficult to understand why virtualization vendors because iPad rejoice in the release.

America's largest thin client vendor Wyse's Jeff McNaught, director of marketing, said: "According to our view of all the information currently available, iPad may become a very popular thin-client products."

Virtual desktops can use virtualization technology from the computer hardware from the software and the clouds will pool resources extracted through the network similar to the personal computer experience. Thin client is a virtual desktop of such relatively low-end equipment.

Wyse with another virtualization vendor Citrix has developed a number of iPhone and the iPod to allow users remote access to desktop applications. However, the two companies, top executives said they intend to iPad tailored specifically for the corresponding version of the application software.

Use Wyse's desktop virtualization iPhone application PocketCloud, the user can either access to conventional personal computer, you can also visit the virtual machine. Although its price up to 30 dollars but McNaught said that sales of this product has exceeded 1 million units.

McNaught said that due to Wyse's iPhone application has been successful, Wyse introduced a desktop based on the iPad will achieve greater success. Although the virtual desktops can usually be set on the server or the product itself to complete the calculation, but due to iPhone's processing power is relatively low, so most of the work must be done on the server, which means that the overall performance because of bandwidth problems had been impact.

However, iPad is equipped with a more powerful processor or A4. It is the clock frequency of 1GHz, while the iPhone 3G to use the chip's clock frequency of only 0.6GHz. McNaught said: "That has been enough to meet the needs of some of the work, and we will do everything possible to deal with the allocation of data to the A4, because that helps to provide a better user experience and reduce the work pressure data center."

Citrix also plans to launch specifically iPad virtualization applications. Citrix desktop sector, said chief technology officer Harry Labana company's virtualization software has been downloaded 20 million.

He said: "We have developed for iPhone, Android, Windows and Linux, a different version of the software, so developers iPad version of the software will not be too difficult."

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