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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New MySpace revision

August 12, according to foreign media reports, MySpace seems to look more like a Facebook competitor.

It is reported that, MySpace is on its home page revision, although the site trying to distinguish themselves from Facebook, but seems more and more like.

MySpace will simplify the user home page in order to expand and highlight the user flow. This flow is continuously updated status and share content, much like an important position on the page is the Facebook news gathering.

In addition, MySpace will also recommend games, activities, and "You may know people" and into a whole, rather than scattered around the page. The user's photos, videos, music and activities will be merged into the "My Stuff" section.

MySpace to re-revision is to maintain the relevance of the current users and attract new users, including those for many years without access to the user.

MySpace president, said Mike Jones, the latest change is to do to prepare for the fall big revision, "we have to turn Quanmian the re-Fabu, the Bushi right system with ease." It is aimed at 13-34 year-old to and help they found Xin friends and new. The Facebook people over the age of 35 are particularly popular.

eMarketer analyst Williamson (Debra Aho Williamson), said, MySpace's revision is clearly to change the image of the original mess. She said: "I think this the sooner the better." But MySpace did not, in the Facebook users has grown to 500 million when, MySpace, News Corp. The company has more than 120 million global users only.

Williamson that, MySpace and Facebook are really not in the same area have to compete for MySpace, success need to develop their own territory.