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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Analysts said Nokia is facing the risk of marginalization

Nokia news:

June 9 pm news, Nokia can effectively compete with Apple Laptop batteries, and withstood the offensive from Google Android?

Wall Street investment banks Luo Manlun repair company Rodman & Renshaw analyst this morning released a brief report, saying Nokia had plunged into "open-ended down" risk. In checking the records of this company found that where in the September quarter, the Nokia orders declined, mainly due to "continue to lose market share the Apple Powerbook G3 battery."

Kumar said that in September where the quarter, Nokia's new flagship smart phone is not shipped N8 data, this is the only Nokia can look forward to hope. He believes that Nokia's new Symbian OS software will provoke opposition from independent software vendors, application software can not be bypassed because of the patent, the Apple Powerbook G3 battery needs to be rewritten.

Nokia mobile phone components, National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments is the most important suppliers.

Kumar said: "The developers have united around the Apple Laptop batteries and Google, if Nokia's missteps last longer, may face the risk of becoming marginal role."

Today, Nokia's shares actually rose 30 cents, or 3.2%, up 9.63 U.S. dollars.

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