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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sony intends to import ePub standard e-book

August 14 news, consumer electronics giant Sony PCGA-BP2V (Sony) said on Thursday it plans to launch by the end of full support in the United States "ePub" standard electronic reader, out of the current Sony Reader Series BbeB platform.

According to the U.S. "New York Times" reported that Sony would greatly challenge the monopoly situation of the Amazon e-book exclusive platform.

"EPub" by the U.S. standardization body IDPF e-book format to promote e-books.

Sony PCGA-BP2V battery BbeB platform is a modified 2004 Librie format, e-book sale in the United States "SonyReader" Series standard format. Reported that Sony plans to import the end of this year unified "ePub", the format is currently covered by the United States Random House (Random House), and publisher Harper Collins and other mainstream support. In addition, the Sony e-book will no longer be embedded into Adobe ADEPT technology security copy.

Reported that the future network of bookstores consumers to buy books from Sony PCGA-BP2V battery, Sony PCGA-BP2V battery will no longer be limited to viewing platform, which can also be used to read the rest of the platform supports ePub. These platforms include the research and development time for nearly a decade, which is expected to market the e-book reader next year, Plastic Logic. Also, ask about the city before Christmas Apple Tablet PC may also support this format.

Sony e-reader head, said Steve Haber, the next emerging market will be selling a variety of different, performance and price of the electronic reader, which can meet different consumer needs. Suppose the consumer to the e-book sale of shopping centers, he will want to visit several more, and not just limited to a particular one.

U.S. e-book sales have hit record high in June 14 million U.S. dollars, annual rate of 136.2 percent, according to Association of American Publishers and Statistics, and analysts believe that Amazon's sales are likely to monopolize one of Kumar.

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