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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Google has been interference in the acquisition of Huawei reached high

Ottawa, Canada, the company also has patents Mosaid Technologies and Wi-LAN, for the sale of Nortel's patents can be a high price giant Ericsson, Apple and RIM. But the price of Nortel's creditors want to bid higher than their point, but they can not expect too much.

In fact, Nortel is in trouble, all the bidders want to buy part of the patent, the process dragged on until Google offer a one-time purchase of finished all the patents. Nortel's chief strategy officer George Reid (George Reidel) is responsible for the auction, but he had to leave the original March deadline for the patent auction, his term had to be postponed.

The question is whether there are buyers willing to challenge Google, you also need deep pockets, Google if the bid fails, it can get $ 25,000,000 of the break-up fee and up to 400 million dollars in funding.

Google has 35 billion "war reserve fund", Google If you fail in this auction game, unless they change their mind. Even in some small buyers of Nortel's wireless assets, the acquisition of Ericsson, the open fire is weak enough to overwhelm opponents.

After a large buyer may be selective, Wi-lAN and Mosaid other small companies can sell in the second round to get some leftovers.

Price does not reflect the value of patents

Like Google and other buyers, hoping to use the Nortel patent litigation defense competitors, or to cross-license agreement with the rival, and finally, they are more reluctant to patent these patents fall into the hands of corporate hegemony.

Not conducted in the United States before the patent reform, many companies need a patent in each hand to help them avoid the kinds of patent disputes, such as RIM is facing a small company against the United States, the other did not sell any products, but have extensive application for patent.

Years of development history, Nortel engineers have accumulated a lot of R & D results, which are possibly through an auction, all set in Google's hands.

All package price of only $ 900,000,000, reflecting a typical low-cost fire sale of bankrupt enterprises, in the growing economic environment, the price does not reflect the value of these patents should be.

Think about the acquisition of Texas Instruments, National Semiconductor (National Semiconductor), spent 65 billion U.S. dollars, five times the annual sales of National Semiconductor. Nortel, all add up to the divestment of assets only 42 million, Nortel only 40% of sales in 2008.

Beginning last year, new logo, gradually covering the existing Nortel, Nortel's disappearance has been close at hand.

Canadian politicians to do nothing

With increasingly fierce Canadian federal election, the taxpayer will consider whether their future leaders to better deal with the worst disaster in the history of Canadian business. In 2009, the Canadian federal and provincial governments invested billions of funds to General Motors and Chrysler, but ignores the Nortel leadership 迈克扎菲罗 Ostrovsky (Mike S. Zafirovski), and the efforts of other high-level Nortel Nortel, Canada's prosperity and rejuvenation is the core strength.

When the management of Nortel's restructuring in less than six months, give up hope, these politicians were quick to stop the auction of assets of the choice array, but in fact surprising that such federal agencies have quietly put millions of dollars to help the bidders split enterprises.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives ignored the RIM acquisition of Nortel's overall request for proposal, and now General Motors and Chrysler's workers have jobs and pensions, and 5,000 Nortel employees were forced to leave the company in Canada, but no compensation, 20,000 retired workers in the future, Nortel is facing the fate of disconnected sources of funding, 35% of the pension fund is not enough.

June of this year, is the last piece of Nortel on the auction of assets, is Nortel 740 356 elderly widows and disabled long-term grief month. Welfare benefits in their last get our hands in December last year, the future they can only be from a lack of funds the health and welfare funds and a temporary rescue foundations to obtain a little temporary subsidies.

Their last hope is the last point in the sale of assets of Nortel, in the capital around the world, the claimant was carved up front, with the signing of an agreement quickly, but the risk is so high, to the present, the mediation parties have not yet Nortel to reach an agreement.

Unfortunately, the Canadian politicians are in this critical moment, that role can not afford.

U.S. government interference in the acquisition of Nortel Huawei

Compared with U.S. government agencies, they closely monitor the process of Nortel closed down for the sharing of proceeds of asset sales every Dell K450N battery, Acer AS07B71 battery, Acer AS07B41 battery, battle has moved from Canada to get a huge asset sales of 20 billion in damages, claiming that these are the accounting scandal, Nortel should be tax charges. But there is no Canadian tax authorities issued the same statement.

Similarly, the United States, business organizations have already received the retirement funds secured for 30,000 retired workers for Nortel to $ 60,000 in retirement funds. Politicians in Canada did not do anything, unfortunately, a number of state funded private retirement plans, or no guarantee funds, which are expanding to Canada's retirement plan funds can not be implemented.

But the U.S. government to play the biggest impact may be, effectively excluded from Nortel Huawei out of assets of the auction, this fast-growing Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturers has become the world's second largest Acer AS07B31 battery, Sony VGP-BPS10 battery, Fujitsu FPCBP160AP battery manufacturer, has considered the assets of Nortel to participate in the auction, but eventually blocked out.

Based on national security concerns, the U.S. government and many political leaders determined to resolutely prevent the acquisition of any U.S. technology company Huawei to stop any slight amount of equipment procurement transactions.

However, while Canada has a similar national security concerns, Huawei has reached with many major carriers are very important equipment trading, and was built in Ottawa and Toronto, more than R & D operations center.From: laptop doctor

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