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Monday, June 7, 2010

Most worried 10 products for Apple

Laptop review:

June 8, according to foreign media reports, as the IT market, one of the most successful technology companies, Apple introduced a product almost every great success, therefore, can pose a threat to Apple's products.

But this does not mean that Apple Laptop batteries are not worried about competitors, the following is Apple does not want consumers to see the 10 competing products:

1. HTC Droid Incredible, threatening iPhone.

2. Google Nexus One, threatened iPhone.

3. Google Chrome OS operating system, threatening the Mac OS.

4. Online music site Pandora, Apple laptop battery has been forced to shut down music service site Lala.

5. Any one of the boutique PC, Apple's Mac business threat.

6. Windows 7, Mac OS threats

7. Dell Streak Tablet PC like Dell xps m1330 battery, Dell xps m1530 battery and Dell xps m1730 battery threats iPad.

8. Google TV, threats TV.

9. Nintendo DS handheld, threats iPad and iPhone games business.

10. Amazon music store, threatening iTunes.

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