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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Google said the defense for the collection of location data the user can turn off this service

According to foreign media reports, Google and Apple's use of smart phone users location data collection practices of growing concern, Google Android phones to its collection of data from practices in the defense, while Apple remains silent for three days.

This week, a security analyst at the research found that an Android mobile phone every few seconds to collect the location information, and many times in one hour to transfer data to Google. Apple laptop battery in a letter to Congress last year, revealed, Apple laptop battery phone, "intermittently" to collect location data, to receive twice a day.

Both companies said that mobile phone users can turn off location services to avoid data collection, although this will limit the maps and other features.

On Friday, Google spokesman said, Android phones are all the positions shared by the users of their choice.

However, this "choice" is defined does not mean that the system set on the use of Android users are generally off by default.

Conversely, when the user activates an Android phone, the screen will appear telling you that, Google's service will provide location information to the application, and even in the absence of running any application will also gather anonymous data.

Android smart phones and iPhones can turn off targeting, but this will greatly limit the map and other important functions of the application. Check the system default to accept the service, but users can uncheck. If you skip this process completely, location, service will not start.

Google spokesman said, we are collecting, sharing and use of reminders to the user location information, and allow users to have control over, so that Apple laptop battery Android phone users a better mobile experience.

He also said that any sent back to the Google location server, location data is anonymous and will not bind or targeted to a specific user.

Android phones on the test display, data transmission and mobile phone contains a unique identifier binding. Google said that the identifier is location, not the other user information linked. Users can restore the factory settings the phone to change the ID to do so to remove the phone's data.

Google has argued that the location information collected will help provide accurate traffic maps and other services, its position has not been recent changes in exposure events.

The researchers found that because Apple laptop battery iPhone users will be stored for several months of location data, Apple this week have also been examined. Apple did not respond to requests for comment.



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