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Friday, November 13, 2009

NASA claimed to have discovered the existence of water on the moon

Scientist news”
NASA’s implementation of the "hit on" scheme to obtain the information last month shows that there is water on the moon .

"Broke, we found the water, not a little, but quite a lot." NASA is responsible for the moon Hang observation and sensing satellite program's chief scientist Anthony Colaprete the case said at a press conference on 13th.

Colaprete said, "hit on" scheme hit a high of dust from the moon, which contains about 25 gallons of water.

Discovery whether there is water under the lunar surface, NASA launched last month, on the 9th lunar pit observation and sensing satellite and Centaur rocket, crashed into a pre-selected one of the lunar south pole crater. NASA issued a press release and said the Centaur rocket hit two months later set off the dust: one from the steam and dust composition; and partly by the quality of the composition of heavier material. Preliminary analysis of results and provide a variety of evidence that these were two parts of the dust trail of water in there.

NASA's official website said that the results of human understanding of the moon opened a new chapter.

NASA headquarters, chief lunar scientist in Washington, said: "We are neighbors to open the mystery, to understand the entire solar system. Facts have proved that the moon is a wealth of secrets, and" hit on "band we have entered a The new Discovery level. "

Scientists had previously detected the lunar north and south polar regions that contain a wealth of hydrogen, thus speculated that the moon may be rich in polar water ice. In this "hit on", the scientists believe that water ice on the moon may have a wider distribution.

NASA plans to to send astronauts to the moon before. The discovery of the water is believed to be a strong impetus to the launching of the human lunar exploration program.

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