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Friday, October 29, 2010

Dell will stop selling XP at the end of a comprehensive computer

Dell on Tuesday said they plan to stop selling this month, can downgrade to Windows XP computer, as early as next month, computer makers have a full cessation of selling computers with XP deadline.

Microsoft has stopped selling prior to Windows XP, but continued to allow computer makers to sell "pre downgrade" to the older operating system, Windows 7 PC Dell KG479 battery. However, this option will stop the 22 October.

Dell blog said, "This means that we will begin this month to stop selling XP computers to cope with next month's deadline." The company plans to continue to provide driver support Windows XP until December 2012.

While Microsoft is requiring computer makers to stop selling computers with Windows XP, but the XP computer makers agreed to product cycle, will continue to make Windows 7 Professional can be downgraded to XP. The original plan was to launch Windows 7 SP1 is expected to stop degradation.

Have always been a large number of authorized users can downgrade to the older Windows option. Dell will continue to provide some consumers can still use the image file in Windows XP computers in their enterprise.

"In the October 22 date, consumers can still eligible customers through the Dell factory integration services to get a computer equipped with Windows XP." The company said.

Has nearly year-old Windows XP has been slowly off the stage ..... for quite a while. Although Microsoft continues in the small notebooks and emerging markets continue to sell XP PCs like Dell GK479 battery, but most XP computers have stopped selling in 2008, and the other is to continue to provide the option to downgrade.

Although XP has been replaced by Windows Vista and Windows 7 for quite a while, but it is still the most widely used Microsoft operating systems. According to Net Applications data, with the XP computers with Internet access up to 6 percent, while Windows 7 is about 16%, Windows Vista is about 14%.

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