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Monday, May 24, 2010

Jobs says no to free Google Video Coding


May 21, according to foreign media reports, in reply to inquiries on the Google released a free new video encoding VP8 view e-mail, Apple CEO Steve • Jobs (Steve Jobs) forwarded a technology blog site AppleInsider Journal send an article. This shows that Steve Jobs against VP8.

x264 video compression format developed by Johnson • Garrett - Glass (Jason Garrett-Glaser) AppleInsider published an article yesterday , sayingVP8 poor performance is not complete, but will face patent problems.

VP8, compared with the only advantage of H.264, it is not royalty. VP8 quality or efficiency in compression than H.264, which can not meet the iPod, iPad & iPhone demands, not suitable for high-definition video. VP8 for online video.

Microsoft says future versions of IE will not browser bundled VP8 WebM.

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