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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Samsung notebook sale is over Apple

Laptop news:

Market research firm iSuppli today has released the first quarter of this year, notebook sales report, the highlight of the quarter, not the notebook market, the top five notebook manufacturers, but rising fast pace of Samsung, which in the first quarter notebook sales surpassed Apple laptop batteries.

Due to seasonal sales, the global notebook sales in the first quarter, decreased by 5%. By contrast, Samsung laptop battery shipped the first quarter of 190 million notebooks, compared to 1.7 million the fourth quarter last year increased by 14.6% from the previous quarter, the global share of 3.2% to 3.9%.

The Samsung is another good news is that first-quarter notebook shipments beyond the ranks seventh Apple and Sony. But Samsung and Apple's sales figures are very close, which is only behind the 130 000 units.

In fact, the fastest growing notebook shipments this month, Fujitsu, chain growth rate of 17.6%, but still ranked tenth.

The top five are HP, Acer laptop batteries, Dell laptop batteries, Toshiba laptop batteries and Asus laptop battery, but that the performance of the five plants are not very flattering indeed. Although HP laptop batteries came in first, but the share fell by 1.3%; Acer is down 1.6%; Dell down 0.1%; Toshiba, Asus rise and fall by 0.3%, respectively.

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