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Monday, February 8, 2010

IBM reported last quarter from HP and Sun it won the 100 major clients

According to foreign media reports, IBM released a report on Wednesday that in the past one quarter the company's rivals Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems to acquire a large number of customers. Oracle agreed to buy 7.38 billion U.S. dollars of the Sun this week. Oracle's bid slightly higher than IBM had bid two weeks ago, IBM acquired Sun's plans were the two sides could not agree on price and abortion.

IBM said in a statement and released in the past one quarter on Wednesday, IBM around the world from the hands of rivals HP 5101 Battery and Sun gained more than 100 high-end Unix servers using the mainframe or the customers. IBM said the deal valued at more than half of whom 100 million, but the company declined to publish more financial information. IBM said that in the high-end Unix server market in the hands of the company from Hewlett-Packard gained 34 clients, from the Sun to acquire 28-bit client. In addition, the company makes 40 customers to start using IBM's mainframe, the vast majority of these customers use the previous mix of Sun and HP servers. IBM said that these new customers to win the vast majority come from emerging markets.

Oracle has agreed to take into account the acquisition of Sun, IBM is now trying to bring this acquisition to the company's competitive disadvantage to a minimum. IBM Chief Financial Officer Make Lao Gingerich (Mark Loughridge), held at the Monday conference call with analysts said, IBM does not care about Oracle's acquisition of Sun's problem, because IBM has been on with these two companies compete. Laogeliqi also cited data from market research firm IDC said that, from 2000 to date, IBM in the high-end Unix server market share has risen from 18% to 32%.

Hewlett-Packard spokesman responded by saying that HP's server is running a "virtual environment" of the most popular choice, in the past two years, 250 previously used IBM mainframe customers are already using HP processors. Sun spokesman did not say whether this report.

Although in the past one quarter, IBM from HP and Sun to acquire a large number of customers, but still not able to curb the decline in hardware revenue. Throughout the first quarter, IBM hardware revenue to 32 billion U.S. dollars, down 23%. Among them, mainframe revenue fell 19%; Unix server revenue declined 2%.

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