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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to choose the laptop battery from online store

First, we buy laptop computers in addition to pay attention to the type of battery, it also should be noted that the laptop battery capacity and the actual use of time. In general, the best battery life more than three hours, to meet the needs of everyday mobile office. At present, the notebook computer battery capacity is usually 3000 ~ 4500mAh, there are very few with 6000mAh capacity. The higher the value, the same configuration used in the longer.

Secondly, the quality of laptop battery must lead to the attention of consumers because of the major notebook computer manufacturers had one poor laptop battery quality problems encountered: Dell (DELL) laptop battery was involved in a short circuit caused fire, forced to 27,000 laptop batteries full recovery; Compaq (COMPAQ) and replace the company has recovered about 55,000 with some batteries sold with notebook components, because similar events have and Dell.

Finally, we buy laptop battery, we must pay close attention to what battery manufacturers warranty? Notebook computer battery is the shortest of all parts in the parts warranty, most warranty only 3 months to six months, or even were not in the list of warranty, battery warranty for up to one year there are very few. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of laptop batteries be sure to ask before the warranty period and conditions, after all, expensive laptop computer batteries.

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Noted that these three principles, let us look at different laptop battery in the purchase what it should be noted.

Three new battery purchase

The new laptops are talking about here is unopened notebook computers, the batteries should be new. Similar with the new mobile phone battery, laptop batteries are also floating a new power, in general, floating electric power for the laptop battery total capacity of 5% to 10%. Therefore, the new laptop out of the box experience in the machine when the system is reporting low battery, the laptop shows the basic out of the box was not used. User confidence, while we must bear in mind in the purchase contract stated the battery warranty issues.

Four optional backup laptop batteries

In general, the price of laptop batteries are quite high, even accounting for some of the notebook computer is about 15% of the overall price. So for their notebook computer battery buy a second backup, it should note the following.

1. See the appearance, Dian weight. As the laptop battery more profitable, so the market will often use unscrupulous businessmen assembled battery or secondary battery pretending original battery sales. The mold assembly of the laptop battery case is not original battery standard, so when loaded laptop will appear to take difficult or loose loaded situation; assembly of the battery is not original battery plate production quality printing, writing rough and not clear, at the time of purchase Where the case of such "original battery" do not buy. Used batteries with new batteries of different electrode wear also traces its gloss is not so heavy and new batteries, and used the battery casing and the outside world after a long period, it will also be designated on the track or color change, Purchase In such so-called "new battery" Do not buy. As the original battery protection circuit are doing more monitoring in place, the quality is better on batteries, so the weight of the assembly of the battery than the jerry-built much larger purchase Dian Dian hand, if the original laptop battery than the lighter, then Do not buy this battery.

2. Measuring performance. Buy laptop battery, of course, we are most concerned about the actual use of battery time. Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) developed a laptop batteries life measurement standards, the following brief you give specific details of this standard. "JEITA battery life measurement (Ver 1.0)" provides a measure of continuous use battery time used to read out from the hard drive to play MPEG1 files and continuous "measurement A" and the application does not perform any measurements under conditions the "measurement B" are two ways, then will measurement A and measurement B average as a "battery." Measurement of A, provides that "the volume set to minimum or mute," "white LCD display brightness of 20 candela (cd) above" and "playback screen size set to 320 × 240 dot-matrix" and other specific conditions; measurement Method B, provides that no use of liquid crystal display and backlight turn off the power of "screen saver function", but allows the LCD brightness set to minimum value within the allowable range.

To put it simply, "Measurement A" is to copy VCD files to the hard disk, then the system volume set to minimum, and to 320 × 240 screen size to play, display brightness of the screen can be clearly seen, measuring continuous playback time. "Measurement of B" is the system of the power saving options all closed, and adjusting the brightness of the display can be seen as the basic, pure measurement of standby time. If consumers buy more laptop batteries sufficient time, may wish to use this to Measure a new pair of notebook laptop battery, although the detection of longer, but the quality, but off the battery 1 by the test will be true laws of. If the measured time and the time is not much difference between the nominal, which is basically a battery can buy.

Used notebook laptop batteries in the purchase as the color of the main product nameplate is clear that degree of electrode wear. If the plate is not clear, severe electrode wear, some type of battery used in a long time, consumers should not be considered. In addition, the optional test battery performance when work must be in place to ensure that the purchase of the battery does not exist hidden faults. Despite its relatively low price, but the number of components inside a little luck, it is suggested that: unless the economy particularly tense, or to select a new battery should be based.

Battery is small, the use of the laptop but plays an important role, so more carefully than in the purchase other than the user should use care in their daily, protection and rational use, to effectively extend laptop battery life.