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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fujitsu taking part in worldwide Launch of contemporary project Laptop PCs

 Fujitsu in our day announced the simultaneous worldwide make public of two contemporary models taking part in its FUJITSU PC LIFEBOOK E sequence of laptops. Both of these models are uniformly designed on behalf of worldwide project customers and move toward equipped with the most recent Windows 8.1 Pro operating regularity. Worldwide sales of the models activate in our day.

In the LIFEBOOK E sequence, these uniformly designed laptops on behalf of the project are positioned at the same time as mainstream models loaded with all the straightforward functions taking part in soprano demand by Fujitsu's worldwide project customers. With a harbor replicator and other accessories with the purpose of can come to pass used with other models taking part in the E sequence, Fujitsu delivers greater convenience on behalf of on-the-go take advantage of in offices.

Major skin of the contemporary Products

1. Uniform design

The two models are the E554/J and the E544/J, which comprise a 15.6" LCD screen, and a 14.0" LCD screen, in that order. Apart from not the same screen sizes, these two laptops comprise a familiar design with the purpose of enables shared take advantage of of not barely inner components such at the same time as mainboard and BIOS, but too accessories with the purpose of include harbor replicators, batteries, AC adapters, and multi-bay options(1) somewhere peripheral units can come to pass interchanged depending winning intended take advantage of. Taking part in offices with unassigned places, shared accessories process with the purpose of separate items need not come to pass purchased on behalf of all laptop, contributing to cheap ICT outlay. The user manuals urbanized by PC operations managers and other items can come to pass shared, so with no increasing administrative outlay, it becomes workable to flexibility want the tool with the purpose of finest suits the occupational needs on a few known occasion.

Furthermore, the same harbor replicator can come to pass used with the high-end models taking part in the E sequence, namely the E754/H, the E744/H, and the E734/H, so with the purpose of even at what time further laptops are deployed, the existing harbor replicators can come to pass used.

2. Improved usability

The models are equipped with the most recent 4th-Generation Intel nucleus i5 notebook, delivering high-speed regularity doling out while conserving power. Taking part in addition, they support the most recent wireless LAN standard, IEEE 802.11ac(2), making it cool to download even hooligan, high-volume data. These models were designed taking part in consideration of assist of take advantage of, being equipped with multi-bay slots with the purpose of enable the austere interchange of peripheral units taking part in line with applications, at the same time as well at the same time as other skin such at the same time as the familiar positioning of each one interface across all E sequence models. Moreover, on behalf of the E554/J, a soap port(3) is on hand at the same time as an option, enabling customers to hook up their existing peripheral campaign.

3. Support on behalf of an array of security functions

At the same time as options, the models can come to pass custom-equipped with encrypted strict compact disk drives before encrypted solid state drives, fingerprint sensors, smartcard slots, and security chips, business meeting the security needs of companies.

4. Ideal on behalf of consumption by worldwide companies

These models offer a chock-a-block lineup of the straightforward functions with the purpose of are taking part in soprano demand in the midst of Fujitsu's worldwide project customers, and all five models taking part in the E sequence can share not obligatory accessories. By offering the same specifications worldwide, Fujitsu can support the procurement and consumption of laptops on behalf of customers burden occupational globally.


(1) Multi-bay option

On hand on behalf of take advantage of are standard-equipped significance savers, custom-made DVD-ROM, and super multi-drive.

(2) most recent wireless LAN standard, IEEE 802.11ac

The upper limit message pace of this standard is up to 6.9Gbps, additional than 11 period the pace of IEEE 802.11n, and it utilizes scarcely the 5GHz pop group in its place of the 2.4GHz pop group, which tends to dig up congested with IEEE802.11g and Bluetooth.

(3) soap harbor

A connection standard on behalf of linking peripheral campaign to PCs. This harbor can come to pass used to hook up a broad variety of peripheral campaign, from message campaign such at the same time as analogue modems and ISDN terminal adapters, to PDAs to synchronize data, assured types of printers and plotters, and mouse campaign.

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