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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The world's most 50 innovative companies: Haier Ranking

Recently, the U.S. "Business Week" published in 2010, "the world's 50 most innovative companies" list. Media reports in the list of Asian companies in China the fastest growing, with five companies the list, with the same number of Japanese enterprises. Haier Group, ranked 28th, behind top Chinese appliance company.

"Business Week" This year's selection of 50 list, Apple laptop battery ranked 6th year in a row champion, 23, called Google and Microsoft. Ranking of Asian enterprises, China's development is most rapid, and the same number of Japanese enterprises, including: BYD (8), Haier (28), Lenovo laptop battery (30), China Mobile (44) and HTC (47). Other scores were nullified, Asian companies, as well as South Korea's Samsung (11), Tata Group (17), Nintendo (20), South Korea's Hyundai Motor (22), Honda (26), Japan, Fast Retailing (27), India Reliance Industries (33).

It is reported that the U.S. "Business Week" was started in 1929, global sales for the first-commercial magazine circulation is more than 140 countries, readership, including senior government officials, as well as manufacturing, communications, banking, financial sector elite . Since 2005, "Business Week" every year around the world selected the 50 most innovative companies in strength. The selection by the "Business Week" and the Boston Consulting survey jointly released evaluation results in the right strength of global business innovation and technology contribution to the basis of thorough investigations and studies Shang Syndicated news selection Dechu's, has extensive influence in the industry.

List of winners, please log on "Business Week" website: