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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amazon will sell the new version of Kindle in the global price of up to 489 U.S. dollars

Amazon news:

According to Reuters reports, the Amazon will sell big-screen version of Kindle e-book reader to more than 100 countries at 489 U.S. dollars, target customers for students, businessmen and newspaper readership. Amazon officials said the new version of Kindle DX Reader is now open for booking and will be shipped on January 19.

Kindle DX-screen 9.7-inch display area is approximately 2.5 times as the normal Kindle's built-in PDF reader, memory capacity up to 3500 e-books, and can be used to read personal documents, business people no longer need to carry a thick pile of instruments.

Some Explained that the Amazon, Kindle DX's design philosophy is to facilitate the reading textbooks and newspapers.

However, analysts do not future with confidence that consumers are increasingly more inclined to smaller tools, and think the price during the recession may cause a lot of people can not accept.

In October last year, Amazon launched a smaller version of the Kindle reader.

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