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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Apple iPhone and Android platform with Google phone is on high-end smart phone market

Nokia's weak performance in recent years, Apple iPhone and Android platform with Google phone is on high-end smart phone market to grab and snatch the Nokia share.

In an internal memo last week, Nokia likened to a standing Elop fire people on the oil drilling platform, and said the company in the "fuel on its own platform." Is that people may choose to jump into the cold waters to escape the fire, Nokia has had to make radical decisions in order to reverse the decline in market share.

Elop in September last year, switched from Microsoft to Nokia. He previously worked with several mobile operators, executives discussed the deal, while France Telecom CEO Stefani Richard (Stephane) that want to see another addition to Android and the iPhone a good choice.

Elop said, as part of the deal, Nokia will pay Microsoft a fee, to ensure the development of the Windows Phone equipment, Nokia will be successful, including some designed to distinguish it from competitors, Nokia's marketing and R & D expenditure. "Microsoft has been on our assessment of the strategic decisions." He said.

He also revealed that Nokia will also cooperate with Microsoft to obtain new sources of advertising revenue. Elop, adding that Nokia will make a wide range of Microsoft's intellectual property portfolio to benefit in order to enhance Windows Phone platform in Dell Latitude E6400 battery, Dell Studio 1436 battery, Dell Studio 1435 battery and , Fujitsu laptop battery but he also refused to disclose the financial terms related to this.

According to Finland's largest newspaper, "Helsinki Times" (Helsingin Sanomat) reported that Nokia will launch on the news of job cuts angered the company's employees in Finland. Symbian, Nokia renounced in favor after the main Windows Phone, approximately 1,000 Nokia employees in protests held in Tampere, Finland. Nokia currently employs approximately 132,000, about 20,000 in Finland.

Referring to the protest activities Tampere, Elop said the statement had a "great uncertainty", while Nokia will spend "a lot of time to help people through this period."

Nokia's newly appointed director of smart devices Qiaoha Luo (Jo Harlow) said at a news conference that the company will release its first Windows Phone mobile phone during the year, but not on the schedule refined. She added that in the process of transition to the Windows Phone, the company will invest a lot of short-term funds to enhance the appearance of the Symbian platform, and to remain competitive.

Elop said, in the negotiating process, "never mentioned" Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's issues. He also said that a considerable part of Nokia's business focused on India and other low-end handsets in emerging markets, while Microsoft's focus in this area is low.

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