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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Intel introduces new Atom chip core system

Intel also introduced a new system chip (SoC) program, based on Atom processor core in the HP Laptop batteries.

Intel vice president and general manager of Embedded and Communications Division, Douglas Davis (Douglas Davis) said the system chip, code-named "Tunnel Creek", mainly for IP media phone, printer, car information systems such as embedded applications, and a standard processor interconnect interface, the internal integration of the Atom processor core, memory controller Hub, graphics engine and video engine.

The chip can also connect to other company's own PCI-E compatible chip; this flexibility helps reduce material costs embedded applications, saving board space. Meaning here should be the exclusive third-party support acceleration chip, to achieve high-definition decoding Atom lack of application architecture itself.

Intel did not disclose the Tunnel Creek SoC System on Chip when released.

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